Share your breakfast, feed a hungry child

Friday was really rough with my lower back injury. It hurt to sit; it hurt to breathe, stand up, reach, bend down… basically to function. Even sitting up straight hurt so I did little except for watching a million crappy movies and eat myself to sleep (yeah…..). On Saturday things finally started looking up (I guess all the ibuprofen and icing kicked in!) and I tried to catch up on a few of my favorite blogs. This is when I discovered the Share Your Breakfast campaign through Tina’s post.

For every picture of breakfast that you upload, Kellogg’s will donate 1 meal to a hungry child. This is such an amazing cause so I decided to take a few minutes of my time and find some old breakfast pictures (this is where having a food blog comes in handy!). Want to see my favorite breakfasts? I’ve been very lucky in the breakfast department!

I went through a breakfast pizza phase for a while. No complaining here!Breakfast pizza with blueberries and crunchy cereal…

breakfast pizza

Breakfast pizza with yogurt and raspberries

breakfast pizza with raspbs

b pizza slice

[Fun fact: I had this for breakfast the day I met Siggi!!]

Carb + Barney Butter + fruit (and coffee, of course!) seems to be a very popular equation


toast with bb and kiwi

english muff with bb and strawbs

Sometimes I throw some yogurt on top for good measure Winking smile

waffles, bb and yog

… and sometimes I double the carbs (LOVE waffle sandwiches… I really need to recreate this stat)

waffle sandwich

There is also the yogurt + fruit + nut/cereal standby…

yog with cereal   bloobs

… that’s anything but boring (how fantastic are these colors?!!)

yog parfait

And then there are a few odd ducks that perk up my mornings!

Whole wheat bagel with jalapeno olive cream cheese and fresh tomatoes

bagel, cc, toms

Banana pb&J oats (I OD’ed on oats a few years back and now they are a rarity ‘round these parts)

banana pb&j oats

Carrot cake breakfast sandwich anyone??

carrot cake breakfast sandwich

Or protein YAMcakes? Veggies totally belong at breakfast!

protein yamcakes

Lobster omelet. Need I say more?

seafood lovers omelet

Anyone else is now hungry for breakfast? 😆 I’m off to send these to Kellogg’s. Hope you do the same!! The campaign ends in June so keep those pictures coming!!

Question of the day: sweet or savory (for breakfast)? I think you know my preferences from the above. Smile with tongue out

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