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Week 5 weigh in: self sabotage???

October 19th, 2010 · 20 Comments · weigh-in recaps

I’m going to keep this week’s recap short and sweet because I’m kind of speechless. I know what I did and I’m just frustrated that the scale slapped me in the face to remind me of every misstep. There wasn’t the gentle nudge of “hey, be careful – you’re straying off the path.” Nope, 3.2lb gain, baby. I weighed in at 157lb this morning – that’s 0.2lbs above starting weight 5 weeks ago. Just fabulous. 😕 I wonder if there was a bit of sub-conscious self-sabotage after a kick-ass weigh-in last week…

The good:

  • I tried 5 new classes at Healthworks in the past week: a crappy zumba, an ok step express, a good Body Pump, a great kickboxing class and a pretty fun (1-hour) step. I was hesitant about the step class because it didn’t feel like working out but I actually burnt over 500 calories. I guess I was working harder than I thought. :) So that’s 12 classes completed this month – I’m getting closer to my 21 in 31 goal 😀

The bad:

  • Yeah, those bad but good bars were trouble this week. Like I said, I kind of wanted to bathe in that vegan ganache… instead I just ate my weight in bars.
  • I ate inconsistently – too much snacking, not enough solid meals.

The take-away:

  • Don’t give up, keep moving and make sure there is no abundant delicious dessert everywhere you look! :)

That’s all I’ve got for this week. Feeling a bit defeated but it ain’t over ’till it’s over. 😉

Do you ever feel like you’re self-sabotaging? If so, in what aspect of your life?

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  • #1 - Alice

    Don’t give up Elina! It could be a variety of things:
    *your metabolism has temporarily slowed down due to a reduced/different intake
    *water weight
    *period weight (happens to me!)
    *are you erm, ‘regular’? Yes, that is a poo question :)

    My weight fluctates as much as 5 pounds. How are your clothes feeling?

  • #2 - Samantha Angela @ Bikini Birthday

    Man I really feel you. Maybe it’s because right now I weigh exactly the same as you and after a weight gain of 2lb over the last week or so.
    It sucks feeling like you have accomplished so little. I try to use that to keep me motivated for the week to come but sometimes I end up just falling back into my old habits of “… well, I’m already fat so I might as well just eat whatever I want”

  • #3 - elyssa

    for me self-sabotage usually comes in the form of extreme denial followed by bouts of complete resignation to food. for instance, no dessert at a fancy restaurant with friends. then i go home and drown myself in a jar of peanut butter. highly destructive habit – but i find that the more i allow myself controlled indulgences (especially when out in a social setting), the less inclined i am to backlash at home.

  • #4 - Diana @ frontyardfoodie

    :( Don’t get down about it! We all have those weeks. Keep on keepin’ on sister.

  • #5 - Carly

    Don’t give up :) I love that you are still keeping a positive outlook even though you are somewhat discouraged. I self-sabotage when I find myself thinking “I worked out today” and then eat my weight in cookies/brownies. Yeah, not a fair trade off, but it seems logical?!?! I’ll put it this way… I haven’t stepped on a scale since June because I have had some seriously destructive behavior this summer/fall.

  • #6 - Lauren at KeepItSweet

    “dieting” can be so frustrating and such a battle… a lot of times when i’ve had a week like that it’s TOM….

  • #7 - MelissaNibbles

    Don’t get down Elina. Leading a healthy lifestyle is a lifelong commitment. There are no deadlines nor is there anyone you have to answer to. Sure you have to answer to yourself, but just keep in mind that one “bad” week out of your entire life isn’t going to tear you down or ruin everything. Hang in there!

  • #8 - Elina

    Thanks so much for all your sweet comments. I had a little cry last night and woke up this morning with an even bigger desire to kick ass! :)

  • #9 - Di

    Don’t let it get you down! I self sabotage A LOT. Seriously. Some weeks are great, others are overly indulgent. Just focus on getting back on track and don’t let one bad weigh-in get to you or make you quit. :)

  • #10 - Stephanie @ The Cookie Battle

    I feel the same way :( I don’t have a problem with regular food, it’s the desserts that always get me. I love to bake and do it regularly, but then I sit down and eat 4 cookies in one sitting…or if I don’t have any of my own sweets in the house I raid my boyfriend’s ice cream stash (even though I don’t love ice cream). I just try to stay as focused as I can and accept that I’m not perfect. You will reach your goals, have faith!

  • #11 - Heather

    I think we all self-sabotage. I drop weight then stay there for a few weeks. It’s like it’s a tease that I’m not yet ready to handle. The important thing is to realize what you’ve done to get there & fix it.

    It’s far easier to say screw it than it is to do something about it.

  • #12 - Kjirsten- Balanced Healthy Life

    Keep pushing forward! This happens to everyone! Just pay a little more attention to your habits this week and next week will be better! : ) Whatever you do, don’t let a scale define who you are or how you feel!

  • #13 - Cat

    You are AWESOME for posting the achievements and the set-backs! This is just one week out of a long, long journey and you have the right attitude for getting back on track! :)

  • #14 - Shannon

    definitely don’t give up! do your best to focus on all the positive and fun things going on :)

  • #15 - Kerstin

    Hope next week is better -you can do it!!

  • #16 - Lee

    I do that too. I cannot figure out why. Ill start thinking that I’ve been eating really well and then suddenly, I find myself eating everything in the kitchen at once.

    The exact same thing happened to me yesterday when I weighed myself. Like exactly. I gained 3 pounds and weighed 157. Weird!

  • #17 - Angela (the diet book junkie)

    i wouldn’t worry about 3lbs, mate! weight fluxuates all the time, even if you ate too late the night before, that could change the scale in the a.m. i bet it won’t take long before you’re back to your ‘normal’ weight.

    (love that attitude though, “it ain’t over till it’s over”, amen girl! 😉 )

  • #18 - Apple picking + apple treats

    […] Week 5 weigh in: self sabotage??? […]

  • #19 - Kim (Imperfectly Perfect)

    Elina, I respect you so much for always keeping it real. Keep trying to focus on the positives (easier said than done, I know). I’ve been on a downward spiral myself lately and have been getting back into gear this week. This is definitely a journey. I agree with the other girls that there are various reasons for what the weight on the scale read. I bet it will come right back down for you.

    I know how much the number on the scale can get to us. Sometimes I’m even afraid to take a peak b/c I know that it could ruin my day. Keep being you. You’re beautiful inside and out. I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, but just wanted to share my support b/c I know how frustrating the weight battle can be. I know you can & will get to your goal!!

  • #20 - Lara (Thinspired)

    We’ve all been there. Don’t give up. My guess is that by now you are already back to kicking ass!