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Conflicting thoughts

March 7th, 2010 · 29 Comments · Boston, breakfast, dessert, restaurant reviews, rice

How was everybody’s weekend? Mine was fabulous – we had the most gorgeous weather here in Boston. I was able to wear a long sleeve shirt with a thin sweater and that’s it! No jacket!!! I know some of you from the warmer climates are probably chuckling at this, but this is amazing for this time of year in the North East. Everybody seemed to be in a fantastic mood all weekend. My husband actually de-winterized his motorcycle and went for 2 rides. Good stuff all around.

So yesterday was one of the happiest days I’ve had in a long time. I couldn’t really explain this pure bliss I was in. It was like this overwhelming feeling of happiness took over me and the only thing I could do was keep repeating how happy I was over and over. I felt like I was going to explode. It was wonderful! :mrgreen: What was not wonderful is how hungry I kept on getting despite feeding myself what seemed to be like typical portions (if not more). I had no time to count calories so I just tried to listen to my body (I totaled it all up this morning so you can find the totals at the end). Let’s see where that got me…


2 ww waffles with Barney Butter, cherry preserves, fresh blueberries and plain oikos with coffee


I made the waffles by following this recipe from Food for Living. I added some slices bananas to the batter as well because I love the extra natural sweetness they add. This breakfast was delicious. The waffle recipe is a good one – these were nice and moist! :)




[485 calories]

After breakfast, Adam and I got to some major spring cleaning. This was our first time really cleaning our place since the kitchen remodel was completed. Adam scrubbed the bathrooms and everything in the kitchen while I made sure the rest of our place looked great. Around 1pm I got hungry but had no time to make lunch just yet, so I grabbed a peanut butter chocolate chip “granola bar.


I did not sit down for this but I did try to savor it slowly and really eat it mindfully.

Per your request, here is the recipe:

Grease a 9×13 pan with shortening
Preheat oven to 350 degrees

1/2 c melted butter or margarine

3 cups oats

1 cup brown sugar

1/2 cup coconut

2/3 cup peanut butter

1/2 cup raw sunflower seeds

1/2 cup honey

1 cup choc chips

2t vanilla extract

1/3 cup wheat germ

2T sesame seeds

Combine butter, brown sugar, peanut butter, honey and vanilla in a large bowl.
Stir in remaining ingredients. Pour into pan and pat down using a fork.

Cook @13-18 minutes just until edges are golden brown.
Score into squares and leave in pan until fully cooled.
Freezes well in Ziploc.

Note from Melissa: You may cut down on sugar and honey if too sweet. (I used 3/4 cup brown sugar and a little less honey) However, I wouldn’t recommend cutting out any of the butter–I’ve tried it and they don’t hold together as well! ENJOY!!!

Here is the kitchen, post a good scrub with a few added personal touches.


Check out the new fancy toaster oven (in the left corner) my parents got us as a gift. This thing is so crazy awesome. Thanks guys – we love it!! 😀


The place was spotless and our neighbors (who are about to start their own kitchen remodel) were really impressed with how well we did. They have the same ugly kitchen (and bathrooms) we had so they knew exactly how far we’ve come. Anyways, the marathon cleaning sesh made lunch taste extra good! 😉



Ww toast with sardines, avocado, S&P and lemon juice – such a creamy topping over the crunchy toast. Yum!


Simple salad: mixed greens, shredded carrots, cucumber


[307 calories]

After my quick lunch, Adam and I decided to go out and finally enjoy the beautiful weather. I got a strong craving for papaya salad and Adam never had lunch, so we ended up at the Island Hopper for a snack (?) for me and a super late lunch for him.

Green papaya salad – (from the menu) choice of the Thai lady, green papaya, carrots, long string beans, and tomatoes mixed in lime juice and Thai spicy sauce, topped with crushed peanuts



[300 calories?]

