Chocolate dipped marshmallows can be yours today!

Hi my lovely Healthy and Sane readers! I’m taking a little break today from my usual posts to tell you that my chocolate covered marshmallows are up for bidding TODAY ONLY at the Great Fundraising Act auction.

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All proceeds will help a fellow blogger Susan from The Great Balancing Act cover her treatment bills for Lymphoma. She is currently hospitalized and her out of pocket bills are $5,000/month! I actually don’t even know Susan but it broke my heart hearing about her sudden diagnosis and I feel honored to be a part of a community that is so amazingly supportive!! The amazing Janetha organized an incredible auction with nearly 200 items up for bidding (from baked goods to clothing, dishes, internet services, etc.) that you do not want to miss!!

A big thank you to my contacts at Stonyfield, Popchips and Siggi’s for answering my emails and generously donating packages for bidding as well. You ladies rock!!

Now go on… BID here for the marshmallows or check out the entire auction here! Open-mouthed smile


PS – My Russian milk chocolate truffles are also up for bid!

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2 comments to Chocolate dipped marshmallows can be yours today!

  • Muahahah they are MINE all MINE!!!! Thank you and I can’t wait!!!

  • Elina

    Yay, I’m so excited you were the highest bidder! Let me know whether you prefer milk or dark chocolate and what kind of topping you want. Nuts? Graham cracker crumbs? Mmmm, I may have to steal one to make sure they’re edible 😉


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