Diet free living: I’m changing

Something is changing in me. I’m almost afraid to say this out loud blog about it in fear of “jinxing” myself but then again I think it’s important to share. I think I’m getting closer to becoming an intuitive eater. Shhh.

I’m noticing very clear differences in the way I’ve been thinking about food in fact. Take this salad for example. It didn’t really start as such.


I was craving hummus and bacon and eggs. I thought a hummus, bacon and egg sandwich sounded fantastic (it was – I had it a few days ago… with some tomatoes and asparagus pesto. Incredible!)… but then I dug a little deeper. Is a sandwich really what I wanted? I wanted those flavors but also something lighter. A salad! That’s what I wanted.

And then the idea of a poached egg over lots of veggies, a big dollop of hummus and one piece of crumbled Applegate Farms bacon was born (side note: I’m obsessed with Applegate Farms stuff!!). I’ve never even made poached eggs but a runny yolk all over my greens, as a dressing, just sounded perfect. And light. Yes, exactly what I wanted.

So I googled how to poach an egg and this was the result:


It was fantastic. And some may say healthier than a sandwich but that’s not why I chose to make that switch. I was craving freshness and this was it.

It’s honestly crazy to realize these little changes about myself. Some days I want pizza and I make it. Sometimes I crave sushi and I buy a roll. And sometimes it’s grilled veggies or a salad. And they are all ok with me.

I am bombarded with advise on what’s “right" and “wrong” to eat but I’m zoning all of it out. I haven’t felt this in-tune with my body and in peace with my food choices (healthy or indulgent) in a long time (maybe ever?). The decision to quit dieting and choose diet free living has never felt more right.

I thought you may want to know that. And also that eggs + hummus (and bacon!) are a match made in heaven Winking smile

Feel free to comment with whatever Smile

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