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Hello from London!

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It’s been a really busy trip. I’ve been doing 18 hour days, with very little breathing room between meetings and conference calls. Oh yeah, and there was this dinner at Jamie Oliver’s Barbecoa. You may have heard of him. 😉 It was awesome. Love Jamie!

So I’ve been pretty much indoors the entire time, seeing the city mostly via taxi rides… and yet I’m totally in love with it. There is so much energy; so many different neighborhoods. I love the quaint coffee shops and  boutiques (had coffee + flapjack from a sustainable fair-trade place this morning), the super modern office spaces (seriously, I thought I was in the future when I visited our bank’s building yesterday!!) and the old charming houses. I kind of want to move here!!! (By “kind of” I mean “really really badly” but I’ll stop dreaming once I land home again).

It’s raining now (booo) so my plans for a walk around town may never materialize. Maybe I’ll duck into another little coffee shop later in the afternoon and start making my 30 by 30 list. You know I turned 29, right? The clock is ticking!!

What would/have you put on your list?

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