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30 by 30: making spaetzle

December 27th, 2011 · 13 Comments · 30 by 30, favorite recipes

Hi friends! How were your Christmas/Hanukkah holidays? I’m half Jewish so I get to celebrate both which is really fun! On Friday, I picked up my parents from the airport (they were coming back from Barcelona… are they lucky or what?!) and treated them to a home cooked Hanukkah dinner complete with latkes and sufganiyot (jelly-filled donuts) which were my first recipe from the pastry book. Everything came out really delicious! On Saturday we headed to West Newbury to spend Christmas with Adam’s family. I took 151 pictures of the nephews opening gifts… and then it was time to open my own. I got so many awesome foodie gifts, including chocolate (duh), somenewcookbooksand even a cute blog shirt (you’ll see what I mean when I take a photo of myself Smile ).


Christmas day was definitely lazy (the kids got up at 5am so once the Christmas morning excitement wore off, we were pretty much like zombies for the rest of the day). And I even took Monday “off” together with Adam (aka my computer was pretty much closed all day and my kitchen looks like a bomb went off in it so there was no cleaning). I did find a few peppers and carrots in the fridge, a few sausages in the freezer and decided to make spaetzle for dinner (it was time to get another thing crossed off my 30 by 30 list!).


Have you ever had spaetzle? In case you haven’t, spaetzle is basically little German egg noodles which are boiled then pan fried in butter (mmm). I’ve only had them once before last night but recall my first time vividly. It was from a restaurant in New York called Little Giant. It was served as a side to a dish that intrigued me and I was so surprised to bite into these buttery plump little noodles. They totally stole the show! Of course I assumed they would be a huge challenge so I added to them to my list. Little did I know they were a cinch to make! A spaetzle makerwill come in very handy here but it’s less than $10 on Amazon.


I started with this recipe for spaetzle but decided to use half whole wheat flour/half all purpose. Making the dough was pretty much like making pancakes but with less ingredients! Mix the dry ingredients, then combine with wet. And you’re done!


The dough was so much runnier than I was expecting. I added another 1/2 cup of flour to it hoping it would firm up (I think I had pasta dough in mind)… and then decided to just try it out as is. See how it’s pourable? If pourable is a word… Winking smile

making-spaetzle-4 making-spaetzle-5

While this was happening I brought salted water to a simmer… and we were off! The dough drips through the spaetzle maker holes and forms little noodles that set in the water.

making-spaetzle-6 making-spaetzle-7

OMG, it’s working!



We’ve got spaetzle!


A quick stir-fry of peppers, carrots and sausage in a bit of EVOO, then the spaetzle in 1 tablespoon of butter (which was plenty!), parsley and garlic…

making-spaetzle-11 making-spaetzle-12

… and we have one fantastic meal! [serves 4]


This was so incredibly satisfying. The spaetzle was seriously SO EASY to make and Adam and I loved the buttery noodles with lots of veggies and sausage (I was going for a German theme here). Now that I know how fast the whole thing comes together, I will definitely be adding spaetzle to our usual rotation of carbs.


Have you made anything fun lately? Do share! Open-mouthed smile

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