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Two-day highlights (+a giveaway alert)

June 9th, 2010 · 40 Comments · Asian, beef, breakfast, Eating Well, product reviews, tofu, vegetarian meal

With my last post on dinner at Marlow & Sons in Brooklyn (have you checked it out yet?), I’m going to end NYC recaps. We did have a pretty delicious brunch at Egg before leaving, but I’m going to go out and say that it was not worth the hour+ wait. Maybe they never recovered in my mind after not offering bloody mary’s. 😉

So we are back to semi-regular food journal blogging. After a weekend away, I jumped back on the cooking wagon right away. That’s the best way to ensure that I’m eating nutritious foods. Here are the highlights:

I dug deep into my freezer and found an old box of Holy Donuts, which made an appearance in Monday morning breakfast.

I don’t know what kind this was. It was a bit stale but still filled me up.

I added something new to my green smoothiesprouts. They made the smoothie taste a bit “healthier” but the almond milk + banana + peanuts still added a good amount of sweetness. Not bad. Not bad. :)

Lunch was a grilled veggie + Samira’s Homemade jalapeno hummus + Foxboro Cheese fromage blanc wrap. Yummy. No picture.

Dinner was AMAZING! Adam mentioned he was craving Chinese food over the weekend. Before I even had a chance to say: “I’ll make some” he added: I want it to be authentic and greasy. No can do on the greasy part. Sorry. I still made a Chinese dish for our Meatless Monday dinner and it was authentic tasting.

Pineapple tofu stir-fry (recipe from Eating Well can be found here)

The sauce was sticky, sweet, sour and a little spicy (I added chile-garlic sauce). This was seriously perfection. I HIGHLY recommend this recipe.


started on the right foot. With brunch! Well actually breakfast since it was 8am but it tasted like brunch. 😉

Grilled eggplant, tomato and bacon egg & cheese

+ a bloody mary (virgin don’t worry, I don’t drink before work 😆 )!!!

I picked this McClure’s bloody mary mix up in Brooklyn before we left and I’m so happy I did. This mix is spicy and super pickly (not a word, but you get it, right?) – just how I like ’em! I actually had another glass after dinner. This time I used about 1/2 mix and 1/2 water and it was a little less “I’m drinking tomatoey pickle water”… even though honestly I totally could. Yes, I am obsessed with everything-pickle. I may just make a quick one right now to take to work. 😀

Conclusion: if you see this mix, buy a case! 😀


Leftover pineapple tofu stir-fry in a wrap + carrots. Yep, still amazing.


I picked up some grass fed beef at the farmers market the other day and decided to make Lauren’s beef, potato and root vegetable stew for dinner last night (recipe can be found here).

Yes, I know it’s basically summer but I don’t care. This was made in my crockpot (I just threw everything in after browning the meat) and was delicious. I did add a whole bunch of hot sauce, extra salt and pepper and garlic powder to flavor the broth a bit more. After about 6 hours in the crockpot, the meat was tender and the broth thickened up around the veggies.

Summer or not, I still enjoyed this inside our air-conditioned condo. :mrgreen:

In other news: I tried a pecan pie larabar yesterday and thought it was incredible. Have you tried it yet? You should. :)

Oh and of course I promised a giveaway. This one is mostly to Boston readers. Remember the Healthworks event I attended at Alibi? Remember that crazy awesome swag-bag? One of the things included was a free cut + color from a new hair salon on Newbury Street – Rock Paper Scissors. I’ve tried enough salons to know that I can’t cheat at my girl Amanda at Jerel 119 but maybe you’re up for a free hair-do? Sues and Colleen really loved the experience there and have some pretty awesome cuts to show off.

So here are the giveaway rules:

1) Leave a comment if you are interested in entering the giveaway.

2) For an extra entry, blog or tweet about this giveaway (and come back here and let me know you’ve done so). If you don’t have a blog or a twitter account, tell a friend about this giveaway and after they enter, come back and tell me you’ve referred them here.

I’m going to have this open for a few days. If you win, please take some before and after pics and share them with us. Cool?

The rest of you are welcome to comment on anything else in this post. I think there is some good material here, no? 😉

All right, it’s time for me to make my bloody mary and run to work. Happy hump day!

