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New year, new beginnings

January 3rd, 2011 · 17 Comments · vegetarian meal, Weight Watchers New Complete cookbook

Well, well, well – we are well into 2011 already, aren’t we? There is something so exciting about starting a new year with a clean slate. I’m committed to my New Year’s resolutions and in fact, keep thinking of other things I should add on to the list. It’s going to be a good year, I can feel it!!

Something I’m focusing on this year streamlining my life a bit so I have more time for things that make me truly happy. Today, Adam and I made a decision to cancel our cable (well, bring it all the way down to basic) and I hope that for me, this removes the temptation of trashy brainless television and leaves more room for cooking, reading, friends and blog related activities (it will also save us nearly $90/month!). Yeah, Millionaire Matchmaker was the last straw before that decision was made (yup, I’ve hit the bottom, lol) 😉 [We will be buying Apple TV so that we can still enjoy our favorite shows on occasion!]

Today, Adam and I also came up with an awesome new feature that will be added to Healthy and Sane. I am SUPER excited about it but you’ll have to wait for details (we literally just thought of it today so there is a lot of stuff to figure out!). I hope it will make this blog a more interactive and helpful experience for all of you. Stay tuned! :mrgreen:

Lastly, I’m proud to say I’m back in full force on the exercise bandwagon. 2 workouts in 2 days in 2011 (actually 5 since this post) and I’m feeling all new and shiny. 😉 I love how exercise makes me feel. Don’t let me skip too many days in a row, ok? Ask me about it!!

The food part has been interesting. I’ve been semi-healthy the past few days (well there were cookies and wine on NYE but that’s to be expected) but either the meals I try have been bland or my taste buds are being extra picky.

Case and point…

North African chickpea and vegetable tagine from the Weight Watchers New Complete Cookbook

9 PointsPlus and bland. Extra salt and hot sauce made it edible but despite all the spices, I still found this boring.

This recipe for mushroom cakes with guacamole and red pepper couli was on Lizzy’s list of best dishes of 2010 (btw, did you catch my list?).

I love mushrooms but found this to be too mushroomy. What’s up with me?! 😕

Are you ever bored of just about anything you cook/eat? Any new changes for you in this new year?

I hope I get out of this weird food funk. I want to be excited about everything this new year has to offer (and you know food is up there)!!

Oops, almost forgot – the winner of the RainCoast Trading giveaway is #32. Kerstin, congrats, please email me your address! 😀

See you soon! For more meals from me, check out a new post on Russian Bites (it’s on my dad’s specialty!).

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17 Comments so far ↓

  • #1 - Lizzy

    Too mushroomy! Oh no! I think I added extra panko if I remember correctly! So happy you are back on the workout routine…I hope I can follow your lead (I’m on the train into the city as I type)…look forward to hanging out more in 2011!

  • #2 - Lauren at KeepItSweet

    Happy New Year! I got sick of salads a couple of months ago and can’t bring myself to eat them daily when it is cold out. I think it is more of a seasonal thing, though. It is great that you have such an optimistic outlook on a new year!

  • #3 - MelissaNibbles

    Congrats on cancelling cable! Netflix has most shows available on dvd and you can watch a lot of tv online. I bet you wouldn’t even need Apple tv!

  • #4 - Michelle

    We finally cancelled Netflix since we realized that we were spending $10/month on movies that we never watch. It seems small but I’ll gladly take $120/year!

    • #5 - Elina

      We talked about canceling it too but maybe with no tv, we’ll actually get our money’s worth! $120/year is definitely still money!!

  • #6 - christina

    i rarely cook the same thing so that i don’t get bored. loving any recipe with chickpeas – this is awesome! happy new year!

  • #7 - Katie @ Health for the Whole Self

    I’d like to cancel cable, but so far I haven’t taken the plunge. Excited to see your blog’s new feature! :)

  • #8 - Michele @ Healthy Cultivations

    Like Katie, I’ve seriously considered getting rid of cable and the DVR. But now that the Oprah Winfrey Network launched, I don’t think I can do it. I’ve been glued to the television for two days and find myself thrilled and excited with the upcoming programming. It’s even reignited my own passions and attitudes toward my life. And this is the end of my plug for OWN.

    • #9 - Elina

      Hehe – sounds like the cable bill is worth the $$ if it’s making your life that much better! I can’t say that the junk I recently started watching moved me in any way 😉

  • #10 - Kelly

    I’m debating about cancelling cable. I don’t watch it that much except for the food network and the cooking channel. It certainly would save me some money. I really ought to look into it.

    And yes, sometimes my taste buds can be finicky. More often I have the problem where I’m not thrilled by anything on a menu and don’t know what to order.

  • #11 - Lindsey

    I know what you mean about picky tastebuds. Sometimes I go through phases where nothing sounds/tastes good–except for sweets of course!

    Glad 2011 is off to a fabulous start for you! Keep it up! :)

  • #12 - Rachael

    I appreciate the idea of streamlining. I’m also viewing this year as a chance to put into practice my priorities, and on an environmental front, live as close to off the grid as I can while working a full-time non-profit job!
    I think I have eaten salads to death. Ten years of subsisting off of them has finally put me into a state of lettuce hatred. I tend to vary my cooking repertoire enough that I generally don’t get sick of other foods, luckily!

  • #13 - lele

    Millioniar Matchmaker is so addicting! It’s always 2+ hours later that I realize how I’ve completely wasted my life. Good call on clipping it from the source!

  • #14 - Carly

    Way to get back on the workout wagon :) I commend you for canceling cable. I at least got my husband to get rid of the premium channels…. I can’t wait to see what feature you and Adam have come up with!

  • #15 - Shannon

    ooh, i totally wish i could take the cable plunge, but spending $50 on internet makes me angry. plus, i love having the tv on while i’m in the kitchen… i guess i could listen to the radio, but i don’t have one of those right now… i did cut back to the 1 dvd plan! i blame my dad :)

  • #16 - Kerstin

    I’m going to try and eat more fruits&veggies! My plan is to try and have fruit instead of my usual unhealthy late night snack, we’ll see how that goes… :)

    I can’t believe I won – woohoo – sending you an email now :)

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