One of my weight loss secrets this week

I have a giant sweet tooth and diet or not, I have to have something chocolaty every day, preferably a baked good. The only problem is that I actually can’t have any in the house because well, I love them too much (I know some of you can relate!).

The other day I found a chocolate brownie zbar all in the way in the back of my desk drawer. I used to love them but then somehow forgot about their existence. Well, it was a bit stale but I still LOVED it! 


So I instantly went on Amazon and purchased an 18 pack. They came to less than 75 cents each and I’ve been eating one every day for dessert for the past week.


These are chewy, chocolaty (love the chocolate chips – my favorite!), a really good size and only 3 Points Plus. That’s an amazing bargain! They don’t taste exactly like their indulgent counterparts, but they really satisfied my sweet tooth and I truly believe had a lot to do with me being able to stick to my points plus allowance this week (of course having Adam’s support and plenty of exercise helped too)!! [Btw, I lost 2lbs. Wheeeeeee Smile ]


Have you ever tried these? Are there any other commercially available products that you love and think would fit my (sweet tooth’s) bill?

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