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Misunderstood animal

April 28th, 2010 · 21 Comments · breakfast, dessert, Eating Well

I learned something new last night while eating chocolate 😀

Bats may be the most misunderstood animal in the United States; however, as consumers of enormous numbers of insects, bats rank among the most beneficial of mammals. Bats are vital to their ecosystems and are also wonderful pest controllers. One small brown bat can catch up to 1,200 mosquitoes in just 1 hour! By helping to control many insect populations that attack farms and garden crops, bats allow us to reduce our dependence on pesticides. While natural predators such as owls, hawks, snakes and raccoons do prey on bats, man seems to be the only animal having significant impact on bat population.

Compassionate action for bats:

  • provide shelter for bats by erecting a bat house in your backyard
  • adopt a bat in need
  • make your backyard a wildlife sanctuary by incorporating native wildflowers, shrubs and trees

This little blurb (and more) was on the back of the package of the endangered species chocolate.


The chocolate was not only educational but delicious. The little cacao nibs inside were great. In fact it was so delicious, I forgot to take a picture of the actual chocolate. 😆 I had 4 little squares.

Before chocolate, there was real food…


2 Food for Life millet toasts with peanut butter and cherry preserves + a pear & coffee



Peanut butter choc chip granola bar – mmm



I took a pilates class during lunch and it was LAME. The was a sub and seriously I didn’t even break a sweat. We “stretched” for like 20 minutes at the beginning (and it’s only a 50 minute class). I guess I need to take it easy anyway if I’m going to fight off this cold but I still couldn’t help but be annoyed at the snail’s pace this woman was leading the class. Oh well, you win some, you lose some. :)


Leftover ma po tofu with steamed broccoli and broccolini



Eating Well fettuccine alfredo (recipe can be found here)


I was *this* close to having another meatless day, but threw in some grape tomatoes and bacon in at the end. The bacon really made this dish, I’m not going to lie. Overall the dish was quite creamy and delicious. My only complaint is how calorie dense it is. This was a small portion and I was still hungry after finishing it.

Super charge me cookie to the rescue…


And then a bit later, a Doctor Kracker “flatbread” and chocolate (see above)


Not a bad day of eats, even if I did get the munchies in the evening. Are you ready to adopt a bat yet? 😉

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Cookie Sunday

December 14th, 2009 · 12 Comments · baking, Cooking Light, dessert, Eating Well, The Best Light Recipe cookbook

I think this weekend marked the beginning of the Christmas season for me. It started with Adam’s holiday party at Blue Ginger on Saturday night, and was followed by a major cookie baking session with Coco and her friend Signe on Sunday. We were baking machines… and I’m not going to lie – Adam and I have been doing some good ol’ holiday indulging with all those sweets around the house. They are just SO good… and hey, tis the season! 😉 Oh man, we’re going to be in so much trouble…

We started with this recipe from Eating Well for lemon squares. I know these are traditionally a summer dessert but I got a strong craving for them in the morning and decided to listen. Don’t worry, there are more traditional holiday desserts coming up, but you don’t want to miss this one!


Sweet and tart – we all loved these little guys! Note: we were getting impatient so I cut the first few after just an hour of setting. They were sticky and hard to get out of the pan, although delicious nonetheless. Upon cooking for a longer period, the squares were much easier to produce.


While I was whipping up the lemon squares, Coco and Signe took over the whole grain oatmeal peanut butter Christmas cookies (recipe can be found here). These are basically soft peanut butter cookies with an added chewiness from the oats and a chocolaty burst of the (Christmas colored!) M&Ms (we used dark chocolate M&Ms).


I loved loaded cookies and these were great! Except for the M&Ms, all the other ingredients are wholesome so you can gobble up with a little less guilt (especially if you can keep portion control to reasonable levels… I can’t!)


The last cookie of the night was a traditional sugar cookie. Coco sent me a link to a yummy sounding sugar cookie recipe, but I just couldn’t use 14 tablespoons of butter the recipe called for. Instead I dug out my trusty cooking bible for lighter traditional recipes – The Best Light Recipe cookbook. I had a feeling their sugar cookies would be a hit, and with just 5 tablespoons of butter, I was willing to give it a chance (quite the difference, no?). Our batter made only 15 cookies, instead of 24, but we thought they were the perfect size… and boy, where they delicious! I can’t even imagine a more indulging tasting sugar cookie. They were rich and perfectly chewy.  14 tablespoons of butter?! No thanks, I’d rather have a second cookie!! 😆


These were rolled in sugar before baking. They sparkled. Gorgeous!!


The sugar cookie recipe can be found here.

So fun! An abundance of desserts all around me definitely puts me in the holiday spirit. Back to the gym tomorrow :mrgreen:

What’s your favorite cookie recipe? If you bake during the holidays, do you go for the full fat recipe or try the lighter version?

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