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Wasabi sushi in Natick

February 13th, 2012 · 15 Comments · Boston, Eating out, restaurant reviews

Hi friends! How’s life? Mine is good. In an attempt to get out of the house daily (yeah, I started going a little stir crazy early last week), I’m currently at the library catching up on computer stuff. I noticed some pictures of the lunch Adam and I had at Wasabi in Natick a few weeks back and thought it’d be fun to do a quick post to introduce you to this spot… if you haven’t already been Smile


Wasabi is newish kaiten dining sushi restaurant located inside the Natick mall. There is a conveyor belt that runs through the entire space with plates of sushi (and other Japanese dishes) on it. You watch them pass by and grab what you like. At the end of the meal, the waitress adds up your bill based on the empty plates. Fun and fast! Open-mouthed smile


Oh and the plates are color-coded, with each color representing a price category. The most expensive plate as you see below is $5, so you really can try a whole bunch of dishes. Love it!


[There are a few other dishes you can order straight off the menu, including soups, salads and some hot appetizers.]

I’ve seen this conveyor belt concept in airports in London. I’m glad they finally brought it to the U.S. (or should I say… Boston area since Wasabi appears to be a chain).

Wasabi-sushi-Natick-8 Wasabi-sushi-Natick-3

Which one is it gonnna be?


Adam and I tried a few plates as a light lunch. This guy was my favorite:

Tyson’s Roll


It was sort of like a deconstructed California roll (with the crab on the outside) topped with seaweed salad and wasabi cream. It tasted super fresh and delicious.

The seared salmon with red pepper coulis was pretty boring.


Adam got the crunchy salmon. It was pretty fun dipping the maki in the panko mixture for some extra crunch Smile


These two rolls were sort of forgettable. Solid but nothing special.

Eel cucumber maki


Lucky roll – mango, salmon, green and red tobiko (and wasabi cream)


Our bill was about $20 for all of this. Definitely the perfect spot to refuel at during your next shopping spree in the Natick mall. Open-mouthed smile

Have you ever been to a kaitan sushi place?

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