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Playing with Popchips – recipes + giveaway!

March 21st, 2011 · 149 Comments · chicken, giveaways, man meals, snacks

A few weeks ago I received a little package from Popchips containing six little baggies of various flavored chips, a chip clip, a notebook, a coupon book and a little encouraging note to start playing with popchips to create a winning recipe for their Boston bloggers’ munch madness recipe contest.

Have you ever tried popchips? They taste like airy potato crisps and Adam and I are big fans. Actually, to be honest I’m not really into potato chips in general (not enough chocolate in them, hehe). But, when a craving strikes, I’m all about these. The salt and vinegar flavor is my favorite – so much intense flavor in each bite. Love! Adam on the other hand can’t eat a sandwich without chips and he LOVES popchips. He practically jumped up and down when he saw the box on our kitchen counter… in a very manly way of course. lol

I knew right away what I wanted to attempt. March munch madness = football to me (<—I just spelled “foodball” and couldn’t understand why spell check didn’t like that. wow…. Oh and apparently it’s basketball? What? I’m such a noob. 😆 ). Anyways, that means manly snack foods, whatever the sport is. :)

Enter: Popchips crusted baked buffalo chicken tenders! It could work or it could be disastrous. Luckily it worked. Very well in fact. All you need is 3 ingredients!


1. Preheat oven to 450*

2. Crush some chips into little pieces (1 serving of chips covered 4 chicken tenders).


3. Dip chicken tenders into buffalo sauce, then into popchips “crumbs,” place on oil sprayed cooling wrap over baking sheet. Hopefully that makes sense. Smile


4. Bake for 13 minutes (or until chicken is fully cooked through).


5. Brush with some more buffalo sauce (I like mine super saucy!).


6. Enjoy with some blue cheese dip or if you’re like me and don’t like blue cheese, make a simple cooling dip out of yogurt, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Yum!


Healthy and fun! The potato flavor was mild but the chips added that perfect crunch. These were devoured very quickly! Winking smile


I was having so much fun, I decided to make another munch-madness snack – popnachos! Here is everything you’ll need to recreate this deliciousness:


Original potato popchips, grape tomatoes (sliced), sundried tomatoes (sliced), olive tapenade (or sliced olives), goat cheese, peppadews

IMG_3986 IMG_3988

and CHEESE! Quantities are per your liking.


Bake at 350* for about 10 minutes, until cheese is melted.


The popchips were a really fun alternative to the traditional tortilla chips (and a lot healthier!). I also really loved my toppings combo – sweet, spicy, briny, cheesy… perfect game food! Open-mouthed smile


Happy munching!! Party smile


Interested in trying some popchips? I’ve been given the opportunity to have some popchips sent to a few of my friends and well, I’d like to share them with YOU! [US residents only, please. Sorry!]

Here are the rules: there are 7 ways to enter.

1) Leave a comment on this post – Anything you want… maybe what you’d do with your sample of chips (create a recipe or just snack on them straight up?). Just don’t say “comment” – that makes me sad, I do read every comment here! :)

2) Follow me on Twitter (please include your twitter handle in the comments section so that I can confirm your entry).

3) For an additional entry, you can also tweet about this giveaway (my twitter handle @elinacooks and a link to this post must be included to qualify)

4) Subscribe to Healthy and Sane by email

5) Like Healthy and Sane on Facebook.

6) Add Healthy and Sane to your blogroll.

7) Link to this post on your blog, if you have one. If you don’t, let someone else know about this giveaway and tell me so in the comments section after they’ve entered the giveaway.

Please leave a separate comment on this post for each entry. The giveaway will end on March 27. I will randomly choose 1 winner using the following day. Good luck! Open-mouthed smile

Edited to add: I just learned that you can help me win the contest by liking my recipe pics on Facebook. To vote for the popchips encrusted buffalo chicken tenders recipe, please “like” this picture, to vote for the popnachos, please “like” this picture. I don’t want to be unfair to other contestants so I will not be offering additional giveaway entries for this BUT I would really really appreciate it!! Thanks so much!

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Comfort foods–healthified

February 7th, 2011 · 20 Comments · burgers, chicken, comfort foods, dessert, man meals, muffins, Weight Watchers New Complete cookbook

I haven’t cooked at all last week since I was traveling during the first part of the week and then came home to a fridge bare of fresh produce. We finally made it to the grocery store on Saturday but looking through these pictures of what I made over the weekend, it seems like I could have waited a few more days!

These recipes were all made from pantry items and meat/bread from the freezer and they all tasted like cheat meals. My taste buds had no idea this was diet friendly food. Just the way I like it! : )

Chicken parm meatball “subs”

Almost every single savory recipe on Healthy Food for Living looks like something that Adam (and I) would love. They’re comforting; they’re “man meals” which makes for one happy husband (and hey, I like me some man-food too. What’s not to love?). These chicken meatballs were full of Italian herbs and parmesan cheese – a little sauce and cheese put them over the top.


[1 Point Plus per meatball. This dinner was 10 points. The bun is a large hot dog bun.]

