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November 12th, 2010 · 19 Comments · product reviews

Last week I was lucky enough to attend the Whole Body showcase event at the Whole Foods’ offices in Cambridge. In one of the conference rooms, they set up a bar with lots of food from their holiday menu (think arancini, meatballs, dips and crackers) and a few sustainable wines. I was too busy chatting with all the suppliers, though. There weren’t too many guests in attendance so I had a chance to speak to almost every one (there were maybe a dozen) and really learn about each product. It was so fun!! Skin is the body’s largest organ, so I truly believe that not only what we put into our bodies but also what we put on our bodies is important. Our pores absorb all the chemicals and junk in conventional products and as I cleaned up my diet over the past few years, I’ve started to work towards cleaning up my beauty routine. I knew I’d learn a lot by attending and I wanted to share with you some of the products I encountered and my general take-aways.

**Quick note: this post is long but I learned so much and I really want to share it with you! There may be future giveaways too so I’d love to hear your feedback on what you learn here and what else you’d like to learn about and I should be able to connect with these companies and provide you with answers (and products!) in future posts.**

A quick background on what I’ve been using up until right last week… I’m really into supporting small business owners, and as mentioned, also into cleaning up my beauty routine. I showed you some of my green beauty products before – since then I replaced those individual items with different brands (mostly purchased through etsy, online and some at Whole Foods) but didn’t introduce any new products into my life.

Side note: Beeocology sent me these hair products to review a while back and I haven’t been able to fit them in with past food posts so this is a good chance. All their products are all natural which was the draw for me. I’ve never found my hair to behave very differently based on shampoos or conditioners I use, which was the case here as well, but I guess it’s good to note that my hair didn’t miss any chemicals either. πŸ˜‰

Changing my make up was the hardest thing for me. I’m a Trish McEvoy junkie because I love the sales girl at the closest department store. She’s really good – I love how she does my face and all the products look good and fit into a cute little case designed specifically for Trish products (yes, I fell for that!). Everything is crazy expensive and I don’t know what’s in the stuff but I know it’s not great. Yet I was scared to change anything.

Fast-forward to the Whole Body event…


The first product I learned about was MyChelle. All the products sold at Whole Foods are 100% natural and MyChelle is one of them.Β  I know some people complain about Whole Foods (mainly because it has a reputation for being really expensive) but say what you will – I love that I don’t really have to worry about quality and crazy artificial ingredients in my food… and my beauty products, if I purchase them there. I don’t want to take over this post about my love for Whole Foods but yeah, I’m a fan. No doubt about that.

From MyChelle’s pamphlet: “Many people feel if something is natural and nontoxic, it’s not strong enough to be effective. Others feel if a product is effective, it can’t possibly be natural. Natural ingredients are not only effective, they are often more effective than chemicals. The reality is that most manufacturers add chemicals to their products because they are cheaper than natural, more effective alternatives.” I think this summarizes so well the feelings that people get. I actually still use prescription acne medication and am really scared to stop because it’s worked for me. I wonder how my skin would react if I use more natural alternatives. It’s definitely something I’d like to eventually migrate to.

MyChelle has 7 different lines with 7 different skin focuses (normal skin, sun-damaged, sensitive, etc.) and there are dozens of products under each line. They have cleansers, toners, serums, sun treatments, etc. as well as cosmetics.

I got to play with a few masks and eye creams (just on my hand :) ) and they each felt really luxurious and smelled delicious.

The number of products can definitely be overwhelming. I got a tiny container of nearly every product and just going through the chart, trying to figure out what’s going to be good for my skin, took quite a while. The cool thing is that there probably really is something for everyone and you can put together a number of products that will work well together. I’m really looking forward to trying some of the masks I have!

Given the vast amount of products from MyChelle, I asked if they made a moisturizer with spf. I like products that serve double duty but the latest brand I tried (I admit, it was the very cheapest in the store!) I just wasn’t crazy about. The answer was “no” – they don’t make it and here is why: moisturizers should absorb deeply into your skin while spf should stay on its surface. So while it sounds like a good idea to combine the two, it actually doesn’t really make sense if you want them both to work their best. It makes complete sense and I was really happy to learn this! I have a sample of MyChelle’s spf and I need to finally try it (I’m so lazy when it comes to spf unless I’m on the beach!).


