Just let yourself fall

This past weekend was super busy. Between rock climbing, shopping, hanging out with my sister and parents, going dancing with my friends and attending a fashion show – there was little room for down time, and well – cooking. But rock climbing was actually on 2011 resolutions list under “try something new” so it was very important that I made time for it. [Btw, I should really revisit that list because I’ve been a slacker.]

My friend Judith and I purchased groupons for 1-month unlimited membership to Metro Rock a whole back and this past weekend we finally attended the intro class. SO glad my chiro gave me the ok to do it!!

The place was INTENSE. There were so many different walls to climb and so many people everywhere – some beginners and some really amazing athletes. It was such a fun atmosphere.


… But I was nervous. You see I have this mild fear of heights that comes out of no where. I thought being attached to the rope would keep my nerves at bay, and for the most part it did.


The instructor actually used me as an example. I had a hard time climbing far… and then I was too afraid to let go when she told me to just “fall.” I was 2 feet off the ground but I still gripped to those rocks like my life depended on me. Such a baby Winking smile

Eventually I let go and realized it wasn’t scary at all. You have to trust your belayer. Yes. And remember that you can’t control it all. Quite the metaphor for life, huh?

Judith and I are going back next weekend to solidify what we learned. I used too much arm strength to pull myself up (which was hard and I didn’t get very far) so next time I’m going to try using my legs. So happy my back is feeling better so I can get back to the swing of things!

Have you ever tried something that scared you a little? Ever been rock climbing?

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