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Being a tourist in your own city

August 31st, 2011 · 23 Comments · Boston

As a (sort of) food blogger (I don’t like pinning myself to a category), I take food pictures on almost daily basis. Shopping is a rare occurance, but when I do shop, it’s often for cute dishes, napkins, ribbons and other food related accessories. It’s for the blog, I tell myself. Helps me sleep better at night, I guess. lol

When I’m out – whether it’s going out with friends to a new restaurant or traveling, most of my pictures are of food. It’s happened more than once that I even forget to take pictures of people around me. I guess I have a one track mind at this point, after blogging for nearly 3 years and having 2 blogs. The thing is – there is a life outside of food. So much beauty surrounds me, all of us, every day. Wouldn’t it be amazing to capture some of it on camera?

IMG_6230 IMG_6233

A little while back I saw a Groupon for Boston Photo Walking Tours and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to become a tourist in my own city and finally take the time to notice the beautiful details all around Boston. There are 5 different tours offered. This past Saturday I chose to attend the Beacon Hill tour because in my view it is the most picturesque area of Boston. What can I say… I wanted pretty pictures!


Saba – the founder of BPWT, walked us through the area and gave historic commentary as well as random bits about certain places and then suggested certain pictures with instructions on how to execute them.




It was such a blast!!! I never noticed so many fun details… like this boot scraper!


See… cool, no?


IMG_6250 IMG_6267

I also loved her suggestions on taking pictures from untraditional angles. What a blast!




IMG_6285 IMG_6315








See the face? Cute, right?!!

IMG_6340 IMG_6344

IMG_6349 IMG_6369

IMG_6398 IMG_6396









I have never been more excited about living in Boston. I actually plan on taking future tours with Saba and Boston Photo Walking Tours, as well as go out on my own on occasion and see if I can find my own treasures around town to photograph.

Have you ever tried pretending like a tourist in your own city? If not, I highly recommend it :)

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23 Comments so far ↓

  • #1 - Elizabeth

    You always take such gorgeous pictures Elina. Makes me want to take a stroll around Beacon Hill

  • #2 - Bianca @ Confessions of a Chocoholic

    I often get to do this, because I always have out of town friends visiting me! It’s great to be a tourist in Cambridge/Boston :)

  • #3 - Tiffany

    Kyle and I did this last week. We walked all around the Common and gardens before exploring a little bit of Beacon Hill. It was a lot of fun and I definitely took my fair share of pictures that day. Boston really is a gorgeous city when you take the time to stop and see what’s around you.

  • #4 - Lauren @ Healthy Food For Living

    Gorgeous pictures of our beautiful city :). I need to be a tourist for a day in Boston at some point!

  • #5 - natalie (the sweets life)

    you took great photos! this really makes me want to return to Boston!

  • #6 - Alaina

    I love being a tourist around Boston!!

    Your Beacon Hill pictures are gorgeous! It really is the most picturesque neighborhood. I would love to photograph the North End; so much going on there!

    • #7 - Elina

      Me too! I think they do tours there too… wanna go together?

      • #8 - Alaina

        I would love to! The next few weeks are busy for me, but maybe at the beginning of October? Fall in Boston = Perfection. :-)

  • #9 - Michelle

    Beautiful photos, Elina! You make me homesick for my old neighborhood!

  • #11 - betsy

    stunning photos, love them!

  • #12 - Meghan@travelwinedine

    Gorgeous pics! You really captured the best of Boston!

  • #13 - Megan

    I love walking around Beacon Hill. I think I notice something new every time I’m there. It’s definitely a gorgeous part of Boston.

  • #14 - Erica @ Boston Rookie

    New follower here- found you from BostonBrunchers. I moved to Boston a few months ago, so I still feel like a tourist here- although I try not to look too much like it! Great pictures!

    • #15 - Elina

      Hehe, I get embarassed looking like a tourist too although it’s no biggie with a group of people :) Welcome to Boston! And thanks for stopping by Healthy and Sane 😀

  • #16 - Kelly

    That sounds like fun. I admit I have seen similar tours come up in Chicago on Groupon and have yet to partake (though I did do a photography class on Saturday as a refresher — lots of fun). I definitely should keep a look out, particularly because I am still new enough to Chicago that I am sure I would see something interesting. I love going around and taking pictures of things other people might miss. For our photo class it wasn’t a walking tour, but we did have to head out during lunch for an assignment. It was fun walking around and trying to find interesting pictures in everyday life. I agree with you that I definitely spend a lot of time shooting food, but I want to make an effort to shoot other things more regularly.

    • #17 - Elina

      That class sounds awesome! I’d love to take another photo class but haven’t seen anything too exciting. Maybe I need to do more research!

  • #18 - One Healthy Apple

    Beautiful photos, Elina! I take a ton of pictures of my surroundings and my dog. I also love going into San Francisco and taking pictures because the views are fabulous everywhere I look!

  • #20 - Lizzy

    I love this idea!!! I love taking pictures of beautiful scenery- I’ll have to send you my Chicago pictures!!! And I love that you did this around Boston- we see all this stuff everyday but do we actually enjoy it? I’m glad you did!

  • #22 - Lara

    I love this! When I was in the UK I often played the tourist, mostly because I was often a tour guide 😉 I definitely want to do this now that we are in a new city. I love the photos you took and the interesting composition of many of them. Boston seems like such a lovely city.