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The popchips champion-chip finals

April 4th, 2011 · 33 Comments · snacks

Remember my popnachos recipe? Thanks to your votes I was able to move on to the popchips champion-chip finals and this weekend I met up with the popchips team and Kristi (the other finalist) at the gorgeous Roche Bros supermarket in Wellesley to compete for the grand prize (see below).

I had no idea what to expect, how many people we’d be serving, where we’d be cooking, etc. but my eyes were on the prize (I get kind of competitive sometimes, what can I say). I shopped for my ingredients (seriously the store was gigantic and incredibly beautiful – it was kind of hard to focus because I wanted to just get lost browsing through millions of products)… and then it was game-time!


I had a small toaster oven to work with, a tiny space one-cutting board wide (luckily I brought my own knife!) so it was a bit overwhelming at the beginning as I was trying to get into the grove of things.


Kristi’s recipe was a little less involved – she was making chocolate covered popchips that required only 2 ingredients. They were delicious so she had customers voting for her recipe before I even had my first batch made!


Luckily, 20 minutes in, I was on a roll. I was chopping, spreading, getting the crowd to taste and vote (!!!) and I was having a blast!


Everyone really loved my nachos and Kristi’s chocolate covered popchips – many had a hard time picking a favorite since it was essentially dinner and dessert. Not an easy choice for sure!


Working the crowds Winking smile





This kid came back like 4 times… he was clearly a big fan!


After a few hours we closed shop and it was time for the vote counts! I had a good feeling about it because I got really positive feedback on my recipe (and I was honestly happy with it myself and I’m a tough critic). I was still nervous though – I was competing with CHOCOLATE after all.

At the end… I WON! It was a close game – 34/29 but I was the winner of the champion-chip Open-mouthed smile The popchips judges decided that Kristi and I were both winners though so we both received $250. I also get a year’s worth of supply of popchips. Not bad for a day’s worth of work Winking smile [Adam is psyched!]


Have you ever entered (and won?) a recipe competition? I had such a good time, I think I may try my hand at the local smaller scale competitions more often. This was so much fun!

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