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Until later

July 9th, 2012 · 23 Comments · Uncategorized

Hi friends,  long time no “talk.” I’ve been blogging weekly over at the Satisfied Cravings blog and had a draft saved about my recent obsession – baking bread – which I thought I actually posted about, so I feel like I’ve been blogging but clearly it’s been 2 weeks since my last post.


Obviously other things are getting in the way. It’s driving me insane how inconsistent I am about blogging over here and I think that may mean something.

This little blog used to be my outlet. It was a place where I shared my ventures into healthy cooking and weight loss struggles and successes. I loved the sense of community over here (thank you all so much for all your amazing comments!) and it’s the reason I’ve been continuing to blog for all these years.

But… my life is full now. I’m learning every day about myself while trying to grow my little business. I’m learning about what’s important and what’s just noise in my head that drives me to do more and more until I no longer can.  It’s all been hard and amazing and luckily I have the most supportive husband who keeps me grounded and reminds me about priorities.

And so, I think it’s time to move on. I’m not saying goodbye because that feels really final, so I’m going to say “until later!” I’m taking an indefinite break during which I will continue blogging over on Satisfied Cravings and possibly over on Russian Bites. And then we’ll see if all I needed was a break or if my priorities have permanently changed.

Thank you all again! And if I don’t “talk” to you soon (over on your blogs) then I hope you have a fabulous summer. Follow your heart and your dreams. And if you don’t have a defined dream, keep searching until something clicks and makes you the happiest you’ve been. Do it. It’s worth it!

PS – If you want to keep in touch, follow me on twitter and over at the Satisfied Cravings blog.

Ok, I’m signing off. Love you all!



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