Making crepes at Dore Creperie (and at home!)

I can’t believe it’s Tuesday already. TUESDAY!! [Sorry for shouting.] Looks like I took the whole “long weekend” thing very seriously, which included time away from the blog. What can I say, when I take time away, I am really away. I think it’s healthy and sane (yes, I went there!) – don’t you?

Prior to my long weekend break (during which, in case you’re wondering… Adam and I hosted a bbq gathering for all of our friends, and then spent a full day lounging around the house – watching tv and eating leftovers, not bad… not bad at all), I did do something blog related and very fun. I took a crepe making class at the local pop-up creperie in Boston.


Dore Creperie was founded by Greg just a few months ago and will be at its current location downtown for the next 5 months… until they move and pop up at another spot. I don’t frequent Boston’s downtown often but I have heard buzz about Dore and was very excited to be invited to a crepe making class there, especially since I just learned how to make Russian crepes. Wanna see what making crepes entales? Come, come!!


Elizabeth organized the whole thing and Megan and Lindsey also attended the class with me. We started the class with a quick history of crepes, while tasting historically inspired combos like honey and figs



… and fried egg and tomatoes


We also tried the very early crepe batter from buckwheat flour and water. I actually thought it was interesting in its own way (earthy for sure!) but the more modern buckwheat crepe (which has eggs and butter) I am sure is a lot tastier and less “crunchy granola.”


We fast-fowarded to the current classic dessert crepe with nutella and strawberrries.





Oh yeah, while listening to Greg talk, we sipped on banana and nutella milk shakes. So indulgent. So incredible.


Let’s just say I wasn’t hating this. At all. 😉

Time to get our hands dirty!


Megan felt way too comfortable with a gigantic bag of flour. Lindsey was a little more apprehensive…

IMG_6584 IMG_6585

Oh, Megan also taught me how to crack eggs with one hand. Very exciting. I put those skillzzzzzzz to use already and feel like a pro every time (I’m going to get to 3 at once at some point, Megan, just give me time!)

Here is how you make a basic crepe batter:

 1. Whisk eggs, then slowly add milk


This was 10 eggs + 10 cups of milk… in summary: a lot!


2. Add the egg/flour mixture to all-purpose flour (1 cup of flour to each egg and a cup of milk)


3. Whisk it all together, then add melted butter (2 T/egg)


Let rest for 30 minutes.

Basically the proportions are 1 egg to 1 cup of milk, 1 cup of flour, 2 tablespoons of melted butter. This would make a few crepes. Definitely make at least 2 or 3 times that!

Ok, time to use the fancy crepe pans… pour some dough in the middle of the pan, then spread around the pan.


I failed at life at this step miserably. Look at attempt #1:


Attempt #2 (you can actually patch up the whole with a few more drops of batter – much needed in my case)


… there are a few more undocumented ones. Luckily I had help (and making them at home is waaaaay easier – see my picture tutorial here).


Much better! [That means I didn’t make it, ha!]


Filling them with every imaginable combo was definitely the best part! :)

Brie, fig spread and prosciutto


Egg, feta and sundried tomato


Chocolate, graham crackers and stawberries…


We made dozens of combos – these are just a few!



I could really get used to this job 😉


Before going home, we got some of our batter to-go. I had dozens of crepe filling combos in my brain but decided to finally try the mushroom crepe cake Shannon blogged about a few months ago (I made 1/2 a cake as you can see).

IMG_6630 IMG_6632

Cheesy mushrooms between layers of herbed crepes… buttery, rich. Delicious!


I had such a fun time learning about the evolution of crepes and trying my hand at using those crazy crepe pans. What should I use my sweet batter for? I’m thinking of sauteed peaches and salted caramel. How does that sound??

How did you spend your long weekend? Did you have a chance to unplug?

PS – Just noticed that LivingSocial has discounted crepe classes at Dore. Funny coincidence – if you’re local, I’d recommend it!

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