Oyster break-through

Last Friday Adam had an amazing day at work that also won him a $200 American Express card. This was definitely worth celebrating (and the money was burning a hole in his pocket, lol). It was Friday night, however, which is tough for last minute reservations but we decided to walk to South End and see what happens.

Luckily, B&G Oysters takes walk-ins… there is just a wait, but we didn’t mind. I heard they have one of the best lobster rolls in the Boston area (and Adam was eyeing their mussels last time we ate at B&G). Plus, POPS happens to be right around the corner with plenty of bar seats. This night was definitely starting out right!

Just like last time, the vibe at B&G was magnetic. The seats at the bar are definitely prime location. You can see the chefs in action *this* close. Yup.



We started with a few adult beverages Winking smile Wines by the glass are expensive (cheapest is $12) but they are extremely high quality. I had a beautiful Pinot Noir. Cheers!


Somehow I was seduced by the atmosphere and decided to order a few oysters to try. Neither Adam and I are generally fans but they were right there (literally, I think if I leaned a bit over the bar, I could touch them… watching the guy shuck them all night was really fun!) and if there was ever a place to see one more time if oysters were “our thing,” B&G Oysters would be it. So we asked our waitress to recommend 3 different ones to try – a nice variety.


I don’t remember exactly what kind of oysters these were (I know the first one – mildest one- was from PEI, and the other 2 from MA). The first one was smooth and salty and I kind of enjoyed the silky texture (this is going to sound gross, but from my previous experience I kind of remember them having the texture of eyeballs, but these were just fresh albeit a little slippery). The taste got stronger with each one; the last one tasting the most like the ocean but I didn’t mind it (although I preferred the first 2!). Our waitress said we had an oyster break-through. I would agree! :mrgreen: So here you go, a very amateur review of my experience but maybe it will give you some courage to give them a go if you like the idea of them but are too afraid to try them (or haven’t tried the ones you like). I would definitely stick to a place with knowledgeable servers and a good variety!

For my appetizer I ordered the red snapper tartar with pickled fennel and chorizo.


It was very heavy on the mayo and I found the smokiness of the chorizo crumbles (which you could hardly detect visually) to be distracting and strange. The pickled fennel, however, added nice acidity and brightness. Overall, I did not enjoy this dish and left it mostly uneaten. Too creative for me. Who me?

Lobster roll, french fries, bread and butter pickles


Yeah, those chives you see there, they had to be removed (the waitress instantly noticed the mistake and had it replaced – good service!). This was a solid lobster roll but nothing like its “competitor” at Neptune Oyster. I dream of the warm lobster roll at Neptune’s. Definitely the best in Boston!

The fries were awesome. Crispy, nicely seasoned. I ate a few and really enjoyed them. It was a fun treat! Smile


Oh and I did order a side of brussels sprouts which were pathetic. They were basically steamed and covered in butter. I couldn’t stomach even 1, and I LOVE brussels sprouts. Do I need to show them how to roast them or pan fry them? You need them to caramelize. That’s brussels sprouts  101. 😆


Despite my food being just okay (Adam’s mussels were in fact fantastic, especially with the garlic bread they came with!), I would not hesitate to come back. I’m not sure what it is – this place has magic. I trust the servers, the bar is busy and buzzing with excitement and you just can’t help but want more. Dibs on the mussels next time! Winking smile

By the way, I’ll be in Maine Friday through Monday night with no internet access so there will not be a post until early next week. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out my UNO’s mindful choices review and giveaway ! Hope you have a fantastic weekend!! :mrgreen:

A very relevant question… have you had oysters? Yay or nay?

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