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Not the absolute healthiest but absolutely delicious

January 12th, 2011 · 19 Comments · chicken, favorite recipes, pizza

I know there has been a lot of weight loss and goal setting talk on the blog lately (thank you all for wonderful comments on my previous post – fantastic suggestions there! I’ll let you know whether any of them work for me). I actually realized (or I should say was reminded of) something else today. I need seriously sweaty workouts in my life on a regular basis, otherwise I start getting into a funk. I’ve been going to PT for my lower back 3 times a week and while I’m technically (kind of) working out, I haven’t had that rush that I crave. I changed that today by a challenging interval run, followed by elliptical and the stairmaster. The sweat knocked the funk right out of me. I didn’t even crave dessert (even though I have one ready for the occasion)! That’s miraculous if nothing else. I’ll continue being a lot more observing of the triggers and remedies that help me be the healthiest that I can be. I hope you do the same!!

So anyways, before I got off on that tangent, I actually wanted to say that I know there has been a lot of weight loss and goal setting talk on the blog lately, but let’s not forget the food!! Delicious healthy (or healthier) food! Here are two meals I made over the past two days that I actually was craving… and I enjoyed them immensely. Neither one was the absolute healthiest it could be but it was absolutely delicious. That counts for a lot in my book!!

Filipino adobo chicken


As you can see, this is chicken drumsticks – which of course is dark meat. Dark meat has a little more fat and calories but sometimes it’s a worthy treat. That extra bit of fat also keeps it moist and flavorful. I removed the skin (before cooking) so it was actually a really good compromise between skinless white meat and dark meat with the skin.


The marinade was a mixture of soy sauce and apple vinegar and created this wonderfully salty and acidic flavor that flavored every ounce of the meat. Braising it for about 45 minutes made the meat fall off the bone tender. Yummmm Smile


Two drumsticks were 4 Points Plus. Oh and in case you’re wondering, the pink stuff is the “red” cabbage salad I blogged about on Russian Bites. Open-mouthed smile The recipe for the sour cream cabbage on the right side of the plate will be revealed on Thursday on Russian Bites as well. (I told you I’ve been busy in the kitchen!)

Last night’s dinner was pizza. I had plans to host a girls night at my place and thought it would be fun to make our own pizzas. I prepared the dough the night before and refrigerated it, took it out 45 minutes before dinner (to let it come to room temperature) and soon enough we were ready to roll. My girls night was actually cancelled last minute, but that doesn’t mean that Adam and I couldn’t enjoy some homemade pizza anyway! Rolling on the floor laughing


This is the first time I actually went heavy on the cheese. It was part-skim mozzarella so it was a bit lower fat than you’d typically get at a pizza parlor but really it was about the quantity of it (probably over 1 cup on the whole thing, I didn’t measure). You see, I LOVE pizza (it’s my favorite savory “cheat food”) and the homemade kind never really satisfied my craving the way “real” pizza did. I realized it was because I always try to make it too healthy at home. This time I made it just right.


I topped it with jarred marinara sauce, part-skim mozzarella and random stuff we had in the fridge – namely fresh mushrooms, spicy peppers and leftover grilled chicken. It was almost as good as take-out and still a million times healthier and cheaper. Do you have a favorite pizza crust recipe? This one was easy and pretty good but Adam and I wanted a bit more chew. Smile

Do you ever make dishes a little less healthy than they could be to make them feel more like a treat? I used to be either healthy all the way or pretty indulgent (when I’m eating out). I still don’t think I can ever cook with a stick of butter (I’ll let chefs do that and not tell me, lol) but I think there is something to be said about taking it up just a notch once in a while.

A few more days left to enter the Better Butter peanut butter giveaway. Get those extra entries in!!

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  • #1 - Lauren at KeepItSweet

    I actually get boanless skinless chicken thighs on a regular basis because I think that the taste and texture is SO much better than breasts. In my opinion, it is definitely worth a few extra calories.

  • #2 - Michelle

    Both dishes look great! I’d do add a little more fat (butter) to the pan to sear, sautee or braise proteins to make it taste great.

  • #3 - Sami

    in my opinion, wholesome is just as healthy as “low cal” or “fat free”. i think when you use real, GOOD, ingredients, you can’t lose 😉


  • #4 - Kathy

    Both meals look delicious!! Now I’m craving pizza! That plate looks very familiar. It’s not Russian is it?

  • #6 - Bianca @ Confessions of a Chocoholic

    Love that you made Filipino adobo! I am totally craving it right now. Traditional adobo is actually made with pork belly AND skin-on dark meat chicken, so yours is already a healthier version as is 😉

  • #8 - Emily @ A Cambridge Story

    Adding a little extra fat or calories with cheese definitely puts a smile on my face, especially in the winter!

  • #9 - Stephanie @ The Cookie Battle

    I make all my baked goods full fat, with a full stick of butter 😉

    I figure baked goods aren’t something I eat everyday so when I do eat them, I want them to taste amazing and indulgent.

  • #10 - Kelly

    Sometimes there should be no compromise when it comes to really good indulgent foods when you want the full-fat version. I think indulging periodically is what a healthy balance is all about. Also some of my old family recipes are just so good and I feel like I would be doing them a disservice by leaving out that stick of butter.

  • #11 - Rachael

    Still loving Russian Bites!
    I’m slowly beginning to change the labels I attach to food – in the past, I always had to healthify recipes (which is pretty hard considering most of the ones in my family’s repertoire are Southern. And fried). I’m easing up on it now, which I attribute fully to pregnancy – the very things I tend to write off as unhealthy (eggs, cream, butter, meat, etc.) are exactly what I need to be eating right now, and it’s been a welcome and better tasting change!

  • #12 - Megan

    I just made pizza tonight and tried PJ’s Thin Crust Pizza from the KAF site. It was good… maybe still not chewy enough though. It was very thin though, which I loved.

    That chicken dish looks really good!

  • #13 - Meghan

    I love that chicken idea! I might be stealing it this wknd. I used to always try to make homemade pizza with 100% whole wheat flour, and it was healthy but way too dry!

  • #14 - CaSaundra

    This dish does look delish. And the nutritional stats don’t vary too much between dark and light chicken, so I think it’s perfectly ok every once and awhile. I just really don’t like the taste of dark meat, but I have to admit this recipe still looks outstanding! :-)

  • #15 - Braised sour cream cabbage « Russian Bites

    […] I LOVED it with chicken… […]

  • #16 - Shannon

    yeah, i’m no longer so “frugal” at home, but i chose where I like to indulge! glad you were able to get what you were craving, everythingn looks fantastic :)

  • #17 - Kerstin

    Yum, your pizza looks great! I think eating what you’re craving is key to feel satisfied :)

  • #18 - Willow @ Making Food Simple

    If you’re looking for a chewy thin crust, I highly recommend using whole grain spelt flour. I’ve been making variations on this recipe (w/ the oil halved) for years now and it’s always a hit! Check it out:

    I allow the dough to slow rise in the refrig for more flavor, and then split it into three pieces and roll it nice & thin. Enjoy!