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Food Revolution Day – join me!

May 18th, 2012 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

Hi friends, I’m really happy to say that my business picked up so I’ve been a busy bee with not enough time to sit down and write a whole real post (it’s on the agenda soon, I promise!). But, I just wanted to stop by here and let you know that I’m speaking at a teleconference on healthy cooking TOMORROW. It’s part of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day and I’m super excited to be a part of it.

You can find more details here.

I hope you sign up and listen in tomorrow. And if you’re not around, a playback of the call will also be available for those that sign up.

Edited to add: You can listen to the free playback by calling 805-399-1299 and entering 152214 as your access code.

Yay, ok – I’m off to do last minute prep for my cooking lesson party tonight! :)

Have an awesome weekend, ok?

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Quick and cheap: egg salad BLT

April 18th, 2012 · 21 Comments · 20 minute meals, eggs, favorite recipes, quick, Uncategorized

Hi friends, how’s life? Did you watch the Boston Marathon? I’m always so proud that this amazing race is in my city. And since I live very close to the finish line, I always get a little emotional seeing all the runners. I know how close they are to this incredible accomplishment and I’m so so excited for them!

egg salad BLT-2

Anyways, the marathon was the highlight of my week so far but the rest of the week as always revolved around food.  Since I do a lot of recipe testing for my express lunch time lessons, I wanted to share one of my favorite quick and cheap recipes that’s perfect for lunch or a casual dinner – an egg salad BLT. This recipe was originally featured in Best of Cooking Light and it was love at first bite. I adore how light yet creamy the egg salad is, and the addition of lemon zest really brightens it up. Also, I’ve used nonfat Greek yogurt in place of sour cream on many occasions and it works wonderfully.

Side note: Martha Stewart’s method for hard-boiled eggs creates perfect eggs every time.

The best part? The contrast between creamy eggs, juicy tomatoes and crispy, salty, smoky bacon. Oh yes! :)

egg salad BLT

What are your favorite quick and cheap recipes? Please share with all of us in the comments!




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It’s finally here–introducing Satisfied Cravings!

March 22nd, 2012 · 40 Comments · Uncategorized

I’ve dreamed of writing this post before I even knew exactly what that meant.

You as my loyal readers already know about last year’s decision to quit my job in finance. Most of us spend more time at work than with our families and friends. It takes up most of our waking hours and whether we like it or not, it’s part of us. I took my job home with me (even when I wasn’t officially working, I was worrying about it, complaining about it, and even laughing about it… when that was the only thing to do to stay sane). After quitting, this huge part of my identity was gone. I felt happy but also a little lost.

Although it seemed like eternity at the time, luckily it only took me a month to figure out that my Cooking Matters classes were the highlight of every week. And not only did I love to be a part of my students’ healthier future, I also realized that after years of healthy cooking for myself and my family and friends, I was actually damn good at it. I realized how many tips and tricks I had up my sleeve. How so many of us struggle with the same exact things in our attempts to eat healthier, and that through first hand experience – I figured out solutions to these things!

So I decided to make a career out of helping people eat healthier through hands-on cooking classes! And that’s how Satisfied Cravings was born!!

Satisfied Cravings

It’s pretty much impossible to put into words how excited I am to finally launch my little business! I’ll be doing private (or semi-private) express lessons out of my Back Bay condo. I hope that business people in the area (like I used to be!) and stay-at-home moms will want to make the most of their lunch breaks and make healthy lunch + dinner with me. We’ll key in on their current healthy eating challenges and make meals that will be customized specifically to meet their needs and taste preferences. I would have loved such an escape from the office back in the day and more time for rest or fun at night! I’ll also be hosting cooking parties at clients’ houses during which we can work on specific skills or just make fun dishes in a more social setting.

I can’t wait!!

Thank you all of your support on Healthy and Sane. Without this blog, I am not sure if I would have developed this passion for healthy cooking. And a special thank you to my sister, Adam and all the friends that read numerous drafts of the website and provided valuable feedback. By the way, I will continue blogging here – no worries!

I hope you guys have a chance to check out the Satisfied Cravings website. I’d love to have you in my class some day and would really appreciate it if you could pass on the link to anyone you think might be interested in my services. Thanks in advance – I need all the help spreading the word I can get!! Open-mouthed smile

This is the scariest and bravest thing I’ve ever done. Bring it! Winking smile

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