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It’s Friday!

November 8th, 2008 · 3 Comments · 20 minute meals, breakfast, Mexican, NYC streaking challenge, snacks

It’s Friday!!! Man, this week seemed like it flew by but today was soooooooo slooooooooow. I could not wait to get out of the office but the clock was just not moving. Despite not being very motivated, I still got a lot done though :) 

Food today was interesting. I got home kind of late after my hair appointment last night. By the time I made dinner, ate, and blogged it was time for bed. I always make my food the night before but it was already late so I decided to just make it in the morning. I also didn’t really know what I wanted which was another reason I didn’t make it right away. I was hoping I’d just wake up with a craving. Well, surprise surprise, the morning was super rushed and I kind of just threw a bunch of stuff together.


Breakfast this morning was an egg and cheese sandwich (with tomato). I cooked the egg in the microwave for a little under 2 minutes while the english muffin was toasting. Then I slapped on a piece of white american cheese, a few slices of tomato and wrapped it to go. Here it is:

It was just ok. The english muffin got slightly soggy and I think I’ve decided I don’t like tomatoes on my breakfast sandwiches. Also the past few times I’ve made these I threw some bacon in there, but this time we were out and I really missed it. Oh well, it was still good, just not great. And it did feel me up.


This snack I thought of 2 nights ago after I already made my food. I couldn’t wait to make this and this was the first thing I threw together to make sure I don’t run out of time :)

In the container is about 1/2 cup of TJ’s European style nonfat yogurt, mixed with 1/2 cup of pumpkin and 1 tablespoon of TJ’s pumpkin butter (for sweetness), topped with some pecans and 2 honey graham crackers. I crushed the crackers before eating and topped the whole thing with them. Very delicious! I would love it even slightly sweeter with a bit more pumpkin butter but I think that’s enough sugar for a pre-workout snack. Good stuff!


I took today the Journey to the Core class at the gym. There are 7 stations with 2 exercises at each station, and you do each exercise for 30 seconds, and the whole circuit 3 times. Then there is really nice stretching at the end. The time really flew by at this class, but I recommended to the instructor today to hold the exercises for 45 seconds and only do the circuits twice instead. I think this would make it burn more (I know I’m a masochist 😀 ). He said he’ll think about… some people were struggling with even just 30 seconds, but I say let them rest if they need to. I want to get a better workout. I mentioned this to another girl after class and she agreed… she said she’ll back me up next time if he asks :) The class took 45 minutes and I really fought the urge not to jump on the elliptical or do more lifting. I shouldn’t over-train since I do try to workout 6 times a week. 45 minutes should be enough… I need to remind this to myself sometimes.


Lunch was the meal that really suffered the most from my lack of time this morning. I really wanted to make a salad but I just couldn’t think of a good combo this morning and was getting overwhelmed. At first I was just going to buy something for lunch (I hardly ever do it and there are a few healthy options I can choose from) but then I remembered that I have a few leftovers frozen so I grabbed one of them, or to be exact I grabbed a container with the fritatta I made a few weeks ago. It was a solid ice block and I was definitely taking a chance on it.

It was still frozen when I was ready for lunch and I was definitely not excited about it. I figured if it tasted horrible I would throw it away and go back to plan A. It seemed ok when I got it out of the microwave… although it did take 3 tries to finally get it to the right temperature. I was also planning on having a small apple with it (but I ended up eating the apple for a late afternoon snack).

Because I really wasn’t excited about this lunch, despite the fact that it tasted fine I just really didn’t feel like it. I felt like I was punishing myself a little (I hate that I always try to be responsible!) so I finally left the last bite on the plate and instead of the apple grabbed a 100 calorie pack of cookies for dessert. A much better treat!

I got this little package of chocolate chip “buttons” in a Whole Foods promotional goodie bag. I was going through it a few days ago and found these so I brought them to the office. Good thing! Here they are… so pretty :)

Ok so the truth is they weren’t that great. I pretended like they were real chocolate chip cookies, but really they weren’t. I took my time eating them, trying to savor every button. I figured it was still more indulgent than an apple.

