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Hi blog friends. Just stopping by to say hi. I’m still around, just very busy with work. I’m not good with pre-scheduled posts. I like to write when inspiration strikes. It’s the only way I know how. Anyways, I’ll be back very soon, with recipes like these… (mmm, that was good).


Oh and I’m hosting a get-together for my co-workers today and making buffalo chicken dip, EDBV olive and sundried tomato hummus, chocolate chip dough balls, as well as serving a bunch of other store bought goodies (like nuts, goat cheese with crackers, etc).

What are your hosting tricks for a casual get together for a crowd when you’re short on time?

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15 comments to Party tricks

  • I definitely hear you on being busy and not finding time to blog! When I’m hosting a get-together I choose to make dishes that can be prepared a day ahead of time…and always ask guests to bring their favorite bottle of wine.

  • I’m the same way sister. Prescheduled posts end up really lame haha.

    Stay busy! Stay happy!

  • I feel for you with being busy! Can’t wait to see what that delicious looking pile of carbs is:-)

    Busy = lot’s of pre-cut veggies and pre-made salsas, etc. with just a couple of things that are homemade.

    • Elina

      That pile of carbs was glorious. I shared it on FB if you’re too curious but a post is coming soon, I promise!
      I don’t think I’ve ever thrown a party without baby carrots. Precut and delicious. Salsa and hummus are also a staple. You just can’t go wrong with those 2! :)

  • One element that’s homemade with lots of shortcuts. Like guacamole – just some salsa and mashed avocados. I also like to keep recipes simple and make myself stick to things that are ~5 ingredients. You can make anything look gourmet if you use the right elements.

    Don’t worry about being busy! Your blog followers are still here :)

    • Elina

      Salsa + avocado = guac? Genius!
      Any favorite 5 ingredient recipes? Sounds definitely like the way to go!
      Thanks (on that last one)!! 😀

      • One of my favorites is just a dressed up crostini. Toasted bagette, an herbed goat cheese, prosciutto and either a sliced tomato or a grape. YUM!

      • OH, and I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the show (there’s only been one episode haha) but Clinton on The Chew does this segment called Plate to Platter. He JUST did a recipe for a steak crostini. Skirt steak, seasoned with salt and pepper thinly sliced. Toast day-old bread with olive oil, broil, horseradish, steak, chives. How yummy right?

  • Ooh that looks like some kind of monkey bread. So pretty and tasty and I love the bowl in the background. Crate & Barrel right? I have the same one.

    My trick is to look for things where I can do some of the prep work ahead of time so I’m not fussing in the kitchen at the last minute. I’ve really come to favor dishes that can be baked off vs. requiring stove time.

    • Elina

      Yup, a savory monkey bread. That’s my only clue 😉 And yes, I’m pretty sure that little bowl is from Crate & Barrel.. I’ve had it for a while!
      I did pretty much everything the night before as well, then just put stuff in the toaster oven (for dips) or reg oven (for cookies… larger batch). It went without a hitch! Stove time definitely adds stress + ties you to the kitchen. Not as fun! :)

  • I make an easy platter of cheese, crackers, dried fruit and sausage/cure meat – it’s always a crowd pleaser!

  • […] guys convinced me that I can no longer hold out on you on the monkey bread recipe (as seen here and here). Better yet, I have a special treat for you – a giveaway that will go perfectly with the […]


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