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I’ve been slowly but surely making our condo feel like home. Most of the furniture we had from our previous apartment fit right in and we bought the remaining large items within months of moving in… but it’s the little touches (like curtains, area rugs and ART) that I think really pull it all together. These also happen to be the things that I’m most indecisive about… which is why we’ve lived here for over two years and I’m still not done with decorating the place. I’m going to call myself thorough Winking smile

Take this electrical panel right outside of our kitchen. Not exactly a looker. I’ve been searching for the perfect piece of art to cover this beast for well, 2+ years… until eventually I decided to take matters into my own hands and just make something myself!!

DIY kitchen art-3-2

I thought making a collage of some of my favorite food pictures would be a fun project (and I was right). It’s very personal (I cooked and photographed every dish!) and it brings up memories of delicious meals often enjoyed with friends. Dishes that came right from the kitchen around the corner! Appropriate, no?

So I hit up Michael’s for a cheap 24×30” picture frame (custom frames to exactly cover the panel were upwards of $100 so this $30 one was a bit larger than “needed” but actually ended up being perfect since it allowed for more pictures!), a blue matboard and a Fashionably Chic paper pad (<—sort of an impulse purchase that I was very happy I got!)

DIY kitchen artDIY kitchen art-2

[Use the insert in the picture frame to cut your matboard to the right size.]

Then I printed some of my favorite food pics in 4×6” and 5×7” (I asked Adam to pick his absolute favorites and those were enlarged). CVS did an amazing job – these came out so bright and made me super proud of my “work.” Open-mouthed smile

I honestly had no idea what I was going to do with them but after shuffling the pictures around I noticed this pattern was symmetrical and covered the whole board nicely. Sweet!

DIY kitchen art-3

Next up I ripped out my favorite patterns from the paper pad and started cutting out rectangles around the pictures to see what worked and what didn’t. The border was pretty thin so I actually think that anything would look pretty nice since the pattern wouldn’t really overwhelm the photos. At the end I went with a “bolder” blue pattern and two lighter yellow ones. Blue and yellow look pretty, don’t you think?

DIY kitchen art-4DIY kitchen art-5

There was a lot of math and a lot of measuring. I also didn’t have a proper ruler (please do yourself a favor and get one if you ever try attempting something like that!) so I used a kitchen measuring tape and a 5×7 photo most of the time for measuring and drawing lines. Not ideal but I got the hang of it after a while.

DIY kitchen art-6

Once all the background rectangles were cut and glued to the pictures (I measured some more to make sure they were centered!), additional math and measuring was required to ensure my pictures were glued symmetrically within the frame. This was quite meticulous and almost meditative. It took a few hours for several days but I loved every minute of it. Apparently I have a crafts-bone in me after all! Open-mouthed smile

The end result:

DIY kitchen art-7

Not the best picture since the glass in the frame is reflective but hopefully you get the idea. I’m really happy with how it came out! Smile

DIY kitchen art-3-3

If you’re looking to add a little spice to your kitchen (or hallway!), I highly recommend snapping some photos of your favorite meals and bringing them to life in a photo collage (obviously if you’re a food blogger, you are part of the way there!).

Are you crafty? What other artsy DIY projects have you done?

PS – In case you’re curious, here are links to the recipes in the collage.

Left column Mid-column Right column
1. Shchi (cabbage soup) 1. Sirki (Russian cheesecake pops) 1. Summer fruit cobbler
2. Apple rumtini 2. Chocolate covered homemade marshmallows 2. Homemade marshmallows
3. Apple cinnamon protein coffee cake 3. Whoopie pie 3. Husk tomatoes
4. Weeknight light mac ‘n cheese 4. Pizza monkey bread 4. Egg yolk + flour
5. Lemony ricotta with cacao nibs 5. Blueberry and hazelnut baked French toast 5. Homemade challah bread
6. Ponchiki (Russian doughnut holes) 6. Homemade caramel chocolate cups 6. Chewy pumpkin chocolate chip cookie
7. Lemony sugar cookies

… and if you want them all (and more!) in one place, they are saved on Pinterest.

PPS – The winner of the Nasoya giveaway is #52 – Audrey. Thanks for mentioning the giveaway on your blog, Audrey – this helped you win!  Congrats! Please email your address to

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