SNACK 2 + 3

x2… I ate a whole banana with a whole package of Barney Butter. I split it into 2 snacks, but the truth is I don’t think there was more than an hour in between those. I just couldn’t wait to have the other half! I absolutely love almond butter with bananas!!!!

So yeah, there was snack #4 (I was just hungry all day today, probably because I really didn’t want to work and preferred to eat instead) which was the apple pictured above.


For dinner tonight I planned to make some chicken with brussel sprouts I bought at the farmers market on Tuesday. When I got home I was absolutely starving and the chicken was stil
l frozen :( I considered waiting, or defrosting it in the microwave, but at the end decided to go to another Plan B and made chipotle shrimp tacos from Cooking Light (I followed the recipe to the T). I love how shrimp can be defrosted in just minutes under cold water. We always have them on hand (in the freezer) and they are a great lean source of protein. Yum! 

Here are my tacos with shrimp, avocado, sliced tomatoes and TJ’s salsa verde on TJ’s low carb whole wheat tortillas.

They were a big mess to eat but were quite delicious :)

And yes I was still hungry after these, so I made dessert. One warm chocolate chip cookie with some decaf peppermint tea. Now my belly is satisfied 😀

And as always, a quick recap of today’s “stats”


Calories (1200-1650)- DONE – 1630
Fitness – DONE- circuit training class
Water – DONE – 9 cups
F/V – DONE – tomato, pumpkin, beet greens, potatoes, mushrooms, banana, apple, avocado

I’m going to relax on the coach and watch a movie with my husband. I love weekends! :)

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The streak continues

November 7th, 2008 · 4 Comments · breakfast, NYC streaking challenge, polenta, salad, snacks

Streak day 4, 7 days ’till NYC…

Another excellent day today. Sorry if I keep starting these last few posts the same way, but I’m just always so excited about my good food choices and I feel great! Work is busy, but it doesn’t matter because I just feel good about myself which translates into feeling good about everything else. Ok, onto food… 😀


‘Nuff said? Jk! This breakfast is not only extremely photogenic but is also extremely delicious! In this cup was about 3/4 cups of nonfat yogurt, 1/2 banana, a serving of TJ’s american trek mix, some kashi golean and Erin’s double chocolate granola. I definitely wanted more when I finished, but that’s because there was chocolate involved and I always want more chocolate 😀 This breakfast was slightly more calories than my typical breakfasts (the addition of granola was the extra) because I was planning on doing an 8 mile run during lunch and wanted to increase my calorie intake a little bit to fuel this workout.

Pre-workout Snack
Again, this one was a little bit on the larger size for a snack for me. Last night I made this little sandwich and photographed it before packing it up…

Whole wheat “british muffin” (from TJ’s) with a tablespoon of spreadable fruit and a little over 1/2 tablespoon of natural pb (mix of chunky and smooth). The spreadable fruit made the muffin slightly soggy, but it was still pretty yummy and was definitely good fuel for later :)

I’ve been meaning to do this 8 mile run since last Friday, but things just kept coming up. I’ve never run longer than 7 miles before, but the 7 miles didn’t feel like my limit, so I figured I should be able to do the 8. I still get nervous almost every time before I run. I don’t know why. I always do well. In fact, let me fastward to my workout today… I kicked butt! At mile 7 I kept on increasing speed at which point I actually had to slow down on purpose so as to not injure myself. I didn’t want to regret this run, but yeah, I definitely could have done this faster or run longer. Awesome! I actually forgot to look at the clock on the treadmill (yes I ran 8 miles on the treadmill! It was no problem for me, I was just watching tv the entire time)… but I averaged 6.4 mph, so maybe it took like 73 minutes or so?? I also did 0.15 mile walk for warmup and 0.15 mile walk for a cooldown… and I stretched after my run. I really wanted to make sure I wake up tomorrow and am able to walk 😀

Do you ever slow down on purpose or do you just give it your all?

