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April 21st, 2010 · 28 Comments · breakfast, chickpeas, dessert, oats, salad, sandwich

Sorry for being a bit of a downer in my previous post. I feel all better, of course. :mrgreen: The first comment on that post was really interesting though. All it said was: “Get some confidence, girl.” How loaded of a statement is that? How do you get confidence with a snap of your fingers? And while we’re on the subject – how do you define confidence? Does that mean never doubting yourself? Never feeling down? [Btw, Eliza, I’m sure your comment was well intended. It just made me think of all of this. :) ]

So yeah, obviously I wasn’t able to feel confident right then and there but I did think about all the times and situations when I do in fact feel pretty confident. I feel confident at work; I feel confident when I put on a workout top that accentuates my muscular shoulders; I feel confident when I put some time into my outfit and do my hair… and I know I look good. 😉 So now is your turn – when do you most feel confident?


Banana oats with TJ’s nutty’s American trek mix + coffee


Bananas really MAKE oats! Ok, so does a little chocolate on top. 😆



Chocolate peanut butter granola bar



A very sweaty spin class. I am beyond sore today so I took it easier on the resistance but definitely made up for it in speed. Love this Wednesday class. The instructor is really the best (the instructor is key in spin!!).


I’m super proud of this one – we had nearly no food left in the fridge but I still pulled out this amazing lunch.

TJ’s ww tortillas with Cedar’s hummus, 1 turkey slice, Neiman Ranch ham, grape tomatoes and pickles + fresh carrots


All rolled up:


… and cut for ease of eating and blogging purposes :grinL


SO crazy delicious and also crazy filling. This guy filled me up for 6+ hours.




Post grocery trip meal – a giant salad! I had a little help from the Whole Foods salad bar where I bought a few pieces of roasted peppers, zucchini, eggplant and 2 tofu cubes. The rest of the salad included: mixed greens, heirloom grape tomatoes, goat cheese and tamari roasted chickpeas.


The tamari-roasted chickpeas recipe came from my new cookbook. Recipe can also be found on Dreena’s blog here. I used dark soy sauce instead of tamari and thyme instead of rosemary but anyways, I loved them. The smell of coconut oil while the chickpeas were roasting was intoxicating!!!


Awesome salad!


Dessert (my treat of the day): the last raspberry square.



Today was much better if you haven’t noticed already. How was your day? We’re over the week’s hump… I’m ready for the weekend already! :mrgreen:

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