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Reach for bread-y things when you’re low on time!

October 27th, 2010 · 22 Comments · sandwich

I’ve had a busy couple of weeks. That means I haven’t been cooking much and I miss it. Of course not really cooking doesn’t mean that I haven’t been eating real meals so I thought I’d share with you what I’m talking about.

So what does no time mean? Lots of salads and bread-y things with fillings/toppings. Yes, one might call them sandwiches. ๐Ÿ˜†

There was the bread-y thing called a wrap. With turkey, avocado, hummus and tomato. Let’s not forget the baby carrotsย  + pickle on the side!

There was a bread-y thing called a pretzel-baguette. Mmmm. This sandwich was killer! TJ’s organic savory baked tofu (the best!!!) with avocado, tomatoes and mustard. And yes, a pickle.

Then we got a different kind of carb – a crunchy corn tortilla with shrimp, avocado, tomatoes and queso fresco.

Ooh, this one was kind of amazing as well. Homemade roasted red peppers (prepared earlier), tomatoes, spicy hummus, avocado and pickled greens beans on black bean bread. The pickled greens beans were the stars although my roasted red peppers are pretty sick as well. ๐Ÿ˜‰

With yummy sandwiches like that, who needs this bread-y thing? Pshh! ๐Ÿ˜‰

What’s your favorite super fast meal when you’re really low on time?

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  • #1 - MelissaNibbles

    My fave super fast meal is a turkey wrap as well.

    The pretzel baguette sounds delicious!

  • #2 - Lauren at KeepItSweet

    i love any kind of pretzel bread! i like sandwiches for fast meals also; or some kind of breakfast food like eggs or yogurt and cereal etc.

  • #3 - Michelle

    My week has been pretty jam-packed too and I’ve been reaching into my freezer for a lot of my frozen casseroles that I portioned out months ago. Perfect in a pinch!

  • #4 - Di

    Hummus and veggies and feta on a pita. Sometimes just the hummus and feta, depends on whether or not i have time to slice up a tomato. I just slather on the hummus, dump on some feta, roll it up and run! :)

    I want to try pretzel bread but I’m scared I’ll get addicted!

  • #5 - Lauren

    Yay for fun carbs!! I’m especially drawn to that amazing taco. Yummy :).

    When I’m low on time, a big salad or a sandwich will usually be on the menu. No cooking required.

  • #6 - Emily

    Ha – yes, looks like we were both thinking easy meals this week. You have a good point about the dishes. Sandwiches are a perfect solution to that, although I would probably find a way to mess up the kitchen, even if just to warm the sandwich in a George Foreman.

  • #7 - sister inna

    love all the color in these photos ( not in the pizza one haha), and of course, the pickle!

  • #8 - A Boston Food Diary

    Pretzel bread! Where did you get that? Yum!

  • #10 - Megan

    Ok, where did you get that pretzel baguette? I crave those pretzels rolls at L’Espalier. I so badly need a less expensive alternative!

  • #11 - The Wife of a Dairyman

    Your quick lunches look delish! When I’m low on time I resort to good old PB&J with chocolate milk!
    Thanks for the info on Google calendar and for visiting my blog :)

  • #12 - Shannon

    Those look fabulous!! I usually do eggs for dinner when i’m low on time, but sandwiches or my usual grain/protein/veggies with goat cheese combo with whatever i have on had!

  • #13 - Clare @ Fitting It All In

    I love Dr. Praeger’s sandwiches or Amy’s frozen burritos!

  • #14 - Julie

    Oh, yum! That pretzal bread sandwich looks amazing!

  • #15 - Steph

    If I am super crunched for time and starving, I try to make a protein shake (jay robb + water) – it keeps my belly full for a while and is usually chocolate (no complaints about that!)

  • #16 - Raina

    Very delicious, healthy, and quick meals. Love that pretzel baguette; I have never seen that.

    My quickie go to is turkey or roastbeef and cheese on French bread cooked on my new panini pan which I love:)

  • #17 - Erika @ Food.Fitness.Fun

    Pretzel baguette sounds amazing! I never give much thought to sandwiches (usually just turkey and hot sauce on a bread-y thing) but looking at your sandwiches…wow! I might just have to recreate some. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • #18 - Simply Life

    Yum! All your meals look delicious!

  • #19 - Kristy

    Love the pretzel baguette, actually they all looks delish, fast and healthy!!

  • #20 - Eden

    I whip up some chocolate pancakes with greek yogurt. all it is is eggs, cocoa powder, some protein powder, baking powder and oatmeal. blended in the blender and made on a skillet (or into a mug in the microwave).
    I NEED to get my hands on that pretzel baguette!

  • #21 - Kerstin

    I’ll take the pretzel baguette please – yum! When I don’t have much time I usually make breakfast for dinner or have cereal/canned soup if I’m really desperate :)

  • #22 - Rachel Wilkerson

    Pretzel rolls are the BEST!!!