Celebrations all around

Work has been insanely busy lately but I don’t have time to worry about such minor details… today is a happy day!

Today it’s my dad’s birthday and my 3-year wedding anniversary… and I feel like the luckiest girl!

Over the last year my parents have shown me that while they may not agree with all of my decisions (and they’re not afraid to say it!), they will always want whatever makes me happiest and support me no matter what.

And Adam has been by my side during all the happy moments and a lot of difficult times. I didn’t know of all the challenges we were going to face 3 years ago but I knew I picked the most amazing partner… and he’s proven this true time and again over the past few years. We were kids back then… and maybe we still are… but I know that I couldn’t be happier growing old with anyone else!

Happy anniversary, honey! Smile


Hahaha, I’m a goofball.

PS- We’re celebrating at Sportello tonight which is on the list. I’ll try to take pictures! Open-mouthed smile

PPS – Have you seen my new header? I’m so incredibly happy with it. Thanks, Innz!!

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