Jumbo bran muffins

On Saturday morning I woke up craving a big healthy muffin. When Adam asked where I wanted it to be from, I said “from my kitchen.” Winking smile So I got to work…

While making coffee, the Weight Watchers New Complete Cookbook jumped out at me. I love that the Points Plus values are right there and I don’t have to take that extra step of calculating nutritional info (btw, I linked to the book through Amazon… if you buy it or anything else on Amazon, I’d really appreciate if you would start your shopping from Healthy and Sane (link on the right column)… I get a few percent commission from your purchase but it doesn’t cost you any extra. This money would be reinvested back into the blog. Thanks in advance!!). Anyways, sorry for the detour… back to the muffins


The word “jumbo” was the draw here… who doesn’t want a JUMBO muffin for just 5 Points Plus. Sign me up! Smile


The perfect way to start a morning. The strudel topping was unbelievable and I loved the sweetness of the raisins. Yum!

Chocolate gooey butter cookies

Paula Deen is who you think of when you think of healthy food, right? 😆 A few years back I had the Food Network on and she was making these cookies. They looked so incredible that even though I normally can’t stand Paula, I went straight online and printed out the recipe.


Finally this weekend I decided to make them. I stumbled upon the old recipe printout and figured it was now or never (I plan on cleaning out my recipe binder in a few weeks and plan on only keeping things I’ve made and loved. Everything else will go. It’s time for a clean beginning!)


These were incredibly easy to make and came out pretty well. The recipe made 36 cookies, only 3 Points Plus each! [I used reduced fat cream cheese… couldn’t help myself.]


I brought them to the Superbowl party and people seemed to enjoy them. I thought they weren’t chocolaty enough but maybe it was just the cake mix I used.


The slightly cakey texture (not muffin-like!) was pretty awesome.



Yes, I ate as many cookies as the amount of pictures I took. That’s what happens when you park yourself right next to the party food table. Oh well. The rest of my week has been going really well (diet wise). More on that in the next post! Open-mouthed smile

What have you been cooking lately? I’ve definitely been a bit of a slacker lately so I was really happy to finally spend some quality time in the kitchen this weekend! Smile

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A man meal, fancified

July 18th, 2010 · 12 Comments · corn, Eat, drink & be vegan, Eating Well, Ellie Krieger, man meals, sausage, snacks

I decided to leave work after 5 hours yesterday. I feel like I can handle the rest of the workload without completely living in the office this weekend (although Sunday will surely be a longer day). Leaving just a little after 5 gave me enough time to make something a little more special. Dinner was basically a meal with several components that should have been featured earlier in the week. I bought the ingredients but ran out of time to put them together. So last night, when Adam heard that we had chicken sausage he asked if I could make a man meal. 😯

My original plan was to finally make this week’s CEiMB recipe for panzanella with chicken sausage which was featured by Pantry Revisited (recipe here)… but something told me that didn’t qualify. In fact, Adam told me if I hesitated to answer whether this was a man meal or not, that meant that it wasn’t. I guess that’s true. 😆 I also purchased some fresh corn on the cob at the farmers market on Friday. Corn is best in the very first few days after being picked so that had to be featured for dinner. After a quick brainstorming session we had dinner which qualified as a man meal but also satisfied this girl. I love my man meals just a little fancier. 😉

Italian style chicken sausage on a whole wheat bun with tomato/cucumber/basil “relish” (based on Ellie’s panzanella salad)

Lemon-garlic glazed corn on the cob (recipe here)

This meal really came together. The salad added lots of freshness and the corn recipe was definitely a winner. I’ve never cooked corn on the cob on the skillet but now I’m a believer. It basically steamed with butter/EVOO/garlic + lemon mixture (I used a little less than the recipe called for) which infused it during the cooking process, and then it was finished with the reduced sauce. Lovely. Adam said this was the best corn on the cob he’s had at home (the one from Toro taking first place so far – I am going to attempt recreating that next time).

Working backwards… lunch

Hummus/smoked gouda/capers/ tomato and spicy mustard panini

This wasn’t just any old hummus – I made EDBV white bean hummus with thyme and fresh basil last Sunday (recipe here) and have been enjoying it in a variety of ways. This is a really fantastic dip – there is so much depth of flavor with dijon mustard, garlic, red wine vinegar and all the fresh herbs. I was in love from the first spoonful. :) I highly recommend it (don’t worry, it’s not too “herby”).

This panini was another great lunch. The combination of a very flavorful hummus with the creamy cheese, a little pickled flavor from the capers and the freshness of tomatoes was absolutely amazing. The hot mustard gave a kick right at the end. Yum!

A few hours later I made this instant blueberry oatmeal snack. I am actually not a fan of this particular oatmeal flavoring but topped with Barney Butter and fresh blueberries, this was quite satisfying. I got these blueberries at the farmers market on Friday – they are SO sweet. I’m so happy I got 2 containers because every time I pack some, a few jump into my mouth (and I have no problem with that at all. lol) 😀

I also had one breakfast cookie before bootcamp in the morning (for visual, see previous post), an iced coffee with soy milk mid-day and at night- an apple, a serving of dry roasted almonds and some fudge when my sweet tooth hit (sorry, no picture – it was quite ugly so I didn’t bother). As previously mentioned, 3-2-1 is going really well. I feel stronger, lighter and overall a lot healthier. That’s a lot to accomplish in a week. 😀

I’m off to work……story of my life. 😀

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