Old backlog (new Asian recipes)

I had a holiday party at work tonight and the few glasses of wine really got to me. My “Russian” blood means that I have a pretty high tolerance for alcohol, but that doesn’t mean that I’m particularly useful or productive after a glass or two. 😉

Since I didn’t cook dinner today, I figured I’d go through my photo archives and see if there are recipes I made (and photographed) that I haven’t shared with you yet. Lucky for me and you, there were quite a few… and after picking my favorites, I realized they were all Asian. Cool, we even got a themed blog post after all. Let’s pretend that was all planned. K? 😆


This is one of our absolute favorite sandwiches. In fact, when Adam says… “You know what you haven’t made in a while…” I know it’s either a banh mi sandwich or a steak & cheese sub. I love recreating these at home because I can use humainely raised pork from our CSA and it really is quite easy (the veggies marinade for only 1 hour, the rest gets prepared during that time).

I stuck to the same recipe for the veggies and spicy mayo as last time, but instead of turkey meatballs I followed this recipe for the pork marinade. The result was delicious (and more like the traditional banh mis we’ve had) but we both agreed the meatballs felt a little more special. Next up, I’m going to try beef or pork meatballs for a slight variation on our favorite. :)


Have you ever tried seitan (btw, how the heck do you pronounce that? I always want to say satan, lol)? I decided to give it a go a few months ago and while the flavor was definitely tofu-like, I thought the texture was reminiscent of chicken. Kind of fun for a change! I really enjoyed the edition of seitan to this simple recipe of edamame lo mein from Eating Well.

This tasted light and fresh. I remember really enjoying the dish. :mrgreen:


When I saw these creatures cute eggplant, I was immediately brought back to high school when my favorite dish at Chinese restaurants was Chinese hot and sour eggplant (I thought it was healthy, ha!).

This of course led me to a little googling for a recipe and I came across this one. It wasn’t as saucy (or greasy) as my old favorite but the eggplant did soak up all that lovely soy sauce, vinegar and sugar.

It didn’t convert Adam to an eggplant lover but I was loving every bite. 😀

And that’s all I’ve got for tonight!

PS – I have a bunch of Stonyfield/oikos coupons for free yogurt to giveaway. You’ll have to enter on Facebook.

PPS – There is still time to win a cookbook, if you’re interested.

See ya manana! 😀

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