This is a brand new company founded by Luke right here in Cambridge, Mass. Luke learned about the benefits of organics for our bodies and the environment and found that there weren’t effective organic beauty products in the market. So he began the R&D process and founded LEAP Organics! (Fun fact: Luke went to school with John, one of the b.good founders. I’m a fan of both companies. I think they were drinking some good stuff in grad school πŸ˜‰ )

In contrast to MyChelle, LEAP only has a few products, mostly differing in smells. He got all the basics covered though – soap, facial cleanser, toner, exfoliator and moisturizer).

Products are vegan, 100% plant based, USDA certified organic (except for 3 ingredients, like xanthan gum, which don’t exist in “organic” form)… and I can pronounce every single ingredient. Packaging is also recycled and recyclable + 3% of all sales is donated to non-profits focused on health and conservation of the environment. Good stuff! :mrgreen:

Luke believes that there is no need for hundreds of products, that if we just treat our skin right – it will balance itself. I can tell you that LEAP moisturizer (actually, and face wash) is the most amazing smelling beauty product ever! I was given the chance to take whatever I wanted (full sized bottles) and I actually took one of each. I couldn’t wait to get home and start using all of them! The toner is one thing that I never bothered with but Luke insisted that it made a difference so I’m trying to be more diligent. I haven’t had enough time to tell you about how my skin is reacting to the change but I can tell you that I want to drink the stuff every time I open the bottle. All the products are also really affordable!! So far I’m a big fan.


I wanted to really try the products I received so I didn’t want to take anything duplicative. Since I already grabbed all the basics from LEAP, I wanted to know what else I was missing – what else Skin Organics could offer that their competition didn’t. What I learned is that the founder Anne had severe cystic acne at a young age so the line offered a lot of products to deal with it. This really spoke to me since as I mentioned, I’m still really tied to my prescription stuff and luckily they worked well, so I think I may no longer need prescription strength things… and maybe it’s time to start exploring other, more natural alternatives. I got a few tiny samples but admittedly haven’t tried them yet. Of course one sample won’t help me decide whether it’s the right product for me. I’m going to bring this up with my dermatologist at my next appt!

I did grab this fun balancing mist. You can spray it over your face to set make up; it also refreshes your face and add vitamins to your skin. The cucumber sage smell is fantastic – really soft. I’ve been really enjoying this product so far!

SO – I was skin-cared out by this point – so I went to the table with FOOD!


Navitas is all about superfoods. Just from my quick visit by their table, I got to taste several foods I’ve heard of but never really tried such as goldenberries (in the trail mix below) and maca powder (made into a chocolaty avocado mousse). Each superfood packs a nutritional punch and all products are minimally processed and mostly organic. I snagged a bag of the trail mix and have been loving the mix of goldenberries, cocoa nibs and cashews (I still think that goji berries taste like paper… sorry).

I also received a fun make-your-own chocolate kit that I can’t wait to try. I think it would be a fun stocking stuffer if it works. I’ll let you know how it goes πŸ˜‰Β Navitas offers so many things, I wouldn’t even know where to start… camu powder? lucuma powder? mequite powder? pomegranate powder? The list goes on. What superfoods have you tried? How was your experience?


This is another company that focuses on the power of antioxidants. They are based in Maine and are the only organic elderberry syrup provider in the country. Anthoimmune is their flagship product which combines organic elderberries, organic elderflowers and organic wild Maine blueberries. They recommend a teaspoon a day every day, unless you are surrounded by sick people in which case a teaspoon 3 times a day is recommended to stay healthy. The stuff is supposed to strengthen your immune system and they say their customers really feel the difference.

For something that sounds very medicinal, the taste isn’t bad at all. It’s kind of a concentrated berry sweetness, and I’m certainly willing to become a little guinea pig and see if it prevents me from getting a cold or flu this winter. I received a complementary bottle and will be happy to report on whether I feel any changes in my body. :)

They also make this bee pollen which sounds a bit too voodoo for me but basically you’re supposed to eat a few little pollen balls and this should decrease any allergic reactions you may experience in the spring (I tasted it and it kind of tasted like nothing. Not scary but I don’t know if it’s worth investing in either since I don’t really suffer of any allergies).


This line carries reusable lunch bags and environmentally friendly containers. The lunch bag even includes reusable sandwich and snack baggies, which are easily dish washable. I LOVE the idea of this. I try to use washable containers for my lunch but still go through quite a few plastic baggies for snacks. I didn’t receive the lunch box at the event but actually ended up purchasing a few last weekend (haven’t used them yet but I’m excited to try them!). I think it’s a great idea to reduce the amount of trash we produce!!


