Hire Me!

Are you trying to eat healthier but need a little hands-on guidance to get you going?

Do you feel overwhelmed by your work and packed social calendar, leaving little room for creating healthy home-cooked meals that you know your body needs?

Do you need help with your picky eater “roommates” (that includes boyfriend/husband and kids)?

Does your desire to be healthy and fit result in unsatisfied cravings?

If you live in the Boston area, let me help you!

In March 2012, I took my passion for healthy eating and cooking to the next level and launched Satisfied Cravings. Through private hands-on cooking lessons, it is my mission to provide custom solutions to your healthy eating challenges and get you excited about healthy cooking for you and your loved ones. So please, check out the website and I hope we can work together in the near future!

Stay healthy and sane, my friends! And make sure all of your cravings are satisfied! 😀



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