My motivation this week (+week 12 weigh-in)

I’ll be in New York for 5 days so Adam and I decided to go on an impromptu date last night since I won’t see him for nearly a whole week (we haven’t been apart for that long for several years!!). We had dinner at Tremont 647 (it was ok, kind of a miss for me for the money… except for the deep fried brussels sprouts. Oh yes I did 😆 ) and then headed to Coda for a few more drinks (it’s one of our favorite spots in the city – we’re determined to become regulars 😉 ). It’s so strange how (obviously) I see Adam every day, yet we really don’t get to spend quality time together unless we’re out of the house. There are no distractions. Just the two of us. I like it… brings me back to our dating days. :)

So the latter part of the week presented no opportunities for new recipe testing but I feel like this week there was a turnaround point for me in terms of my attitude and self care. And I’m seeing results! There is the whole general level of content, which comes from setting clear goals and working towards them. Here are some of the things that kept me motivated this week:

  • Running. I hurt my lower back again so I can’t lift. On Tuesday I decided to jump on the treadmill and see what happens (it’s been many months since I ran) and I LOVED it. My endurance is no where near where it used to be but I don’t care. I did some speed work and got my sweat on. I did it again yesterday. I’m craving these runs now. Love that high! 😀
  • Christie. I’ve been coaching with her for the past few months and I think I had a break-through on our last call. She said: “Elina, if you want to change… you need to change.” That’s right, I can’t just want to be (or look) different, I need to do something about it! 😯
  • Weight Watchers new Points Plus program. I approached the program with the above in mind. It’s helping me become a little more aware of what and how much food I’m putting in my body. I’m tweaking my diet slightly as I go. The biggest change has been more fruit to bulk up my meals, instead of that second helping of something (or a trip to the fridge for an extra snack 20 minutes later). Yesterday, to save 2 points, I had an open faced egg/bacon & cheese sandwich for breakfast and didn’t miss the top at all (it was messier but just as satisfying and held my hunger at bay for just as long). Little tricks like that make a difference and I’m excited to keep learning and tweaking.
  • My pants. They’re starting to fit. They’re tight but I can zip them up! Great motivation right there!!!
  • Adam’s holiday party at work is next Thursday. This is the first time I’ll be meeting most of his co-workers (it’s a relatively new job still) and I want to feel happy and confident. Taking care of my body goes a long way towards achieving that.
  • January 1 goal. I want to be under 150 by January 1. It’s a tiny bit aggressive because I don’t want to take drastic measures. And in all honesty I won’t be disappointed if I don’t reach it… as long as I work towards that goal and my actions reflect it. Visualizing how good it will be to get there, though, is definitely motivating!

With all of that positive momentum, I did not fear the scale as I stepped on it yesterday morning. I was 154lbs, that’s 1.4lbs below last week’s (woohoo!) and 2.6lbs below my start weight. For the first time I’m feeling like I’m actually in a good place mentally and there are nothing but good things to come! :mrgreen:

I’m off to pack for my trip to NY. I plan on cooking my heart out so do expect new material next Monday (I’m shooting for blogging here everyday Mon-Fri and twice a week on Russian Bites).

Btw, I’m taking both my Mac and Adam’s PC to NY and will  be playing with Live Writer and Lightroom in between all the cooking and baking. 😉 Are you a Mac or a PC user? Am I crazy for seriously considering switching? (Live Writer is my main driver).

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