Mindless tv withdrawals (+Better Butter winner)

I’m having a hard time finding enough hours in the day. So today I’m mostly on Russian Bites.


The entire recipe is 56 Points Plus – divide accordingly (I ate 1/7 for 8 points).

In other “news”, I’m having serious cable withdrawals. I’ve been organizing and reading but I’m missing some mindless tv time. Any suggestions? I have netflix but don’t really want to commit to a whole movie most of the time.

Oh and apologies – I forgot to announce the winner of the Better Butter giveaway in my last post. The winner is… drum roll…#56. Michelle please email your address to elina@healthyandsane.com. Congrats!!! Open-mouthed smile

I know a lot of you were interested in trying Better Butter, so Marina is offering all Healthy and Sane readers a special 20% discount off your entire purchase. Enter the code “healthy&sane” at checkout to receive your discount through 1/31/11.

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21 comments to Mindless tv withdrawals (+Better Butter winner)

  • Shut up. I won?!?! SO excited!

  • Mindless TV is my greatest guilty pleasure, so I would totally miss it! You could try checking different TV channel websites for full episodes. They might not be the newest, but you could catch up.

  • There are so many great shows available on Netflix instant streaming…hmm. If you’re in the mood for comedy, Parks & Recreation season 2 is a scream. They also have most seasons of the Office on there. As for dramas, they have Veronica Mars right now (which is great).

  • If you don’t watch Dexter, you should order the series from Netflix or Secret Diary Of A Call Girl or Weeds or Skins!!!

  • Do you like reading magazines? I often do that when I just need a little mindless time.

    • Elina

      I do – I also really love the books I have (actually read until almost 1am last night because I couldn’t put it down). BUT, you can’t argue about tv being even more mindless than magazines… no reading required 😉

    • Elina

      We bought apple tv (you can stream all itunes purchases through that) but I just didn’t even know what to look for on there. All these suggestions are great – I’m going to do some research tonight! :)

  • netflix streaming TV – there are lots of good comedy TV shows to watch!!

  • I really don’t know how you gave up cable- I could never do it!!! I’m kinda obsessed with mindless tv- I always have it on. Ive always been like that.. even in hs while doing homework!

    • Elina

      Yeah – I keep going back and forth about feeling empowered and deprived. I seriously LOVE mindless tv but I also know I was overdoing it.

  • I might order some Better Butter- What were your favorite flavors?

  • Elina

    Thank you all for the tv show suggestions!!! I had no idea that 1) those were available through Netflix streaming … or more importantly 2) that those are any good. Keep the show suggestions coming – I’m going to look into all of your favorites tonight and order up a bunch (but I will still limit myself to maybe 1 or 2 a day… no need to start a new addiction 😉 )

  • yeah i was going to say shows on netflix… totally love veronica mars!!! west wing was good if you didn’t watch that… i like dexter as well, but that’s a little stranger :) ooh, alias? reminds me of veronica mars…

  • Kelly

    We just gave up cable too and I love watching entire seasons of shows I’ve never seen before. Right now my favorite show on Netflix is Weeds. I also watch my old favorites on network sites like abc.com

  • Oh my gosh I can’t believe I forgot to mention Veronica Mars! And Weeds! They both get votes from me, too. You’ll get over cable withdrawals soon enough; I’ve been without it almost 2 years and I don’t miss it anymore.

  • Ooo awesome that we all can get a discount—thanks!

  • I got hooked on WEEDS when I started netflix/cancelled cable. Also, I started listening to the radio a lot more when I cancelled cable. I really like some of the programs on NPR…
    yes, I’m aware that I’m a huge nerd :)


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