LunchJustify FullLunch today was leftovers from last night: hamburger stroganoff. It was still super delicious!!!

I also had a pear for “dessert.” It was super juicy and delicious!

Afternoon snack
I had a hair appointment after work so I decided to have a quick snack so I wouldn’t be starving when I finally got home. I tried a new kind of KIND bar: walnut & date.

OMG, I am seriously in love with kind bars!!!! This is the second kind I’ve had one (well actually I tried another kind at a little tasting they had at Whole Foods and loved it too) and I love love loved it! Here is the picture of the bar up-close:

See how there are huge chunks of dates?! You can actually taste the ingredients, which are basically dates, walnuts and honey (there are a few others in there but these are the main ones). Awesome! I can’t wait to dig into my next one (I kind of bought every kind they had in the store 😛 )

My husband went out while I was getting my hair done so I was on my own for dinner. He doesn’t really like salads and I seriously crave them, so this was definitely a salad night! I put the salad together but then realized it was too low-cal, so I made little polenta stacks, inspired by Caitlin. For the salad dressing I wanted a nice balsamic vinegrette (I think it goes perfect with spinach) but we didn’t have any at home because I can’t stand any of the low fat kinds and I never bought the full fat version until my recent goddess dressing purchase. I brought the goddess dressing to work, so I couldn’t use it tonight, but it actually inspired me to make my own. I remembered the tahini in it and thought that’s maybe the ingredient that makes the balsamic vinegrettes that I’ve liked before cloudy. I started putting a bunch of stuff together and it came out really well! I was super inpressed with myself :)

So here is dinner altogether:

The salad had spinach, some grape tomatoes, 1/3 oz of dried cranberries, 1/4 oz of pecans, and 1/2 oz of goat cheese. This is a really great combo!

My dressing consisted of (I think):
– 1 teaspoon of EVOO
– 1 teasp
oon of tahini
– 1 teaspoon of balsamic vinegar
– 1 teaspoon of lemon juice
– 1/2 teaspoon of honey
– S&P to taste

And then the polenta stacks… I cut up 1/4 of a polenta log into 4 circles, baked them in the toaster oven for about 8 minutes at 350 degrees, topped them with 1/2 oz of cheddar cheese (I was going to use fresh mozzarella but it went bad :( ) and broiled it for a few more minutes. Here they are out of the oven:

And put together, on the side of my large salad:

And ouf course I couldn’t end the meal without dessert so I had 1/4 serving of TJ’s chocolate covered edamames. Yum!

And that brought me to 1650 calories exactly for the day. Funny how that worked out!

So here are my goal results for today:

NYC streaking challenge – day 4:
Calories (1200 – 1650) – DONE – 1650 exactly
Fitness – DONE- 8 mile run + 0.3 mile walk
Water – DONE – 8 cups
F/V – DONE – banana, mushrooms, pear, kind bar (dates), spinach, grape tomatoes, slices tomato, cranberries

And that’s it for today. Do you like the new format (breaking it up into sections)?

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Leftovers aren’t boring

November 6th, 2008 · 1 Comment · 20 minute meals, NYC streaking challenge

Streak day 3, 8 days to go ’till NYC! Still doing great on my mini-challenge! 😀

I got a craving for a breakfast I made last week: smoked salmon sandwiches, so yesterday I stopped by TJ’s to pick up some lox. This breakfast did not disappoint! It looks kind of messy (sorry the bread is very fragile and broke apart on it’s “commute to work”) but it was super rich and delicious!

The bread I used is The Baker wholegrain flaxseed bread. It is so nutty and addicting. My husband would hate it, so I know it’s not for everyone, but I absolutely cannot get enough of this stuff! Here is a picture of the package if you’re interested…

So breakfast was 2 slices of the bread, about 1 1/2 ounces of lox and 1 tablespoon of whipped cream cheese. I also had a cup of hazelnut coffee with half and half and a tsp of agave nectar. The usual stuff. I wanted more food after this breakfast but remembered that last time it kept me really full for a long time. I decided to wait it out a bit, which worked! I probably would’ve had a massive stomachache if I ate more like I instinctively wanted to.

