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Top 10 dishes of 2010

December 30th, 2010 · 22 Comments · favorite recipes

From the title of this post, you know where this is going but before we get into my 10 favorite homemade dishes from 2010, I just wanted to once again thank you for commenting on my last post and being so supportive. I’m happy to report that with a determination to have a better day and get out of my funk… I did. I couldn’t wait for my personal training session after work so I actually took a Gravity class at Healthworks during lunch as well. What I love about these classes is that they are semi-private, and on some days (like today!) if no-one else shows up, you get a personal training session for a fraction of the cost. It was amazing. I mentioned to the trainer that I’ve been eating junk for the past few days and really needed to get back on track so the entire 60 minutes, besides whooping my butt into shape, she also continued to motivate me with regards to making positive changes in my life so that I can be the best that I can be. Fantastic… and just what I needed!

Now onto one of my favorite posts of the year. I really love “favorites” posts because I know a lot of thought went into selecting the best of the best. Picking just 10 dishes was tough (and as you will see, I slightly cheated). If I’m still blogging in 2020, choosing 20 dishes will be a lot easier! lol

TOP 10 of 2010 – these are the dishes I can’t get off my mind and will definitely be making over and over again.

In no particular order (click on the names to bring you back to the original post with recipe) …

1. Double tomato bruschetta

2. Summer corn salad with tomatoes, black beans and jalapenos

3. Salmon with strawberry and tomato salsa

4. A tie between haloumi with lemon caper sauce

[I’ve made it with tilapia as well]

… and chicken (or fish) picatta

Both recipes are kind of similar with capers and lemon. I really couldn’t chose between the two… maybe there needs to be a true side-by-side test! Ooh, now we’re talking. 😉

5. Banh mi turkey meatball sandwich (Adam’s favorite thing of all times! I’ve made this recipe more times than any other recipe… of course that’s only like 3-4 times but it’s fair to say it’s now a staple in our diet and will be made over and over for years to come. 😀 )

Dessert time (ha, half of the top 10 recipes are desserts. You know where my heart is 😉 )

6. Break-up bars

7. Pecan pie bars

8. Chocolate chip cookies (the best I’ve ever had – that’s saying a lot!)

9. Margarita cupcakes

10. Almond macaroons with chocolate ganache (latest obsession!)

That’s how you do it – the best of the best. What was the best thing you cooked this year? (I’d love links so I can recreate them too!)

PS – If you’re looking for some oldies from me, check out my top 9 dishes of 2009.

PPS- Just a few more days left to enter my RainCoast Trading canned seafood giveaway!

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