It looked beautiful but it was a little too sweet for me. I ate most of it because I was craving this dish but didn’t love it. At some point I realized I was eating food I wasn’t really enjoying so I stopped. It was also around the same time that Adam suggested with finish our meal with some froyo from Red Mango. You don’t have to ask me twice to eat dessert! 😆

Small froyo (1/2 original, 1/2 cocoa) with raspberries and sliced almonds


Red mango sweetens their froyo with stevia and I found it to be a lot sweeter than Berryline’s. Still delicious, though, and although I prefer Berryline, Red Mango is closer so I’m probably going to end up there more often. I don’t discriminate against froyo joints too much. 😆


[~170 calories]


Eventually it was time for dinner (hours later, don’t worry!)…


Adam was out with his friends and I wanted something super simple. We were basically out of all fresh veggies and proteins so I was pretty happy with how my dinner turned out with such limited resources. Some cooked wild rice and fresh basil on its last leg were the inspiration for dinner.


I followed this recipe from EatingRD (blogs came to the rescue today!) to make some pesto out of the basil, then mixed it with wild rice, shrimp (defrosted, already cooked), cauliflower and peas (all defrosted). Topped with a little extra freshly shaven parmesan cheese.


This was a wonderful combo together!! PS – I used the 2T pine nuts and 2T EVOO, 1/3 cup parm and about 1T water to thin it. The pesto was fabulous. Can’t wait to make a gorgeous sandwich with the leftovers.

Dessert – another pb choc chip “granola bar”


I wanted to keep eating these (they are SOOOO good) but remembered that I already had froyo earlier in the day and this was my second bar. I popped some gum in my mouth, drank some water, and cuddled up with a blanket on the couch and tuned into the Biggest Loser. I was super proud of my will power!

Here is the kicker. This morning I calculated the nutritional facts for these “granola bars” and realized they are 485 calories EACH!!!!!!! I knew these tasted rich but I had no idea how rich they were. I ate 970 calories worth of “granola bars” in one day. Ugh!!!!! 👿 This brought the day’s total to 2,700 calories. I wanted to die the second I saw this number because I really thought I handled myself well throughout the day. I really thought I ate intuitively and mostly healthy. WRONG! This is where the conflicting thoughts in my brain kicked in. I felt so defeated after seeing this total but at the same time felt I didn’t do anything wrong. The only mistake I made was to not calculate the nutritional info for these bars earlier. Of course if I knew how truly indulgent they were, I would have treated them as such. Perhaps I would have cut them in half or at the least would have stopped at just one. This kind of reconfirms my belief that calorie counting is important. I did listen to my body and it told me to eat 2,700 calories and not because it needed them but because I distributed them poorly. If I ate that amount of calories every day, I would (not so) slowly but surely gain weight! I tried not to cry over spilled milk, as they say, but I did feel uneasy. This was supposed to be a healthy day after my night out on Friday, with another planned treat for Sunday afternoon, and it clearly did not work out this way. I’ve had the whole day to think this over and I am much more calm about it but I did feel a little rough for a few hours. Any thoughts on the subject? Does this show you the power of calorie counting or proves why you hate it?

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Kitchen design is on its way

December 29th, 2009 · 21 Comments · breakfast, comfort foods, dessert, rice, risotto, snacks

Did I mention on the blog that we are remodeling our kitchen? I’m sure I have since this is a project we’ve been thinking about since buying our condo back in August and have been trying to get it under way for months now. After interviewing half a dozen kitchen designers and contractors, and accepting that it will cost nearly double what we originally budgeted for it (can you say ouch?) we finally signed the papers last night and put our deposit down. The very same night, the kitchen designer came over, discussed all the details with us and promised to have the sketches done by the end of the week. It’s actually happening!!! I am beyond excited!! In fact, I had a hard time falling asleep last night, because I kept on thinking about it. Weee :mrgreen: Do you guys want to see the kitchen before it is gutted? I’m thinking of doing a little video tour of our condo…


Power bran muffin with a sliced persimmon and nonfat yogurt


Lots of textures and tastes!





