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April 11th, 2011 · 29 Comments · salad

Hi, just wanted to stop by and say hello. It’s been a crazy weekend – between everything going on, aside from sleeping there at night, I’ve spent almost no time at home. It’s all been fun stuff though…

like tapas at Bar Lola with friends Kyle and Tiffany on Friday, followed by another Munchkin sesh.

Pilates + zumba with a reader Danielle on Saturday morning, followed by a hair appt, shopping, then an impromptu dinner with Josh and Melissa.

Sunday was the craziest. I woke up at 7 am (on a Sunday!!! Almost a crime Winking smile ) to run 7.5 miles (yaaaaaaaaaaaay), then quickly roasted beets, showered and was off to a blogger get-together at Cara’s. More details coming very soon. It was really fun and I even met new (to me) local bloggers. Love when that happens!

ALSO, the weather has been gorgeous here in Boston so salads and I are friends again. Here are a few pics of the salads I’ve had over the past 2 days. More on that in posts to come.



How was your weekend? Have your cravings been changing with the nicer weather?

Oh and totally random (but very important!) – Have you ever been to Vegas? If so, would you recommend any restaurants? I’m looking for both casual and more upscale places… I want to be well prepared for our trip next month!!

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  • #1 - Lauren at Keep It Sweet

    Your salads look so good! What is on the first one?

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Congrats on the long run!!!

  • #3 - Alaina

    That salad with the walnuts looks so good!

    I hope to meet some more Boston bloggers too. :-)

    • #4 - Elina

      Are you coming to Cupcake Camp this Wednesday or Taste of the Nation Thursday? I think there will be a good amount of bloggers at both events :)

      • #5 - Alaina

        I did not know about those events. Are they mentioned on Twitter? I have plans on both nights but hopefully I can find out about others going on!

  • #6 - Lizzy

    Good for you on your run! Email me and let me know how it went! Wish I could go to Caras on Sunday but I ended up staying in bed pretty much all day. I’ve been to Vegas but I don’t remember too much of the restuarants. have fun!

    • #7 - Elina

      Thanks! I was so happy to finish. I’m getting my running confidence up again. Very exciting :)

  • #8 - Lauren @ Healthy Food For Living

    Wow – 7.5 miles! Elina, that’s fantastic. Puts my 3 miler on Sunday to shame ;).

    My cravings have definitely been shifting with the weather. I’ve moving away from homemade soups and heavy pasta dishes and towards salads, seafood dishes, and yogurt. Happens every year!

    • #9 - Elina

      3 miles is nothing to be ashamed of. Awesome job, Lauren!! This weekend was perfect for running outside, wasn’t it? I just love how exciting running is at this time of year. It seems so new and fresh now that the weather is cooperating :)

  • #10 - Elena

    I’ve been enjoying your blog for a while, you’re doing such a great job with it! I was in Vegas for my 30th birthday and we celebrated at the Eiffel tower restaurant, it was sooo amazing! It truly was a special experience, the meal was fantastic and make sure to make reservations in advance, and ask to be seated next to window for a breathtaking view of Bellagio fountains! It was amazing. I’d highly recommend checking it out, you would love it as you like French food:

  • #12 - Elena

    Oh and I also meant to say that I love bar Lola :) Such a fun place!

  • #13 - Amy

    first off- i want that beet salad recipe. yum!

    secondly- eat dinner at Sage at the Aria. Delish and farm to table esque.

    • #14 - Elina

      It looks perfect!!!!! I’m adding it to my short list to send out to friends (my #1 choice now – love the farm-to-table/organic angle!!) Thanks, Amy!

  • #15 - Kelly

    Both salads look gorgeous! We’ve just now got a a glimpse of warm weather so I can’t say the temperatures have changed long enough for my eating habits to be meaningfully different, but I do find myself wanting more warm weather cocktails. Yay for mojitos and the like.

    • #16 - Elina

      Mmm, mojitos. I consumed quite a few sangrias over the weekend as well 😉

  • #17 - MelissaNibbles

    I’ve been craving fresh veggies lately.
    Sounds like a fun weekend!

    • #18 - Elina

      This winter I thought I’d never crave a fresh veggie again. So glad they’re back in my life. Salads rock! 😀

  • #19 - inna

    Back to running yay!
    You mean it’s not normal to wake up that early on a sunday? huh….

    Those salads look insane. yum

    • #20 - Elina

      Do you think it’s normal to wake up at 7am on a Sunday? lol Oh the things we do for running…

  • #22 - Carly

    What a fun weekend :) Great job on that 7.5 mile run! It appears as if your exercise “cravings” are changing with the weather as well.

    • #23 - Elina

      Yes. Running out, soaking up the sunshine, has been amazing. Even Adam couldn’t help but try it out after work today. I’m so proud of him :)

  • #24 - Michelle

    I had a phenomenal weekend too! I spent a lot of it outdoors and with friends.

    Also, do a quick on my blog on Vegas. I have a lot of restaurant reviews.

    • #25 - Elina

      Just read through all of your Vegas adventures. Great resource for our upcoming trip! :)

  • #26 - Branden

    Amazing looking salads!

  • #27 - Cara

    Yes! I’d really encourage you to go to Aureole. It’s amazing, simply. Not only is the food perfect, the service is as well. And the wine tower – so impressive!

  • #28 - heidi

    I hope you share the walnut salad with us.

  • #29 - Deb

    I’d love to try the massaged Kale salad, but didn’t see the recipe…did you post it?