I am in love with these t-shirts! Ever since learning more about sustainable clothing through Ecolissa, I have started to think more about where my clothes come from and how they’re made. These t-shirts are organic, super soft and they cost $10 at Whole Foods!!! I think that’s an amazing bargain. The representative went a little crazy and ended up giving me almost one of each color and I can tell you that they fit great and feel amazingly luxurious. I can hear my dad say: “You’re not eating your t-shirts. Stop with the organics!” But the way cotton is grown is impacting the environment and this really is a win-win (I mean, can you even get a t-shirt at the Gap for $10?).Β  They also donate a portion of their profits to charities. I love how dedicated all of these companies are to the health of our planet but also the people living in it! πŸ˜€

Make up time!!


As the name implies, the company specializes in mineral make-up. I don’t have much to say here except that I’ve been using their mascara for almost a year and absolutely love it. It’s the cheapest mascara Whole Foods carries and I think it’s perfect! If the rest of their products are as good (I received several complementary things that I have yet to try), they may have a very big fan very soon (since I will be switching from Trish!).


Again, all 100% natural make up. I was talked into getting my makeup done by one of the girls and really loved the results. The color pallet is very similar to the one of Trish (soft colors, smooth finish) and I received the slate eye shadow for free, which I have been using on a daily basis ever since. I love love love it. The stuff is about 20% cheaper than Trish and is all natural so that’s a no brainer. If only their stuff fit into my cute little Trish case… 😎

Last one!!


This was my last stop and we kind of rushed through it but it did sound like another great company.

I received a bottle of their peace soap, which apparently does pretty much everything. You can use it to clean you skin, veggies, countertop, dishes, clothes, etc. While it sounds a bit weird, I also really like the idea of being able to clean my kitchen with products I would be afraid to use on my face (or produce!!) so that speaks loudly of how natural the product really is (and it smells lemony – yum! :) ). 10% of profits from this product also support the Seeds of Peace foundation.

I grabbed a lip gloss from here too (yeah, this was really fun!!) – it has slight shimmer and is minty fresh. Love :)

I love that Whole Foods has brought together so many wonderful products that you can purchase while grocery shopping at below-department store prices. This event really reminded me of what a chicken I’ve been with regards to makeup and some specialty treatments. I believe wholeheartedly in natural products and I’m excited about introducing more of them into my life going forward!

Where do you buy your beauty products? What criteria do you have? Do you have any questions about any of the products in this post, or any other general natural beauty questions?

PS – let me know if you’re interested in me doing a follow up post on the changes on my skin after utilizing some of these products and moving towards a more natural beauty routine.

And with that, I’m going to bed! (This monster post took a lot longer to write than it was for you to read it. I promse! lol πŸ˜‰ ]

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19 Comments so far ↓

  • #1 - Stephanie @cookinfanatic

    I just started using the MyChelle products from Whole Foods and am in love with them! The fruit enzyme cleanser and pumpkin renew cream make my skin so happy :)

  • #2 - MelissaNibbles

    I use some of the Kiss My Face products because they’re the only brand that comes even close to being in my price range. I might check these others out though. Thanks for the reviews!

  • #3 - Lauren

    Elina, this post is fantastic! It’s ironic, actually – my friend and I were just discussing “cleaning up” our beauty routines a few days ago, so I am going to share the information you included here with her.

    One of the points that resonated with me the most was that “natural ingredients are not only effective, they are often more effective than chemicals”. I’m extremely selective about what I put into my body, and as you wrote, should also be concerned with what I put onto my body.

    I also appreciate the point you mentioned that SPF and face lotion should not be part of the same product – I’ve been using a combination SPF and face lotion for years now… time to change it up!

    Time to change up by entire beauty routine, actually. I’ve been using the same drugstore brands since college, and am ready/interested in switching over to more natural products. I don’t wear much makeup or have a complicated skin regimen, but would like to start buying organic products.

    I’m going to jot down some of the products you highlighted in this post and dedicate an hour or so for perusing the Whole Foods beauty section sometime soon. I’m absolutely interested in a follow-up post (or posts) regarding the effectiveness of the products you’ve tried.

    Thank you for such an informative post!!

  • #4 - Erin (Travel, Eat, Repeat)

    I’m making the switch to all-natural beauty products and though I haven’t honestly noticed any changes, I like using products where I can pronounce all of the ingredients and actually know what’s going on my face.

