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Healthy and Sane in the kitchen: making pita bread

July 15th, 2011 · 16 Comments · baking, bread, chicken, Cooking Light, King Arthur Whole Grain Baking cookbook

I’m going through a major reorganization of my (hard copy) recipes (from various magazines and blog printouts). Major! I’ve logged in probably close to 20 hours and I’m not even half-way through. But it’s been fun… and addictive… and things are slowly but surely shaping up!

My favorite thing about the final product (which I guess is not even final yet) is that all the pretty food pictures of recipes that look appealing to me are right there, in the format that’s enjoyable to browse through (as opposed to before, where a few nice recipes were either buried between useless articles or worse – shoved into a big folder also known as the black hole for recipes).

So the other day, I was doing my thing, gluing away, and Adam spotted a picture of the spicy chicken shawarma recipe from Cooking Light… and said: “You need to make this asap!” The good wife that I am, I put it on next week’s menu… and decided to take it up a notch by making my own whole wheat pitas. Why not!


I used the whole wheat pita bread recipe from the King Arthur Flour Whole Grain Baking cookbook, which looked easy enough.


Red heart my Kitchen Aid.


My dough was seriously sticky. I think I added a bit more flour and definitely let the mixer go for longer than the book specified.


Eventually I stopped it and hoped that once the yeast does it’s thing, everything will turn out fine Smile


Why hello, Mr. Yeast… looks like you’ve been hungry!


The dough was still slightly goopy (see top right in the picture above) but a slight toss in some flour produced perfect little dough balls.


Hi cuties! [Ok, I really need to stop this whole talking-to-my-food thing.]


Roll ‘em out…


And into the oven (on a pizza stone) they go!


OMG, OMG, OMG – they’re actually ballooning up!!!! [Yes, I was that excited.]

Actually, most of them looked like the ones below – at best. Spraying some water into the oven seemed to help a bit (thanks, Emily for this tip on twitter… Btw, I changed my twitter handle to @elinaholbrookfollow me if you love me!!)


Dinner time!


My first pita opened up so easily and perfectly, I was excited about “nailing it”!


The ones that followed definitely put up a fight (after this dinner I pretty much used them as flatbreads). They were really pillowy and doughy though so I enjoyed the texture.


I hate how store bought whole wheat pitas taste like cardboard so I’d love to find the perfect homemade (fool-proof) recipe that I can make over and over. It’d be cheaper too!


Have you ever made pitas? Any tips for me on technique, or maybe a link to a better recipe? Thanks! Smile

PS – The chicken recipe was quick and easy but nothing earth shattering taste-wise. The pitas were definitely the highlight of the meal for me!

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