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Summer grilling

July 3rd, 2010 · 11 Comments · breakfast, burgers, Cooking Light, ice cream, man meals, Uncategorized

I love summer. Did I mention that already? hehe. Yeah, I’m a big fan! :mrgreen: Right now I’m sitting by the pool, blogging, and soaking up the sunshine. I hope you are up to something very similar (perhaps also with a laptop on your lap, looking for something to read… just like me? I told you I’m an addict. 😉 ). So here are a few eats to make your mouth water… and a burger recipe that you should try if you’re doing some summer grilling over the next few days (or months :) ).


FFL english muffin with crunchy Barney Butter and fresh local strawberries + coffee (of course)

Mmm, these guys were so sweet! Produce really is so much better during peak season. I’m eating as many strawberries as I can these days because in a few weeks there won’t be much of these berries at the farmers market. PS – english muffin + almond butter + any fruit is a great combo… and I mean ANY. Try it! :)


Abs + spin classes. My abs were on fire (and somehow I did more today – I don’t learn! :) ). I had 2 almond stuffed medjool dates before my workout. Dates are a great pre-workout fuel!


Leftover pasta with roasted tomatoes, garlic and white beans. It was a bit better the next day, I guess the flavors developed. 😀

Since it was July 3rd and our office was looking pretty dead, I left around 3 to hit up the farmers market and do other grocery shopping before the long weekend. Eventually hunger hit…


TJ’s Tuscan Pane with Samira’s Homemade baba ganoush and roasted beets

You know all about my obsession with all of the above ingredients so I won’t bore you. 😎


This was my favorite meal of the day. I just love having a grill and the best part about it is that I still get to cook something special. We don’t just throw premade patties on the grill and call it a day.

On the menu for this Friday night, we had a “man meal” as per Adam’s request. I interpret it as pizza, steak & cheese subs or burgers. Last night it wasn’t just any burger though – we made spicy poblano burgers with chipotle cream (recipe here, I didn’t make the pickled onions for obvious reasons :) ).

I made the patties, Adam did the grilling. The burgers were expertly grilled. He’s becoming good 😀

Instead of pickled onions, I topped my burger with sauerkraut.

Wow, this was one good burger! A little spicy from the roasted poblano peppers, nice and moist from the addition of soft bread and smoky and hot from the chipotle cream. The chipotle cream is $$$, I tell ya.

Corn on the cob, just simply grilled. For some things, simple is best. 😀

Dinner all together. This was an awesome man meal that can be enjoyed by a lady like myself. 😉

After dinner our friends came over for a few drinks on our patio. The weather was gorgeous! I had 2 glasses of the Perducci sustainable white.

This is a great general white – pretty smooth and not very sweet. I’m a fan. :)

Lastly, no day can be complete without dessert. Tiffany requested chocolate mint ice cream which I attempted to lighten up by using 2% milk and half-and-half instead of whole milk and heavy cream, but for some reason it wouldn’t harden. 😕 Does anyone know why? Instead, we had chocolate mint milkshakes with oreo cookie pieces. And yes, we spiked them up with a bit of Bailey’s mint.

It was one good night. 😉

All right, the boys are getting rowdy in the pool so before this post costs me my laptop, I’m going to sigh off. Have a great weekend everyone!!! :mrgreen:

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Positive spin

April 17th, 2010 · 16 Comments · beef, breakfast, burgers, Cooking Light, man meals, salad

I read the book Fit from Within by Victoria Moran during my vacation in Aruba. The book provides “101 simple secrets to change your body and your life.” No, this is not another book about a diet with new “secrets” revealed. It really is a lot of common sense stuff that we all need to hear every so often to stay on track (the “secrets” include things like “accept yourself today.” “slow down and sit down,” “walk more” – yeah, obvious stuff). I’ll talk more about the book in my upcoming posts (I actually think it helped me eat better during vacation!) but yesterday a few tips came particularly handy when I was feeling like “blowing it.”

I was feeling a little anxious at work. It was about 3pm on Friday and I just wanted to go home. Instantly my body reacted by “craving” cookies (how is that a normal response to such situations I still don’t know). I also was really tempted to skip my after work workout because I knew I still needed to unpack and it was bothering me. Just the thought of skipping my workout brought so much guilt that the cookie cravings intensified even further. I haven’t had a good sweaty workout in over a week and I needed it… yet I was trying to sabotage myself. In my heart and mind I knew I was being irrational, so I started thinking about some Fit from Within tips that would put me in the right mindset.

Take the responsibility, not the blame

I had too much sugar the day before and really wanted to eat cleaner today, but I wanted cookies. I was feeling guilty just about this desire before I even “acted on it.” So I changed my attitude. Blame is demeaning, responsibility is empowering. Instead of blaming myself about my food choices the day before (something I cannot change), I chose to do something about my choices today! Instead of prohibiting myself from buying cookies (punishment), I chose to think about how I can have something much smaller that will not weigh me down and will allow for a great workout I really needed (a much better mentality).


