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April 21st, 2010 · 28 Comments · breakfast, chickpeas, dessert, oats, salad, sandwich

Sorry for being a bit of a downer in my previous post. I feel all better, of course. :mrgreen: The first comment on that post was really interesting though. All it said was: “Get some confidence, girl.” How loaded of a statement is that? How do you get confidence with a snap of your fingers? And while we’re on the subject – how do you define confidence? Does that mean never doubting yourself? Never feeling down? [Btw, Eliza, I’m sure your comment was well intended. It just made me think of all of this. :) ]

So yeah, obviously I wasn’t able to feel confident right then and there but I did think about all the times and situations when I do in fact feel pretty confident. I feel confident at work; I feel confident when I put on a workout top that accentuates my muscular shoulders; I feel confident when I put some time into my outfit and do my hair… and I know I look good. 😉 So now is your turn – when do you most feel confident?


Banana oats with TJ’s nutty’s American trek mix + coffee


Bananas really MAKE oats! Ok, so does a little chocolate on top. 😆



Chocolate peanut butter granola bar



A very sweaty spin class. I am beyond sore today so I took it easier on the resistance but definitely made up for it in speed. Love this Wednesday class. The instructor is really the best (the instructor is key in spin!!).


I’m super proud of this one – we had nearly no food left in the fridge but I still pulled out this amazing lunch.

TJ’s ww tortillas with Cedar’s hummus, 1 turkey slice, Neiman Ranch ham, grape tomatoes and pickles + fresh carrots


All rolled up:


… and cut for ease of eating and blogging purposes :grinL


SO crazy delicious and also crazy filling. This guy filled me up for 6+ hours.




Post grocery trip meal – a giant salad! I had a little help from the Whole Foods salad bar where I bought a few pieces of roasted peppers, zucchini, eggplant and 2 tofu cubes. The rest of the salad included: mixed greens, heirloom grape tomatoes, goat cheese and tamari roasted chickpeas.


The tamari-roasted chickpeas recipe came from my new cookbook. Recipe can also be found on Dreena’s blog here. I used dark soy sauce instead of tamari and thyme instead of rosemary but anyways, I loved them. The smell of coconut oil while the chickpeas were roasting was intoxicating!!!


Awesome salad!


Dessert (my treat of the day): the last raspberry square.



Today was much better if you haven’t noticed already. How was your day? We’re over the week’s hump… I’m ready for the weekend already! :mrgreen:

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The big reveal

February 24th, 2010 · 48 Comments · breakfast, dessert, oats, pizza, salad

First of all, thank you guys for your congratulations on my recent promotion. You are so sweet! Second of all……. the kitchen is done, the kitchen is done!!!!!! Man, I was starting to lose it but it is all worth it at the end.

Let’s remind ourselves what the kitchen looked like before:


That hole on the left wall is the opening to the living room.



Oh yeah, 1980’s all the way! 😆

And now the after pics.






Can you see how open it is now to the living room?

It’s looking a little bare right now. I can’t wait to put all of our stuff back in and make it really ours. For now, it just feels like we are in someone else’s (nicer looking) house. 😉 We couldn’t be happier!!

What do you think? How did we do? 😀

I broke out the new stove by making a… wait for it…. frozen pizza! Hehe, we had no groceries and I actually wasn’t sure that the kitchen was going to be done today. It’s been going to be done “today” for over a week now.


TJ’s wild mushroom black truffle flatbread – my favorite!


I had 1/2 of this. Good thing I’m a good wife because I easily could have eaten the whole thing but I left the rest for Adam.


Adam was a good husband too. He brought me cookies that I “urgently” requested. Sometimes a girl just needs cookies. :mrgreen:


I’m just a model of health here today, aren’t I? I figured it was better to satisfy my craving than eat everything else in the house.

The rest of today’s eats…

2 mini cinnamon buns from Holey Donuts


Instant blueberry oats, 1/2 banana, Barney Butter and cherry preserves


Very sweet but oh so good.


