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PFB C#5: It’s (anchovy, hot pepper and avocado) pizza time!

October 17th, 2010 · 38 Comments · pizza

Once again, with the help of your votes, I have made it to challenge 5 of Project Food Blog. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have made it this far (thank you!!). Challenge 5 requires the contestants to put their own spin on pizza. The simplicity of the challenge is actually what made it so difficult. Pizza is so versatile – I came up with dozens of pizza variations and topping ideas (classic and not, savory and sweet). How do you narrow it down to just one?

I actually ended up going to Whole Foods to buy ingredients for a dessert pizza. Doesn’t that sound like fun? But then I saw a small container of garlic marinated anchovy fillets and this ingredient just spoke to me. Dessert pizza will have to wait for another day. :)

I am really into anchovies lately ever since trying a few different kinds of crostini with anchovies on our recent trip to San Francisco and Napa. So it was decided.

  • Whole wheat and honey crust. I used this super quick recipe – it literally took less than 20 minutes from start to finish – perfect for even a weeknight!
  • Tomato sauce. My absolute favorite sauce is Trader Joe’s organic tomato sauce. I much prefer it to the traditional “pizza sauce” – its a big tangy and very fresh tasting. I am never tempted to make my own. Why mess with perfection? 😀
  • Organic part-skim shredded mozzarella
  • Garlic marinaded anchovy fillets
  • Hot pepper rings
  • Avocado

I know this sounds funky but trust me, it REALLY works! (I made little taste test crostini first to make sure I’m not crazy and Adam and I both decided that this was an amazing combo so I proceeded with making it into pizza.)

Come join me in some pizza making… :mrgreen:

Dough pre-rise

About 9-10 minutes later:

A failed attempt at hand-turned pizza:

The dough wasn’t elastic enough, I decided to knead it for a minute and then just roll it out. Easy!

[Tip: shape your dough into the final shape you want it to have – I “beat it” into a circle before rolling it out.]

Pierce with fork, pre-bake at 450* for 3 minutes

Let’s build our toppings!

After baking at 450* for 8 minutes

Top with avocado and get your plates ready. 😀

Let’s eat!! 😎

The anchovies are a little salty and have balanced flavors of garlic and vinegar, the pepper rings add some nice heat and the avocado provides some creaminess. This is my spin on a traditional pizza recipe.

What’s the most unique pizza combination you’ve ever enjoyed?

PS – Voting for challenge 5 entries begins Monday at 9am EST. If you’d like to support me, please follow the link on the widget (in the left column). Thanks again!! 😀

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