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Making ravioli at home

April 5th, 2011 · 35 Comments · cooking tips, Italian, pasta, shrimp

There are certainly many great ravioli products out there but it always seemed to me like such a special thing to make at home. I mean, the filling possibilities are endless and how fancy does making your own ravioli sound? Winking smile


With that said, I always thought it was a little too advanced for me… until one day Shannon had me and Kerstin over for a little ravioli making fun (ok, that first picture of me is embracing. I think I’m going to have to pre-approve all future pictures of me in the blogosphere 😆 ).


We made the most delicious butternut squash/mascarpone ravioli and that’s when I realized that with the right tools, homemade ravioli is actually quite easy! I added the KitchenAid pasta roller attachment to my wishlist that very night and was very happy when Adam purchased it for me for Christmas! He’s a good husband! Smile


Well, over 3 months later I finally made my very first batch of ravioli at home! Shannon was coming over to hang out so I put her to work as well. Winking smile It really is easy – I’ll show you! Smile

We made pasta dough out of 150g Italian 00 flour, 50g white whole wheat, 2 eggs and a pinch of salt. You start by making a little well for the eggs (see above), and gently incorporating the eggs into the flour – one at a time.


With a bit of muscle (and a bit of water, if needed) these few simple ingredients become pasta dough!



Divide into little pieces, and cover under a damp (not wet!) towel.


Roll each ball into a disk, and then it’s time to use your fancy equipment! There is a knob on the right of the attachment – start with 1 (thickest) and work your way up to the thickness (or should I say thinness?) of preference (with a bit of trial and error, we learned that “5” was perfect for ravioli).



With each round, the pasta sheet becomes thinner and longer!


Whoa! Smile with tongue out


Fold into thirds (or more) and repeat 2 or 3 more times (again, starting with 1… going up to 5). This will result in a smoother texture of pasta.


Ready to turn those pasta sheets into ravioli?


We made 2 different fillings – mashed potato and mushroom (Russian inspired) and shrimp, sundried tomato & feta. Both were fantastic!!

I had this “fancy” ravioli mold which produced very pretty ravioli but was a pain! Here is what the process looked like – you could also just free style it (you’ll see below we switched to that method after a while).





Don’t these look professional? We were very proud! Open-mouthed smile


Repeat with the shrimp filling.


This pasta sheet was done at a “6” thickness – it was too thin to hold the shape together. See what happened? No bueno.


Btw, if you have any extra dough after shaping your ravioli, you can combine all your scraps and run them through the machine again – you may just have another batch there!

Fresh pasta cooks very quickly. These were ready in 2-3 minutes in boiling water.


Here are the free-styled ones (we sauteed them in a bit of EVOO, balsamic vinegar and chopped basil). So yum!


It took a bit more effort and love but the results were well worth it. I can’t wait to continue experimenting with different pasta dough recipes and fillings.

Have you ever made ravioli from scratch? What fillings should I try next?

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