Good bye 2010, hello 2011 (goal setting)

Wow, is it really the last day of 2010? I truly can’t believe it. I think it’s only appropriate as my last post of the YEAR (seriously, I can’t get over it!) to review the 2010 resolutions and see how I did… and of course set up new goals for 2011. Let’s reference the 2010 resolutions post, shall we?

Become truly Healthy and Sane – yes this was also the 2009 resolution. I think what this comes down to is that we are all works in progress… and I will continue working towards this goal for the rest of my life. Smile

– Run two half-marathons (and finish them!) – In late 2009 I signed up for the Run to Remember in May 2010 and also planned on “killing” (that’s a quote)the BAA half in October 2010. Early in 2010, I realized that running no longer makes me happy like it used to. Maybe it was the cold; maybe it was the long lonely runs. I quit training for the Run to Remember but still completed it. Thank you, Shannon, for getting me through it. It was the hardest physical challenge of my life and even though I know it wasn’t my best time, I’m still proud of this accomplishment. No need to take that away from myself! Needless to say, I had no desire to do it again though. Maybe in 2011? Winking smile

Read more books (would like to read at least 12 books in 2010… cookbooks don’t count ;) ). – I’m happy to say that reading books has become a large part of my life. I am a book junkie now and have been very much utilizing the Boston public library (which is gorgeous and amazing; I’m lucky to have it right in my neighborhood and I’m no longer taking it for granted!). Let’s see if I can remember at least 12 titles… hmmm

  • The Ethics of What We Eat
  • Mindless Eating by Brian Wansink
  • Animal, Vegetable, Miracle
  • Bread Alone
  • Spiced
  • The Happiness Project

I know there are more… I have at least 6 more books on my nightstand right now. I say this one was a success!

Stay on top of general news and industry news. – Yeah, that one kind of died early in 2010. It’s too much work and I’m just not passionate about it. I DO want to be more informed though, so I say it was a fail for 2010 but perhaps 2011 will be better.

– Finish the year debt free. – Yup, we are debt free despite completing a major kitchen renovation in 2010!!  [I’m still SO proud of this!]

– Put more effort into my outfits (I’m going to try preparing my outfits the day before to avoid just grabbing random stuff and feeling frumpy). The whole preparing outfits the night before never happened. As far as looking put-together… eh, I don’t know how I did. I think gaining weight over this year definitely made this resolution a lot more challenging. There were definitely many days I didn’t put any effort in how I looked.

– Improve my cooking skills. (I’d like to take some cooking classes during 2010 and maybe build confidence for creating some of my own recipes) – I took an awesome cooking class at King Arthur (seriously, one of this year’s highlights!!) as well as a knife skills class at the Artepicure cooking school. I have also definitely gotten more comfortable in the kitchen and am no longer afraid to (slightly) modify recipes or even try to “wing it.” Starting a second blog, Russian Bites, was also a giant leap towards helping me improve my cooking skills. Hopefully I can keep growing next year! Nerd smile (<—that’s me being a kitchen nerd, lol)

– Continue improving this blog. Always a continuous goal. I think my pictures have definitely improved. Constructive feedback is always welcome!!

Now onto 2011 RESOLUTIONS! (Btw, just writing 2011 is weird)

I actually really like my 2010 ones (except for the half marathon one because that was year-specific) so I’m going to keep them for 2011 as well. Let’s add a few more…

  • I promise myself to get to my happy weight in 2011 and maintain it. I will do this by exercising regularly and eating mindfully. I will try the new Weight Watchers program (I already started it but haven’t been as diligent over the holidays so I haven’t really stuck it out long enough to know if it makes sense for me) but if for some reason, it no longer feels like me, I give myself permission to try other things (like intuitive eating!) until I find something I can be comfortable with. Something I maintain for life!
  • Kick my emotional eating habit for good. I will do this by not giving in to food when my body/mind want something else. A cookie will never solve my problems but it may just create new ones! If you want to change, you need to change!! Yup.
  • Try meditation – I still feel it’s a little too voodoo but I think becoming more spiritual may be a good thing. I don’t promise to stick with it if it’s not “me” but I will finally give it a fair chance.
  • Try new things. Those are to be defined later. I already got a one-month membership to a local rock-climbing facility. This always scared me to death but I’m going to give it a go. I’m no longer the weak little girl I used to be. This could be fun. I won’t know it until I try it!
  • Get into (watching) sports – specifically football and basketball. I promised my friends tonight that I will watch every game they organize and provide homemade snacks. Everyone was pretty happy about this resolution! :mrgreen:
  • Volunteer – I already donate money to several charities but I want to do more. Last week I started researching local places that may benefit from my skills. I would like volunteering to become a prominent part of my life in 2011 (and on).
  • Learn to give myself a break! I want to loosen up a bit and live more in the moment. I always worry about not being good enough (eating too much, weighing too much, not working out enough, etc. etc.) and that needs to stop. I am good enough as I am today! [This does not mean that I can’t work towards improving certain habits.]

Btw, I asked Adam what his 2011 resolution is, and he said: “Continue to be happy.” How awesome is my husband? I’m so lucky!! Send a kiss

I guess at the end, the summation of my 2011 New Year’s resolutions is working towards true happiness. A worthy cause, no?

What are your goals for 2011?

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