Market by Jean-Georges – restaurant review

On Friday night, Adam and I decided to go on a date. We realized it’s been a while and that just had to be remedied! I looked up a few spots from our ever-growing must go-to restaurant list and was able to snatch a reservation at Market. It’s located in the super trendy W Hotel and exemplifies “our” kind of place – modern and cool with the menu that emphasizes fresh and locally produced ingredients. The tuna tartare with avocado cream and ginger from Market was actually my favorite thing at Taste of the Nation where I tasted dozens of dishes from Boston’s best restaurants. That definitely set up some high expectations!

Our reservation was for 7:15 and the restaurant was not very busy (the bar area was much more active). By the end of our meal, the place was buzzing. It was a really good vibe!

We started with a bread basket and butter. I had a few bites of this guy in the front. The bread was completely generic which is a bit disappointing. I think this is an easy way to score points with guests but I guess they focus on their strengths.

Our drink of choice (medium-bodied, with a pretty complex flavor profile). I loved it! :)

For the appetizer portion I chose the salmon sashimi (with golden garlic, lemon and soy)

It was buttery, citrusy and light. The garlic/lemon crumb added a strong punch of flavor. Fantastic!

Adam wanted to try one of their appetizer pizzas and we agreed on the Maine lobster pizza (three cheeses, lemon juice and olive oil). I made sure to steal a slice 😉

The crust was delicious and there were big lobster chunks. Even the chives sprinkled for decoration didn’t bother me. So far so good :)

For my entree, I wanted something light; I was also craving seafood. When the waitress told us about the fish special red snapper with golden beets, toddler carrots, parsnip crisps and bacon vinaigrette (and assured me that it was not not heavy) I decided to give it a go.

The bacon vinaigrette was drizzled table-side, which made for a nice presentation. But the presentation wasn’t the best part – this was so so SO delicious. The red snapper skin was perfectly crispy, the carrots were tender yet firm, sweet and flavorful (I believe the waitress mentioned that they were braised in white wine and citrus). The parsnip fritters we really fun as well. But the best part was the bacon vinaigrette. I just LOVED the balance of this smokey and lemony vinaigrette. It coated every parcel of each bite and brightened it. I seriously want to buy the stuff and use it on everything I make! As I was eating this meal, I couldn’t stop saying how amazing it was. And then I made the most serious statement of all – I think this is the best entree I’ve ever had! In all honesty, there may have been others but days later I can’t quite remember anything this good. I can recall a few contenders but their exact flavor profiles escape me (I just remember they were good) so I’m going to stick with Market’s red snapper taking the #1 spot for now.

I was so happy with my meal that dessert seemed unnecessary (yes, miracles do exist!). I cannot wait to go back to Market. There are so many amazing restaurants in the Boston area that I have yet to try but with a review like this, I am sure we’ll be back here soon!!

What was the best entree you’ve ever had?


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