Homemade Italian bread with leftover whey {+survey}

Have you tried making ricotta yet? As I’m sure you could tell from my previous post, despite it being super easy – I felt pretty proud of making my own cheese. It was delicious! And do you know what I’m proud of now? Turning the leftover whey into some pretty fantastic homemade bread! It doesn’t seize to amaze me how simple ingredients like milk + cream can turn into cheese… and then with addition of flour, butter and yeast, you get bread! Totally incredible!


So yeah, I couldn’t bring myself to toss the leftover whey from making ricotta, so with your suggestions I decided to google some bread recipes. This recipe for Italian white bread looked super easy and I figured was the perfect way for me to try my hand at homemade yeast bread (yup, it’s my first!).

I used the Kitchen Aid with the hook attachment to make the dough – it came together in no time.


And then I split it into 2 sections, rolled them up (hoping that’s what I was supposed to do)…


… and let these 2 guys rest.



1 hour later, it was time to bake some bread! Seriously, doesn’t it sound easy?


It was! Smile

Adam was actually sick that day so I left for the gym and told him to pull the loaves out after 25 minutes of baking. I got home to the most amazing smell of freshly baked bread… with Adam jumping all around it, waiting for me to give him the ok to rip off a piece! DO IT!


The bread had a tight crumb and a mildly buttery taste… it almost melted in your mouth, sort of like brioche bread would except it didn’t have eggs. I kept catching Adam sneak “just one more piece”… he could not get enough!


I normally prefer whole wheat bread for my sandwiches, but this made for fantastic French toast one morning…


… and excellent stuffing for a little Thanksgiving potluck dinner with Shannon, Katie, and our significant others.


I have a few more slices left which I plan on turning into croutons. Yum!

I highly recommend making some ricotta and then this bread. You’ll thank me, I promise Smile

Oh, one more thing. As I’m sure you know, I’ve been also writing Russian Bites where I share recipes from my childhood as well as other fun-sounding recipes from the former Soviet Union region. I’m toying with the idea of combining the two blogs since I’m often conflicted about who I should be… the “Healthy and Sane” girl or the “Russian Bites” girl when I comment on other blogs or otherwise engage in the blogging community. So my question is this – would you be interested in reading about Russian recipes here on Healthy and Sane?  Please let me know in this 1 question survey below. Be honest!! I promise you won’t hurt my feelings if it’s something that just doesn’t excite you. I will still keep writing, I’ll just keep it separate.

Thanks!! 😀

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