Mixed greens, grilled chicken, dried figs, cucumbers, pears and goat cheese


The pear slices were by far the best part of the salad!


Clif Mojo mountain mix bar


Smartfood popcorn clusters


Too much sugar, not enough fruits and veggies. Oh well. Everyday can’t be perfect, right?

We’re taking my parents out to dinner tomorrow night to celebrate my promotion and the new kitchen, so my next post will be a dinner recap (I have a pizza lunch tomorrow at work – not exactly exciting stuff).

The kitchen is done!!!!!! Sorry, I just had to say it one more time. 😎 Weeeeeeee

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3 steps forward, 1 step back

February 12th, 2010 · 19 Comments · breakfast, oats, sandwich, snacks, tofu, Uncategorized, yogurt

I had a bit of a breakdown last night. I forgot how much not following through my plans messes me up! I feel like this week I made so much progress. I (for the most part) stayed within my calorie range, diligently followed my training plan (with the necessary adjustments to allow for my twisted ankle to recover) and my confidence started building.  Last night a decision to skip an interval run brought me straight back to square one. I went to a yoga class during lunch as per my training schedule, but after work the couch seemed so inviting that I decided to just go home instead. Well the couch wasn’t available because we still had people working on our kitchen until 7:30, so what was supposed to be a lovely evening by myself (Adam had plans with his buddies), turned into me being “imprisoned” in my own bedroom, and then a mini-binge out of frustration. So it looks like I took 3 baby steps forward Mon-Wed this week and then a giant step back on Thursday. Urgh 👿 I still can’t decide if I want to make up last night’s run today (it was supposed to be a rest day so I would have fresh legs for a long run tomorrow).  Regardless if I do or not, starting next week I’m going to modify the schedule to eliminate post-work runs. I just don’t want to go through the “talk myself into it” exercise every Thursday, you know?

Anyways, before the stupid binge (which included a bunch of pecans, a Mojo mountain mix bar, chocolate covered edamame and chips!! <– I never want those!) my eats were super delicious. Let’s review, shall we?


Overnight oats with banana slices, Kashi Golean cereal, walnuts and raisins + coffee


Looks pretty but it wasn’t that exciting. I think overnight oats are just not for me. I’d rather have yogurt straight up… or hot oats. That’s just me :)


[398 calories]

The perfect bite!




[168 calories]


I was pretty proud of this one! It was so fresh and SO delicious (thanks to the sauce).  Spinach, broccoli, snow peas, shredded carrots, TJ’s organic savory baked tofu + almonds in Jenna’s spicy sesame noodle sauce (I made it ages ago).


The sauce recipe made like a gallon and the stuff is caloric so I’ve been using only a tablespoon or 2 at a time.  I have been keeping the sauce in a Nalgene bottle and it was as fresh tasting yesterday as it was a year ago. Just opening the sauce bottle in the morning got me super excited about lunch! The sauce aroma is amazing – tahini + sesame oil really are a match made in heaven. 😀

Saucy lunch…


Brownie anyone?


[all together ~ 515 calories]


PURE cherry cashew bar – love them!


[200 calories]


Another amazing meal – seriously prior to my binge I was eating like a queen!! Apple chicken sausage “dog” with honey mustard, pumpkin butter and fresh pear slices + baby carrots


The star of the show… the perfect balance between sweet and savory.


Before reading food blogs (and of course writing one), I would have never thought I’d like something like this. Good thing I’m more adventurous now – it was an incredible combination of flavors!!

The only thing that got documented as I was eating my weight in food…



Our walls and ceiling are closed!! I can actually picture what the kitchen will look like now. It’s so open – I love it! We have less than a week left for it to be done (fingers crossed)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Any fun plans for Valentine’s day? I think we’re going to wake up to the oh so romantic sound of kitchen remodeling. 😆

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