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Better luck next year?

December 29th, 2010 · 22 Comments · food issues, weight loss struggles

I had a nice Christmas celebration this past weekend and then totally fell off the diet band wagon. I’ve literally just lost it. I’ve been moody and tired and um, yeah, I’ve been stuffing my face. I crave nothing – it’s an autopilot thing. I feel bluh so I feed myself chocolate. I haven’t worked out since last Thursday and would actually stay at home, on my couch, until January 1st if someone let me.

Yesterday I decided to just give in to all of this until next year (and so I’ve been acting accordingly). But then I realized that even though I don’t feel like it right now, a workout is what I need. And workout I will. Tomorrow. I have one personal training session at Fitness Together left so it will happen and maybe, just maybe, I’ll snap out of it and it will all be easier again.

How has your eating been this holiday season? Any desire to just forget it, all of it, and start over come Saturday?

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  • #1 - Lizzy

    Omg Elina…I hear you. All my pants are tight and I keep missing workouts on my non running days! Hopefully after the New Year will be better for both of us !

  • #2 - Michelle

    Sometimes we just need a break from the things that stress us out – work, diets, family, etc. Take the time you need and hit it again when you’re feeling re-energized!

  • #3 - Stephanie @ The Cookie Battle

    Ha I did this exact same thing…I ate well all day yesterday until 4pm when I got home and went on a RAMPAGE…all the while telling myself I will start again on Saturday 😉

  • #4 - MaryZ

    I hear ya girl! I’ve been working out…but eating WAY WAY TOO MANY GOODIES! I decided to enjoy the last few days of treats and begin on Monday the total clean up!

    Do you ever wonder why all those yummy things make us feel so icky??

  • #5 - Cara

    I hear ya. I started out the month with a firm goal to stay on track during the week and only indulge on the actual holidays – that is, no random cookies on a Tuesday or a cocktail on a Wednesday that I wouldn’t have if it were any other time of year! I didn’t end up sticking to it 100% and in fact had some weeks were there was a slight splurge or little indulgence I confess to thoughts of throwing in the towel till January, but I never let myself fall totally off the wagon. Keeping up with my workouts really helped… I know you will feel fabulous after yours!

  • #6 - Lauren at KeepItSweet

    I can definitely relate! I keep trying so hard to eat healthy and then I get mad because it is the holidays and I “deserve” to eat delicious fattening foods…. but at the same time I don’t want to gain MORE weight right now… Exercise is one of the only things that helps because as hard as it is to get to the gym, the post-workout feeling is SO good!

  • #8 - Bianca @ Confessions of a Chocoholic

    Hey Elina, I pretty much slacked off during the Christmas break too, but am slowly starting to jump back in my regular workout routine. I think sometimes we all need a break, and when we’re ready, things will feel much better and more natural. I was pretty hard on myself but realized that I shouldn’t dwell on it, especially because I had a wonderful Christmas. I hope you’ll feel better soon! Also I want to share one of my favorite quotes from Bikram Choudury: “Never too late, never too old, never too sick, to (do yoga and) start from scratch again.” Good luck!

  • #9 - Shelly

    I feel your pain. I definitely ate a lot of unhealthy stuff, especially during the first 3 weeks of Dec. I was also insanely busy and barely managed to work out twice a week.
    Luckily for me, my body started craving veggies a few days before Christmas. I literally took down an entire bag of salad greens in 2 days. So while I’m not going to be completely on the bandwagon until after New Years and my pants are a bit tight, I’m just making the meals I eat at home very veggie centric (I got the Food Matters Cookbook for Christmas which helps) and trying to increase the frequency of my workouts. This doesn’t of course, stop me from eating all the sweets that are in my house, but it makes me feel much more energetic. So I have a little catching up to do in order to get back in the swing of things in terms of my training and clean eating, but I’m already phasing back into it b/c it makes me feel so much better.
    Maybe try sticking your sweets in the freezer? Out of sigh, out of mind and all that.

  • #10 - MelissaNibbles

    You’re not alone Elina! But why give in? If you don’t like how you feel, then forget about yesterday or even an hour ago. Brush yourself off and do what makes you feel best. Even if it’s eating another piece of chocolate! Life is to short to sit and wallow. Get up, give yourself a hug and move past this :)

  • #11 - ccfzyf

    My eating has been alright this Christmas. I am eating bigger dinners than normal, but nothing outrageous. I AM having problems in the workout department though. I packed extra gym clothes home to keep myself motivated with exercising. Guess how many of them I’ve used? ZERO… Fail… Not having accessable gym at home, bad weather outside, blah blah… Honestly, I just want to chill for a few days. I’m telling myself this is allowed :P.
    Hope you can get in a kick ass workout session tomorrow!

  • #12 - Heather

    I think it’s no big deal! Taking time for a “reset” is just fine & will probably do you a lot of good :)

    Enjoy your goodies!!

  • #13 - Allison

    Unfortunately, I can relate. I threw in the towel the day before Christmas Eve and it was 3 days of ALOT of eating. I would do fine in the morning, but things fell apart every evening. Going to weigh myself on Saturday morning. Ug.

  • #14 - Hallie

    yeah, i can relate. Jan 2 is “6 months til wedding” day and I’m telling myself that I’m going to REALLY be “good” after that, which is dumb. I have free time this week and all I want to do is be lazy when I really should be hitting the gym before work/school start again. That “I’ll be good after Jan 1” impulse is so strong but hey…at least that’s only 2 days away…

  • #15 - Beth

    I’m with you – I think it’s just that time of year! And really, you’ve got to let go and just enjoy life every once and a while, right?! Enjoy your break, and don’t make yourself feel guilty for a little down time – rest and relaxation (and indulging every once and awhile) is important, too!

  • #16 - Rach

    Great blog! Love your photo – so cute! I love in-the-kitchen photos! You look way cuter than I do pulling cookies out of the oven! 😉

    And I say enjoy some time indulging – it’s the holidays! :) And 2011 will bring lots of opportunities to be healthy! :)

  • #17 - Meghan@travelwinedine

    I have been eating and drinking my fair share, and I decided long ago that I was taking Thursday-Tuesday off of working out so I could spend qt with my family. Because I consciously took time off, I was able to savor each minute without fretting about not working out. And I was more than ready to run today. Unfortunately, the icy sidewalks weren’t ready for me!

  • #18 - Alice

    Ohh Elina – I hope you feel better soon. It’s damn hard to pull yourself out of this feeling. A workout will always make you feel better! I know a lot of people on here are saying, “don’t worry, it’s the holidays”, but I know that what you’re going through is different!

    The best thing to do is do stuff that will make you happy. Get out of the house maybe, do something fun? Know that you WILL get out of this.

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  • #20 - Erica

    It is definitely that time of year! I bet the workout will make you feel much much better and kick you back into your fitness & health routine. Keeping my workouts consistent (as possible) through the holidays is what always keeps me going!

  • #22 - Bridget

    I read this when you first posted and never got around to commenting! Theres definintely a reason people wait untl the new year…its so hard with al the parties and leftover candy/treats from the holidays! You’re definintely not alone here, and I know its frusterating. I’m also glad I just read your latest post and so happy to hear how well your training session was!! Nothing like a good workout to make you want to eat better. My personal fav workout for when I’m feeling particularly blah is hot yoga…you just feel almost detoxed after! Here’s to a great new year!