About 3 hours later I snacked on this apple. It was my pre-workout snack. I wasn’t even that hungry, but I knew I needed fuel for my abs + spinning classes.

Both classes were soooo good and so tough today. I was super excited for them for some reason. I think it’s because I’m feeling like my old self. I love eating healthy and working out! It’s so good to know I’m taking care of myself! The abs class is the toughest one they offer at my gym, just basic stuff but you feel the burn after 15 minutes of straight crunching. And spinning… once again today was my favorite instructor and I haven’t been to his class in months. It was excellent. I was dripping sweat like crazy and loved it! He turned the lights on at the end of the class and I was super shiny, but looked so buff!!! My arms looked so toned. Maybe it was that boxercise class last night? Hmm, doubt one class did the trick. Anyways, I felt good!

Moving on to lunch, which is boring for blog purposes because it was leftovers from last night’s dinner. It was still absolutely delicious! In fact when I got back from the gym I had an email from my husband saying how good lunch was (he had the leftovers too). It’s pretty cool to get 2 meals for both of us in the same amount of effort. The flip side of course is when something doesn’t come out incredibly good and you’re stuck eating it the next day. Luckily I haven’t had any mishaps in a while :)

Afternoon snack, one of my absolute favorites. I’ve blogged about this snack before. It’s the perfect thing to take care of my sweet tooth! 1/2 banana, packet of Barney Butter inside a TJ’s low carb tortilla wrap. Best.snack.ever!

Speaking of Barney Butter, I found out today on Kath’s blog that Barney Butter is giving free shipping for orders over $14. This is your chance to stock up on their goodies (like the single serving almond butters) before they start selling their products at Whole Foods next year. Just type ship4free when you check out. I definitely took advantage of this today :)

Oh another little victory today was this: I was walking by a bowl with halloween candy at work and grabbed a york chocolate mint patty. I know this stuff isn’t that many calories comparatively to some of the other chocolate goodies so I felt it was a pretty good choice. I ran into a co-worker of mine on the way to my desk and we ended up talking about a transaction for about 10 minutes. Well, when I was done talking to her I realized I really didn’t need this candy at all. Just because it’s a healthier choice out of the bad stuff, doesn’t mean it’s a good one. I had my banana/almond butter wrap waiting for me, so I was good :) I put the candy back and made some tea and the wrap. It felt pretty cool. Small victories…

When I got home I remembered that I got some pumpkin butter at TJ’s yesterday. I decided to have a tiny snack featuring it! I had a little over 1/4 cup of TJ’s European style nonfat yogurt, with a little less than a tablespoon of the pumpking butter and a little less than 1/3 serving of Erin’s pb granola.

Pumpkin butter was pretty interesting. For those of you who haven’t tried it, imagine a pretty sweet pumpkin flavored jelly. Not sure why they are calling it “butter.” It was pretty intense so I would use it with causion. But it was quite nice and definitely very pumpkin-y, and since I’m recently a little obsessed with pumpkin and other fall veggies (like squash) I liked it.

For dinner tonight I made another 20 minute meal from Cooking Light November issue: hamburger stroganoff. My husband was super apprehensive about this one (I guess he hasn’t had the best experience with stroganoffs) but I already bought the ingredients (not realizing he didn’t really want it) and reminded him that all the other 20 minute meals from Cooking Light have been awesome. Fastforward 20 minutes or so, here is my plate:

And yeah, it was awesome!!!!! My husband loved it too and we’re both having it for lunch again tomorrow. Sorry to be boring, but when it’s good, I actually really look forward to having it again. I followed the recipe pretty much to the T, except omitted the onions, used about 30% more mushrooms and served it over egg-white-only egg noodles. Another winner! I love it.

And today’s tally is…

Calories (1200-1650) – DONE – 1464
Fitness – DONE – abs + spinning (60 minutes total)
Water – DONE- 9 cups
F/Vs – DONE- apple, banana, diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, mushrooms

Good night!

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