This made all the difference. I didn’t really want the cookies anyway. I just needed a quick escape from work. This 100 calorie dark chocolate bar was sweet and chocolaty – exactly what I wanted without all the calories, fat and guilt from Paradise Bakery cookies.

Alter your definition of success

I had ambitious plans for my workout – it’s been so long, I wanted to make it count. Instead of setting high expectations for myself that just made me want to quit before I even started, I allowed myself to be proud of just going to the gym. It’s not easy for me to go after work. If I can’t make it there during lunch, the probability of me going really diminishes… especially on a Friday. I ended up having an amazing workout after all – I ran 3 miles hard, followed by 20 minutes on the elliptical + some stretching. I felt radiant for the rest of the night. Success! :mrgreen:

PS- the gym brought even more inspiration. From the locker room board:


All right, so here are the rest of yesterday’s eats…


Ww tortilla, Barney Butter, oikos, 1/2 banana, Zoe’s granola & dried bing cherries + coffee




Breakfast pizza!



2 zucchini roll-ups


+ a fantastic salad!!


Arugula, grilled zucchini, cherry tomatoes, roasted red peppers, cannelini beans, pumpkin seeds and goat cheese – dressed in lemon juice and balsamic vinegar


All together, with water


This lunch made me so happy – so many flavors and textures. I just love grilled veggies with goat cheese and seeds. Mmmm




If we stay in on Friday night, I always try to make something a little more special for Adam, aka a “man meal.” These smothered steak burgers from Cooking Light fit the bill.


I followed the recipe to the T, except omitted the shallots. The mushroom mixture was definitely the highlight. The burgers turned out quite juicy as well. I served mine on a Food for Life bun – so hearty. Mid-way I also added a pickle and some ketchup.


Delicious dinner. I already have plans for the leftovers too 😉

What’s your definition of success?

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There is a standup comedian in my house!

January 14th, 2010 · 23 Comments · beef, Boston, breakfast, dessert, man meals, oats, salad, snacks, yogurt

– Why does everybody want to hang out with a mushroom?

– Because he’s a fun guy! (funghi – get it?)

This joke is brought to you by my husband. He came up with this brilliancy while I was cooking up mushrooms/funghi for dinner and saying how much I love them. He plans on going on tour with this one as his opening joke. 😉 I was laughing hysterically, mostly at how silly my husband is. lol

So now that we got some silliness out of the way, I need to share with you that over the last few days, I’ve gotten back to some bad old habits. After dinner I’ve been craving cookies, but since we don’t have any, I’ve been trying to fill the void with just random stuff in the house – even though this was putting me above my calorie allowance. What’s the point of carefully counting all day if at the end I just blow it for no reason?! The magic of calorie counting seized to work and I need to do something about it. It’s time to bring back a daily treat! This will screw up my pretty numbers, but I don’t care. It’s about finding the right balance, and I’m determined to get there. Let’s see if it helps. Of course I’ll keep you guys posted! :mrgreen:

[Still laughing about the joke above…]


Banana oats (1/2 cup dry) topped with Barney Butter, banana slices (the other half of the banana) and dried cherries


Man, I hate the lighting in my house!! This picture looks so sad. Do you think a fancy SLR would help the situation??


UFood UBistro salad with chickenorganic mixed greens, tomatoes, feta, walnuts, cranberries, chicken + blueberry-pomegranate vinaigrette




Not bad for a healthy lunch on the go. I was actually going to get their falafel wrap that sounded amazing (and I’ve been on a falafel kick since trying Oleana’s spinach falafel) but at 730 calories, I said no thanks!


Plain oikos, grapes + Nature’s Path pumpkin flax plus granola


So delicious, healthy + filling!


A little wrinkly apple in the work library…



The kitchen remodel is officially starting on Monday, so last night I made Adam one of his “man meals” before he takes matters into his own hands and goes out to buy something like that. I made his absolute favorite – a steak and cheese sub, but on my own terms – healthy and natural.


We used a lean cut of grass fed beef, mushrooms, organic baguette (unfortunately getting whole wheat was a definitely no-go with Adam) + American cheese. Everything was bought at WF – nice and fresh!


The baguette was actually warm when we picked it up. Just look at this gorgeous crust!! This dinner was amazing – super flavorful without the grease you get at sub shops.  (I cooked the meat and the mushrooms on the skillet with a non-stick spray, then added them to a baguette, topped with cheese and broiled the open-faced sandwich in the toaster oven).


After dinner I ate 2 clementines, some pecans from their bag, a spoonful of Barney Butter (straight from the container) and then decided to stop the madness and made a few cookies (from this cookie dough).


x 2

I was definitely boredom eating and even gave myself a bit of a stomachache. 😳 Let’s hope a yummy cookie earlier in the day will make for a more satisfying evening – sans random snacking!

What are your post dinner rituals?

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