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My 30 by 30 list

June 6th, 2011 · 54 Comments · 30 by 30

I’m super excited to make the last year of my 20’s full of accomplishments and fun. Without further adieu, my 30 by 30 list :)


  1. climb Mount Washington (I plan on joining a few of my co-workers for this charitable climb next year… it will be just a few weeks before my 30th. So excited!!) – didn’t properly train for it so Adam and I did a small hike in Maine instead. It was awesome and we plan on doing lots of hikes this summer!
  2. try a CrossFit class – tried a class on 7/13 – loved it!
  3. do a 100 pushups challenge


  1. make marshmallows – Update on 6/28: done!
  2. make croissants
  3. make really good (crusty) sourdough bread
  4. make gnocchi – Update on 7/7: done!
  5. make the perfect omelet :) – working on it…
  6. make french macarons – made them with Shannon – check out her recaps of lavendar macarons with honey vanilla mascarpone and red velvet macarons. They were reaallly good and not that hard to make!
  7. make spaetzle – done
  8. make cinnamon buns – done (sort of)
  9. make challah bread – Update on 6/26: first thing done!
  10. add 5 go-to meals to my repertoire – Update on 10/3: so far I’ve got Mario Batali’s chicken thighs on the grill, Batali’s grilled calamari with chickpea salad, and pepperoni pizza monkey bread (<– does this count as a meal? It’s definitely a new go-to for parties!), slow carb meatballs, chicken saltimbocca.
  11. add 5 go-to baked goods to my repertoire -Update on 8/29: summer fruit cobbler. Sad progress in this department!
  12. make 5 new legit cocktails – #1: apple cider rumtini. No luck here either – I did try but I’m no mixologist!
  13. cook 25 Russian meals (and blog about them on Russian Bites) – update on 10/3: so far I’ve made beef stroganoff, ponchiki, savory profiteroles, blini, layered jello cake, vareniki, chocolate covered sirki, kugelischocolate “potato” truffles, and otbivnii (chicken fried pork).
  14. try every restaurant on Boston’s 2011 munch madness list (out of 64 restaurants, I haven’t been to 31). Mmm, what a tasty challenge :) Update on 9/30: so far tried East by Northeast, Foundry on Elm, Sportello, Towne, Canary Square, The Gallows, Upstairs on the Square, The Butcher Shop, Erbaluce, Deuxave, Rendezvous, O Ya (my dad took me there – amazing!!), Cutty’s.
  15. make a monthly special dinner (a little more indulgent) – I pretty much did this as part of hosting people over for dinner (#16)
  16. have people over for dinner at least 12 times *Already have 2 down… made margarita chicken tacos with strawberry salsa for some friends a few weeks ago and last night had my parents over for dinner and made (homemade) fresh papardelle with clams, white wine, garlic and tomatoes. I even have proof! Winking smile


Both the actual pasta and the clam dish recipe came from Jamie Oliver’s  The Naked Chef Takes Off. I am seriously obsessed with his cookbooks lately! Update on 6/13: dinner #3 done! and dinner #4 on 7/10, dinner #5 of incredible Italian dinner for parents, vegan dinner #6 of chili and carrot cake, dinner #7 for Erin + Pete – Cook’s Illustrated mac & cheese (with ham and peas) and cherry pirog (recipe to come!), dinner #8: taco night with neighbors; #9: Hanukkah dinner for my parents (I even made jelly donuts from scratch!).  I’m doing well! :D; #10: miracle berry sweetened dinner; #11: Spanish tapas night; #12: chicken saltimbocca with Steph and Ted


  1. build a lightbox – I did 1 step better… I created a mini photo-studio!
  2. read photography book + manual – meh, boring – never got to it!
  3. get comfortable using tripod – no luck. i still hate using it. maybe one day…


  1. get my gmail inbox to zero emails for at least one day
  2. volunteer at least 12 times – 5 classes done as assistant volunteer at Cooking Matters program + ongoing chef instructor with Cooking Matters. I’ve also volunteered at Boston Rescue Mission.
  3. send a random care package to a friend (at least 4)
  4. launch the Healthy and Sane addition (CHANGE of plans: launch my new business!!!) – done! I’m the found of Satisfied Cravings now! :)
  5. finish all the little projects around the house, incl. decorative details – lots done including a fun food photo collage project, new walk-in closet, pictures, etc. It looks put together now :)
  6. Take at least 3 day trips – we did a Glouchester/Rockland trip in the summer, 2 more TBD.
  7. make a vision board (or envelope) – My boards on Pinterest!
  8. organize recipe binders – working on it…

So excited to get started! I’ll keep you guys posted, especially on the food-related challenges :)

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