Baking with protein powder, take 2

Before I forget, just a quick reminder of the Three Sisters Cereal giveaway. Ok, back to regular programming…

As you know, I was in NY for a few days with big plans to cook my heart out in an apartment filled with natural light (something our condo is unfortunately lacking). Aside from baking cookies galore and trying new and old Russian recipes, I also wanted to try baking with protein powder again. So far I’ve made delicious protein cookies and rubbery banana muffins.  I think with further trials this weekend I realized protein powder’s limitations.

Here is how it went down…

I went to my trusty protein expert – Janetha and found a yummy sounding recipe for an apple cinnamon protein coffee cake. I followed the recipe exactly, except that I used real sugar and an 8×8 pan. Here, come with me!





Isn’t it pretty?


The thing is… it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great. It tasted like it had some alien ingredient in it. Yeah, like protein powder! It wasn’t really rubbery like my banana muffins (I mean, I did follow an expert’s recipe instead of making a rookie mistake and trying to wing it) but I just didn’t love it.

Here is my conclusion – protein powder alters muffins’ and cakes’ texture for the worse. This was definitely edible (I think my sister had it for breakfast for the next few days) and I did use a pan that was larger than Janetha’s (so it was more flat than hers) but I think I’ve given up on serious baking with p/p.

Protein pancakes, however, I’m a fan of. I’ve tried Cara’s protein pumpkin pancakes before (unpictured) and yesterday morning whipped up a batch of Emily’s yamcakes.



You see, in pancakes, protein powder adds cheesecake-like consistency. It’s still not your diner’s pancakes but I like them. The extra protein keeps the hunger at bay a bit longer. That’s a good way to start your day! Smile


My take away- don’t use it in anything that requires long baking time but for simple things like protein shakes, pancakes and protein bars that require either no cooking at all or a very quick trip to the oven, it’s a great way to boost up the protein content of food. :mrgreen:

If you’ve ever used protein powder, how was your experience?

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