Thai food leftovers. The papaya salad was still crazy spicy but so yummy :)



3 things I’m obsessed with – TJ’s ww Tuscan bread, avocado + baba ganoush




I actually had some more bread with baba ganoush after dinner as a snack. The stuff is my new crack – my Barney Butter de jour if you will. 😉

A little piece of fudge with walnuts at the office…



Dinner was one creamy concoction – risotto with cauliflower and walnuts (based on this recipe, which I found through Tri to Cook). I used only 1 cup of dry arborio rice but added some cooked wheat berries, inspired by this recipe. I also only used 1t of EVOO (for toasting the rice), 3 oz of brie and walnuts instead of almonds (we ran out of sliced almonds). This was SO indulgent tasting!


It was actually overwhelmingly creamy (Adam thinks that’s crazy talk 😉 ), so mid-eating I decided to add some fresh cherry tomatoes to the bowl. What a great addition! The tomatoes added such freshness to the dish. I still managed to eat only 1/2 of this bowl.


Soon after dinner, I found room for dessert!


I ate 3 out of the 4 cookies in the package. These guys are so much yummier (and junk ingredient free!) than oreos. The cookie is actually chocolaty.


After the kitchen designer left, Adam and I watched 5 episodes of season 3 of Entourage. We just couldn’t stop. Have you seen the show? We’re addicts here! 😆

All right kids, I’m off to work! Happy Tuesday :)

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Blogging for accountability

December 14th, 2009 · 17 Comments · breakfast, pizza, rice, salad, sandwich

I am writing this post, and then I’m off to take a hardcore Sweat Box class at my gym. It’s cold outside and I just ate a ton of cookies (hello, even more reason to go!), but I’m making it happen. Please ask me if I went as soon as you read this :)

Knowing that I will be going to Sweat Box tonight, I wanted to do some yoga during lunch. Unfortunately, my gym moved the Monday lunch time yoga to Wednesday with no notice (they just changed the schedule!). So what did I do? I went home and did some on demand yoga from Exercise TV (Comcast on demand). If you haven’t tried on demand workouts from your cable company, give them a go. A lot of them are really great! 😀


2 (frozen) banana multi-grain waffles with peanut butter and 1/2 apple


This was the last fruit we had in the house. We are in desperate need of a trip to the grocery store!



I was going to buy lunch since we had nothing in the house, but since I ended up at home, I decided to get creative with whatever we had. I found a little piece of pizza dough in the fridge, an open can of diced tomatoes, an open can of chickpeas and some greens. Voila – a grilled flatbread pizza with mixed greens, chickpeas, tomatoes and Goddess dressing was born!


I was pretty proud of my creation! 😎


I ate it like a giant doughy wrap. Mmm…


Some overindulging on cookies last night meant that I wasn’t really hungry for snacks all day today. I did eat an almond stuffed medjool date (unpictured – the pic came out super blurry) at some point in the afternoon. This brings me to…


Since I am going to Sweat Box tonight (see how I’m saying I’m going… not “hope to go.” Yeah, I’m so going!! 😆 ), dinner was super early (Adam was going to a Bruins game tonight, so it worked out perfectly). I followed this recipe for stuffed peppers, subbing quinoa for brown rice (much quicker cooking!) and omitting the onions.


Bella’s pictures are so much prettier. She’s a genius with a camera 😀 The peppers were pretty yummy. Adam especially enjoyed them since he has a mild obsession with black beans. This is how I get my man to eat vegetarian dinners once in a while. The cheese helps too 😉


And then the cookie monster in me came out. I plopped myself on the couch with the giant tupperware container of the leftover cookies. Bad, bad idea. Here are a few of the whole wheat peanut butter M&M cookies, just for the visual. I definitely ate a lot more than these 2 (can’t tell you how many, because I didn’t count! Maybe 5?). These are leaving my house tomorrow. No more temptation!! 👿


No more eating for the rest of the night. I’m off to get ready for Sweat Box. Weeeee :mrgreen:

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