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Fear of the unknown

September 3rd, 2010 · 20 Comments · body talk, exercise

Hi bloggies. How’s life? Any fun plans for the weekend? Just like everyone else, I’m shocked that the calendar says it’s September already. Fall is alright but summer is the best – I mean fresh peaches are in season. It must be superior! 😆

With that said, I have to admit – August was not a good month for me. I mentioned it a few times here – I decided to focus on pilates this past month. I got a good deal from BuyWithMe for a 30-days unlimited mat package and wanted to give it a fair shot. I continued to take the occasional bootcamp and spin classes but definitely did pilates more than any other form of exercise. My thoughts on the whole experience…

The studio I went to was really nice. It was clean, serene and the instructors appeared very knowledgeable. I also was able to take a few morning classes before work. Since I’m not a morning person at all, waking up for something not too intense was a good compromise…. except that often I felt like it was a waste of my time. 😯 Basically, I realized very quickly that I craved sweat. While certain exercises gave short bursts of the burn, I rarely left “satisfied.” A few weeks into it, I felt like I was losing my endurance. I felt like I’ve been slacking off despite doing something active most days. I felt like I was gaining weight… and when I’m upset I turn to food. So I did. I gained 4.4 lbs in August. [Btw, I lasted 3 weeks. I realized this just wasn’t for me so I resumed to my “regular” exercise routine by the end of the month.]

Here is the deal. Remember when I mentioned the New Rules of Lifting for Women book? I was going to start the program on September 1. I was excited about it but now I’m scared. I already gained weight in addition to previously gained weight. I feel like I have to work so hard to conceal this fact – every outfit is getting scrutinized beyond belief… until I think I look “presentable” (read: not fat). The NRLW program concentrates on gaining muscle. Gaining?!! I can’t fathom that right now. I don’t know how my body will react to this change and yes, fear is definitely what I’m experiencing – fear of the unknown. I think I need to clear my head and do something that I know works for a month (*which to be clear, includes some lifting, mostly at bootcamp, with an occasional Body Pump class at Healthworks), and then maybe revisit the idea of starting this program.

What are your thoughts? Have you ever been afraid of a new routine? Did you go for it? Were you happy you took the plunge? So many questions, I know. :)

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