30 by 30: Lunch at Foundry on Elm

Thanks so much for your nice comments on my wedding anniversary! Adam and I had a really nice night after work. I’ll share some pictures from Sportello soon! But first, I have to tell you about this fabulous lunch we had on Saturday!!

The 30 by 30 list was meant to be fun yet slightly challenging (not difficult but perhaps get me to do things I’ve been saying I’ve wanted to do but then haven’t… for whatever reason. Laziness comes to mind!). Believe it or not, this even applies to eating out!! I know, tough task… I told you I was lazy sometimes!

That thing with rarely going to Cambridge because it’s all the way across the bridge. Yeah, well – that doubly applies to Sommerville. I mean, have you ever taken the T from the Pru to Davis? I think it takes a lifetime. Or close to it for sure. Or maybe I’m a drama queen… whatever.

Anywayssss, this past Saturday Adam and I were running errands in Sommerville (that Target is awesome!!) and when we both realized there was no way we could go on without some lunch, I proposed to consult the list. Foundry on Elm in Davis Square seemed like the perfect place. Turn the car around… let’s get some lunch!


I’ve been to Davis a few times (like the Ras na hEireann 5K last year) but apparently I’ve never really looked around. What a cute little spot!! Maybe it was the gorgeous summer weather and lots of spots with outdoor seating and flowers… it just felt so fun and alive. I already want to go back!!

Foundry on Elm is a newish gastropub that’s already getting people’s attention with its high quality French food and craft beers and cocktails. The décor is a cross between a high class pub and a brasserie. The high ceilings and large windows (that used to open up but apparently are out of commission now after a few breaks) added to the bright and clean feel of the place.

Adam and I chose to sit on the high chairs by the window (I wanted the most natural light I could get… and light I got… most of my pictures were waaaaaaaay overexposed and I actually had to fight the light!). Oh and before I continue rambling about all sorts of irrelevant stuff, let me mention my Bloody Mary, which was perfectly spicy with 3 big juicy olives on top. This was going to be a fantastic lunch, I could tell!


Adam got the Pretty Things Field Mouse’s Farewell, which came in a proper glass. He was impressed! Smile


I thought the Pretty Things glass was indeed pretty. Winking smile


I can’t pass up on anything pickled so the assorted farmstand pickled vegetables had to be ordered. In the mix? Carrots, onions, cauliflower, and peppers.


I was sort of horrified by the amount of onions on some perfectly good veggies but then braved a bite of the cauliflower and enjoyed the slight fennely twist with the addition of caraway seeds. I love the cute presentation with the mini-bucket too Smile

Next up were our main entrees!

Adam couldn’t help himself with the Italian sausage flatbread (with cherry peppers and fontina) which came over a cheesy and buttery crust with just the right amount of heat. He polished the whole thing off mmm’ing the entire way through!


I went the slightly lighter route with a nicoise saladolive oil-poached tuna, capers, egg, green beans, new potatoes, mustard vinaigrette… which was honestly perfection on a plate! [I’m kind of on a nicoise salad kick now!]


Every component of the salad was perfectly executed, from the delicious medium rare tuna steak, briny capers and olives, creamy potatoes and eggs to crisp green beans. The mesculin greens were slightly overdressed but the dressing was so good, I was still a happy camper!

An incredibly satisfying lunch at a fantastic spot! I’m looking forward to future trips to Davis already Open-mouthed smile [Gargoyles and Posto pizza are also on the list so there will definitely be future trips. No more laziness!!]

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