Quick meals with a little premade help

I was in a weird mood yesterday as the work day was coming to an end and of course to make myself feel “better” I thought about finding a bakery and enjoying a cupcake or perhaps some caramel filled chocolates (yes, my cravings get specific!). I knew, however, that those treats would not actually fulfill me as the problem was with something else (I think I was just tired and overwhelmed with my to-do list) so I opted to come home and relax while making dinner. Something simple. Something healthy. Something that would make my body feel like I’m taking care of it.

I actually had plans to make this curried chickpeas and broccoli dish but when I saw this Seeds of Change tikka masala sauce in my pantry as I reached for the chickpeas, I decided to make dinner even simpler. What could be easier than 3 ingredients with a little premade help?


I browned the chickpeas a bit, then threw broccoli pieces and the sauce into the pan to simmer.


Red quinoa was cooking on the burner next to it and everything was ready in 10 minutes.


[Sorry for the picture, the steam coming off the curry was making everything blurry!]

I loved that someone else took the time to let the flavors develop and all I had to do was dump the sauce over some protein and veggies and 10 minutes later a real meal was ready! Smile Unfortunately this particular sauce had so many onion chunks I was completely appalled – I dug them out like a little kid between bites, which did not make for a pleasurable dinner experience and actually ruined my mood. The search for the perfect tikka masala sauce continues!

Next time I’m in no mood to cook, I would love to turn to some premade “shortcuts” for a semi-homemade dinner. Do you have any favorites? While I always prefer homemade, convenience sometimes wins. I often turn to bottled salad dressings, packaged granola bars, etc.

Oh, and if there is jarred sauce you know of or you have a tikka masala recipe that tastes like the real thing at restaurants, I’d love to hear about it! It’s my favorite!!

For more from me, check out my post on kotleti over at Russian Bites. 😀

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