Week 7 weigh-in: 21 in 31 recap, calorie counting update and next steps

How are you guys doing? My blog was down for 5 hours today and I was so frustrated. I hope that everyone that was interested, was able to enter the Keurig coffee maker giveaway and weigh-in on the fair-trade coffee discussion (if you haven’t yet, check it out here).

Speaking of weighing in… today is Tuesday, which means weigh-in day for me. Yes, I know – what a cheesy segway, haha. :roll: I announced last week that my intuitive eating efforts weren’t working so I brought back the big guns – calorie counting. I counted calories for several years and lost almost 20lbs this way before my wedding. This time, however, I’m doing it a bit differently. I’m still trying to follow the intuitive eating methods but still count calories. Just knowing that I’m going to input it into my tracker makes me really connect with my body and hunger cues. I haven’t been planning every bite and I haven’t been put myself on a calorie allowance, just yet. So far it’s been working great! I counted on Wed, Thur, Sat and Sun. The other days i went out to dinner so I didn’t track everything but I still ate reasonably (I didn’t get dessert at the restaurant either time because I truly realized I didn’t need it! No more automatic orders because I think I “deserve” it or it’s the last chance I’ll get to do that). So I’ve been falling in the 1700-2000 calorie range on the days I counted and while it’s higher than I used to allow myself previously, while dieting, I think this is the right level for me at this stage. I’m definitely a lot more mindful so most things I end up eating, I eat because I’m hungry… or because I think it’s worth it. Lastly, while it’s higher than my previous dieting days, it’s lower than I ate even 1 week prior. I didn’t count then but I just feel it. I knew I wasn’t eating well before and now I know that I am. No deprivation here. No free-rein on days when I’m unable to track every calorie (like on days when I have dates out), no binging. Just good ol’ healthy eating. Done and done. :mrgreen:

So yes, this week I’m very happy with everything. My weight this morning was 156.2lbs. That’s a 0.8lb weight loss. I’ll take it! 😀

So that’s on the weight loss front. I also kept pretty active and seriously fell in love with a workout this week (you may already know what I’m going to say if you follow me on Twitter but I can elaborate here). If you remember, at the beginning of October I challenged myself to take 21 new classes in 31 days of October. Did I make it? Kinda… I actually took 20 new classes at HW and then did one workout dvd at home. I’m going to count it anyways since it was new to me. :) (Also, I chose to not do that last class because I was too sore… listening to your body is important). The challenge really helped me learn more about the classes offered at my new gym; I liked that it pushed me to try classes I thought would be a waste of time (like Body Jam… kind of like a contemporary version of Zumba) and in turn learned that I really LOVE them. Body Jam actually I felt was like a little therapy while you sweat. You get silly, you laugh and smile… it’s impossible to feel bad (during and) after leaving that class! While I found a few fun classes, I also really missed my old bootcamp classes at Fitcorp but that changed last week when I took a BURN class. Basically it’s a workout of treadmill intervals combined with weight training circuits. The strength portion was KILLER but the craziest part was running at a 12 incline after my legs were already shaking from all the crazy lunges. It was awesome!! I seriously had a glow for the rest of the day. The classes are expensive but they are as close as you can get to personal training (without personal training).  Classes are limited to 5 people; my first class had 2 ppl, the second one had 3 – so if you look at it like that, it’s a bargain! The thing I loved the most is that I was running again. I kind of swore it off but I realized how much I miss it. I was doing 30 second intervals at 8.6mph at some point and just couldn’t believe that I was still capable of that. In fact, I could have done more, I just chicken out. I mean I haven’t run in months!

BURN (and Body Jam) will definitely become a part of my life going forward, but for the month of November, I’m all about lifting. Remember the post on New Rules of Lifting for Women? I’m finally going to do it and I’m going to follow the program as closely as possible. My new love, BURN, does not fit in. I’ll find a way to make it happen at some point but for now I want to see NROLFW through. I can’t start modifying things before giving the program a chance, as is. I’m supposed to increase my calories to between 2000 and 2300 (to allow for muscle gain) and take more rest days than I’m used to. It’s scary but again, I really want to give it a go. :)

All right, I seriously feel like I could “talk” for hours today. Next up – a post on natural beauty products, organic tees, superfoods, elderflower medicine and more. I need to do a whole bunch of research before that, though, so stay tuned. See you later alligators! 😎

PS – Check out Russian Bites for the recipe of the black poodle cake. It’s one of my all time favorites! 😀

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