  • #5 - Lauren

    My comment was too long, apparently… it’s not showing up :) I’ll email you!

  • #6 - Tiffany

    I love this entire post! It’s no big secret that I’m a makeup junkie. I have so much of the stuff that it doesn’t even fit in my makeup bag; it’s scattered in other bags under the sink, in little travel bags, man, it’s just like, everywhere!

    But over the past few years, I’ve been slowly trying to make the switch to all-natural products, but I just haven’t found anything that wows me the same way MAC and Bare Escentuals does. I never thought to check out Whole Foods, but now I’ll have to, because the products pictured here from Mineral Fusion look AMAZING!! Your lashes always look perfect, too, so I know I’m totally buying the mascara, lol!

    BTW, the bee pollen absolutely works! For the past few years, I’ve taken those little tablets and used local honey (even though I hate honey) in my tea, and voila! No allergies (not counting animals) whatsoever! It’s amazing!

  • #7 - Carly

    What an awesome event! I HATE buying products before I can try them out, so it is great that you were able to sample an bunch of stuff. I usually wear MAC, but I’m thinking about trying some more natural stuff as well. On a side note, I know the owners of Beecology and I LOVE their stuff, especially their body lotion because it isn’t sticky like most bee products.

  • #8 - Tracy

    Great post Elina! I was curious about trying some of those brands a while before and it’s nice to receive more information about them. (I think that goji berries taste like paper – cardboard rather – too)

  • #9 - Daisy

    very cool event! you are so good at remembering all the details. A follow up post would be interesting if you want to fill is in!

    I love the sound of the peace soap (and the label) oh I’m such a sucker for uniquely designed labels, like the Beecology. so fun!!

  • #10 - Shannon

    wow! i totally want to hear more (aka how you like them) :) we’ll have to chat…

  • #11 - alicia

    Great post Elina. I definitely want to learn more. I’ve begun transitioning to more natural beauty products (body lotions, cleansers) but I do get nervous changing facial cleansers and makeup – since I have sensitive skin and am prone to breakouts. I’d love to hear how your skin did with the new products!!

  • #12 - Dominique

    Hi Elina,
    Thanks for the great post. I’ve been wanting to switch skincare/makeup brands for a while and am sort of in-between on brands at the moment. I was using a more natural (mostly organic) company before but they were a little “shady” so I’ve been looking to switch completely. Unfortunately I haven’t found anything that my face likes as much as the old stuff. I’d be really interested to see how your face reacts to the LEAP and MyChelle stuff.

    I’ve never tried bee pollen either. At an apple festival in September one woman gave me a little rundown about it but a small bottle was pretty pricey and while I do have spring allergies (as well as a slew of other allergies), I figured I could deal with the allergy symptoms well enough.

    Sadly I’m a huge sucker for packaging so sleek, minimalist packaging wins it for me in regards to makeup. I’m not a fan of makeup that looks like it came from the 80s. I’ve tried a balm from Kiss My Face but I didn’t find it moisturizing enough. I used to use Softlips but then they started using an ingredient in all their flavours that I’m allergic to. Let me know how to gloss is though…I like their variety of colours.

  • #13 -

    it would be fabulous to have seen all that makeup! i wanna sample the lipsticks out- the colors are gorgeous. theres a few that caught my eye <3

  • #14 - Nazarina

    What an informative post! I would love to read your follow-up as well! Thanks! Whole Foods really does a body good!

  • #15 - Week 8 weigh-in: less pressure, more results

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  • #16 - zenobia

    Wish we had some natural beauty/body lines here in india :( Body Shop and H2O+ is all we have!

  • #17 - Preparing for a sugar detox (with walnut brownie dough!)

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  • #18 - KellyB

    So now that almost 2 months have gone by, what do you think of the products you are using. I’d love to know what you think about the skin care products.

    Also the mascara is it water-proof, I’m need to buy some this weekend and wondering if I should stick with Clinique, move to Bobbi Brown as I had with most of my makeup or try something from WF.

    • #19 - Elina

      Kelly – I liked the products overall. Actually keep thinking about doing a follow up post but I don’t know if there is enough “material” there. The mascara I use is from Mineral Fusion and it’s not waterproof. I know WF carries waterproof mascaras though. Definitely go there and try some – it’s worth it! Do you really want all those chemicals so close to your eyes?