What you missed this week…

Oy vay. Looks like I abondoned this blog for a week. Totally unintentional. You see, I was in Maine, then I was out every night of the week… but I’ve been thinking of you, I promise. And cooking delicious things and totally working on loving myself and being happier (thank you, by the way, for your amazingly supportive comments – as always, you guys rock!!). It’s been a really good week. I hope yours was just as good (or better!!).

So, here is what you missed…

  • I joined Pinterest and have been pinning like it’s going out of style. I’m obsessed… and in love. It’s good kind of obsessed.
  • We finished our guest bathroom. Today actually. It looks incredible. I promise to post pics once all the accessories are purchased and the whole thing looks complete (my mom literally forbid me from posting the current pictures because our towels “need to be retired.” I laughed out loud reading that email).
  • It’s Adam’s birthday today. He now joins me in being on this earth for 29 years. You’re no longer younger than me, Adam. Sorry! Please wish him a happy birthday in the comments. I think he’ll like that!
  • We went to Maine for 4 days. It was glorious. I cooked lots of deliciousness. Maybe you’d like to recreate them? You should!

The weekend started by me attempting to make s’mores (with homemade marshmallows, but of course! I’m becoming a marshmallow making machine… in case you were wondering. lol). I was so dissapointed when I realized that my little culinary torchdid not come with butane fuel. Father-in-law to the rescue!






No bake s’more bars


Lunch on Saturday turned out exceptionally well with grilled maple chili salmon




served with black bean and corn salad which my mother-in-law made. Good team work :)


She made a few modifications… 2 ears of corn, 1 bell pepper, 1 cup of snow peas, some crushed red pepper flakes. It was unbelievably refreshing and a little spicy. Super addictive too (I didn’t mind that)! The salmon turned out smokey, sweet and spicy – this really was the perfect summer lunch. Both recipes are going on my favorite recipes list for sure!

This potato green bean salad was another winner. I loved the mustardy dressing. The potatoes and the green beans were from the farmers market and the peas came straight from the garden in Maine. It doesn’t get much fresher than this!


… and you know life wasn’t so tough when watermelon margaritas (from farmers market watermelon too!) seemed like the most natural thing in the world. What, you didn’t have one in the middle of Monday? 😉


… yeah, tough life for sure. 😆


What have you been up to?

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