Sushi making… on a diet?

Thank you all for your comments on my Elina vs. a diet post. I’m super determined and am ready to make a real change, not just wishing for it!

Last night I was invited to my friend Katie’s house to make sushi. Shannon was also in attendance. The three of us have been talking about this little sushi making party ever since I attended a sushi making class. Katie even had all the sushi making gear… yet it still took us nearly a year to do this. I suppose it’s better late than never!!

But first, we had to play with Hugo. It’s kind of hard to do any serious work with this little guy around!




I saw that, Shannon! hehe Who me? 

All right, ladies, I’m hungry. Let’s DO this!!

IMG_2648 IMG_2651

[Rinsing rice and cutting seafood]



All ready to roll!




I was somehow deemed the expert so I went first. I didn’t remember exactly hot to do it (should have consulted my own post first!) but honestly it’s kind of intuitive – we all did just fine!







Katie had this fancy nigiri rice former. Looks like a pill box but makes nigiri rice.


Such a cutie [spicy scallop nigiri]


Rolls, rolls and more rolls…




We got pretty funky with the rolls – combining scallops with salmon, cucumber and mango . This last roll above, I kind of went to town on – basically this has every veggie and seafood imaginable. And it was all delicious!

Here is what I learned though – each maki has a cup of rice!! I think sushi has the reputation of being healthy (and it is if you look at the ingredients – rice + fresh fish and veggies) but it’s a lot of calories packed into a little roll. You definitely have to be careful if you’re trying to shed a few pounds!

My strategy? I ate light during the day (because I ate more than enough the day before and wasn’t really hungry) – I was at 12 PointsPlus before dinner, which left me with plenty of wiggle room for the night. I also worked out during lunch and “earned” another 8 PointsPlus. There was wine, there was sushi – I didn’t count but I enjoyed every sip and bite and the company and I stopped when I was full (I probably ate 2 rolls + 1 nigiri and a few bites of seafood “straight up” – normally I’d eat at least double but I found that this was plenty when I actually listened to my hunger cues Smile ). If I stick to this plan every day, I’ll be in good shape! (no pun intended).




Do you love sushi? What’s your typical “serving size”? Are you ever conscious of calories when enjoying this Japanese snack food?

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